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Etienne Kilcher Bio, Atz Lee Son, Mother, Girlfriend

Etienne Kilcher is Atz Lee’s son. Alaska: The Last Frontier viewers don’t know much about him because that star made a promise to himself and his wife that he would keep his children off the air for their own privacy and to protect them from trolls.

So, for those of you who wish to learn all about Atz’s son (despite his attempt to keep them out of light), keep reading this Etienne Kilcher Bio.

Meet Etienne Kilcher, Atz Lee Son

Etienne Kilcher is close to his dad Atz Lee. From every birthday celebration to graduations, the two were always beside each other cherishing the moments.

For instance, when Etienne graduated from high school in May 2019, Atz took it to his IG to share a pic from that day captioned, “My son @et_trillin_12 managed to turn 18 and graduate high school all in the same week, amazing.”

Surprisingly, the Alaska: The Last Frontier star also revealed that he didn’t have much faith in the public school system and personally he could care less if Etienne graduated or not. All that mattered to him was that his son was setting goals and gaining the self-love and confidence one obtains upon completion of a dream.

Likewise, there were multiple pictures of the father-son out hunting.

Besides Etienne, Atz also has a daughter named Piper he shares with Jane Kilcher.

Piper is also camera-shy. However, she is a great asset behind the camera with self-filming, or so Atz says.

Did you know: Back in 2018, Etienne’s parents, Atz and Jane were rumored to be seeking a divorce. But as of 2022, the couple was still going strong, over 16 years into marriage.

Etienne Kilcher Age

Etienne Kilcher was 21 years of age in 2022.

Meaning, Atz had Etienne when he was only 23.

Etienne Kilcher Mother

Etienne Kilcher was born to his mother Nantia Krisintu, Atz’s former wife.

His mother met Atz after moving to Homer, Alaska from Colorado in 1997 to work on a project. Sadly, after they had Etienne, parenting responsibility put stress on their relationship and the two ended up going their separate ways. It was only thereafter Atz married Jane Kilcher — who is also often referred to as Etienne’s mother.

Talking a little about Etienne’s mother’s personal life, Nantia turned 46 in June 2022. She is a 2015 University of Alaska Anchorage MPA graduate who became the President of Providence Health Systems Alaska. Also, she was a member of the Health Care Operation Committee at the system level.

Back in 2011, she established a goal to develop and implement a talent development program with their senior executive council. The program now is flourishing and expanding from an original cohort of 20 to 170 leaders.

Nantia is the granddaughter of Charles Walker Prewitt, Sr., and Virginia Alexandria Stewart. Other members of her family include Charles Walker Prewitt, Jr, David Prewitt, Mary Stewart Prewitt, Pamela Huffman, Gina Prewitt, and Tamara Wilton.

Etienne Kilcher Girlfriend

Etienne Kilcher met his girlfriend Paige Cone-Clark in August 2021. The two were inseparable ever since.

According to Etienne, his girlfriend pushed, supported, and unconditionally loved him. “Forever grateful the universe brought you to me, every day I spend with you, I become a better human. These past 6 months have been better than any dream I could have dreamed. You are my world, my queen, my multiverse,” he wrote on their ½ year anniversary.

His girlfriend, Paige is a Whittier, Alaska native who attended Mat-Su Central School and later graduated from UAA: University of Alaska Anchorage. So far, she’s had jobs at Krazy Moose Subs, The Alaska Club, and Glacier BrewHouse.

Here’s her IG @prinzesspaj and FB @cindy.c.cindy.54.

Is Etienne Kilcher On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @ekilchrrrr.

Also, here’s his Facebook.

Etienne Kilcher Job

Despite Atz Lee’s will to keep his children out of the spotlight, Etienne Kilcher is now known as a reality star. Though not frequently, Etienne has graced Alaska: The Last Frontier a few times. But it was all before 2017.

To be precise, Etienne first appeared on the reality show back in 2011 — season 11. And over the years, he’s graced 4 more episodes.

A homestead person, Etienne only moved to Southern California in October 2022 to pursue his studies. “It’s been a dream of mine to live here for a long time. It’s gonna be a grind but I’ve got big plans now that I’m here. It’s time for me to find my own path,” he announced on IG.

Also, he added that the move was easy because he had the “magical miss” Paige Cone-Clark (his girlfriend) there with him to ease the transition.

However, even though he’s on a new adventure, Etienne admits that the homestead will always be his home and he was already looking forward to returning to help whenever he could.

Etienne Kilcher Height

Etienne Kilcher stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 10 Inches (178 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Etienne Kilcher Birthday?

Etienne receives his birthday wishes on May 17 and is of the Taurus zodiac.

  • How Much Is Etienne Kilcher Net Worth?

He garnered a net worth of under $100 thousand by 2022.

  • Which College Did Etienne Kilcher Attend?

Etienne attended a college in Southern California. But he didn’t reveal its name.

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