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Piper Kilcher Bio, Jane Kilcher Daughter, Father, Age

Piper Kilcher is the daughter of Jane Kilcher who is known for her appearance on Alaska: The Last Frontier and Bering Sea Gold.

As for Piper, she does not want to be in front of the camera. But, this still does not stop the fans from wondering if maybe someday she is willing to join her folks on the camera.

Let us tell you everything that is related to her, including her relationship separately with her father and her mother.

Meet Piper Kilcher, Jane Kilcher Daughter

Jane Kilcher, one of the leads on the show and a fan-favorite, was a commercial fisherwoman living a life surrounded by storms and men. But then, she fell in love with Atz Lee and they moved their life to the homestead.

Now, they have Jane, Atz, Piper, and Etienne in the family. Piper is the youngest of the two as she is two years younger than her brother, Etienne.

Atz Lee says these are the only people he has ever needed to be closer than six feet (PIC: Instagram)

Jane has often told people on TV and social media that she and Atz are so proud of the kids.

Some three years ago, she explained she has been overwhelmed lately by people realizing they have children that are not on the show. She wrote on a social media post that she and her husband are so proud of their kids and that they are not a secret. She continued that they just keep their lives private and away from the “AWFUL” internet trollers.

Then, she also confirmed that as they get older they might come on the show of their own volition.

Who Is Piper Kilcher Father?

Now, though Jane Kilcher portrays it like Atz Lee is Piper Kilcher’s father, in reality, he is not.

Apparently, Piper, her brother Etienne, her mother, and Atz make up a blended family. Etienne is Atz’s son from a previous relationship and Piper is the daughter of Dicran Kassouni, Jane’s ex-husband. Piper was once also named after him as Piper Isolde Kassouni. This means Piper’s mom and her stepdad Atz have never had a child together.

So far, there has been nothing told about whether the kids spend time with their other parents as well.

About Dicran Edmond Kassouni, it is known that he had been inhabiting Seldovia, Alaska by 2022. Also, he reportedly turned 58 years old in May 2022.

Dicran is the son of Olivette Trevannion Kassouni, of Greenville, Michigan, and formerly of East Grand Rapids and Point Richmond, California, who died in May 2016 after a long illness. She was predeceased by her husband of 44 years, Sarkis M. Kassouni.

In his family, Dicran also has brothers and their respective spouses Haig (Ann) Kassouni, Armen (Kim) Kassouni, and Van (Luba) Kassouni.

So, clearly, Piper’s biological parents are no longer married and together. Jane also faced divorce rumors with her current husband back in 2018, but they both addressed and dismissed them. We saw the latter two celebrate their ten years together with a vow renewal ceremony on Valentine’s Day in 2016.

Piper Kilcher Age

Jane Kilcher’s “badass daughter” Piper turned 19 years old in 2022.

Piper Kilcher College

Piper Kilcher graduated from Homer High School in likely May of 2021. That same year, he joined Western Washington University for the Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA program. So now, she is expecting her graduation sometime in 2026.

Is Piper Kilcher On Instagram?

Piper Kilcher was not on Instagram by 2022. But, she seemed to be keeping her friends and family posted on ‘Piper Kassouni’ Facebook every now and then.

Is Piper Kilcher Married?

Piper Kilcher is definitely not married. She also understandably did not mention having a boyfriend.

Piper Kilcher Job

By the time of this writing, there were no job details on Piper Kilcher’s LinkedIn. Or maybe, she just was not working yet and only studying.

She was previously a member of the Kachemak Swim Club. As a local swimmer, she participated in many competitions including the three-day Alaska Swimming Age Group Championship back in 2014. It was held at the Hamme Swimming Pool and organized by Northern Area Aquatics and sanctioned by USA Swimming and Alaska Swimming.

Apart from swimming, Piper has also been into traveling, baking, and watching movies, growing up.

By November 2020, Piper also had turned out to be a great asset behind the camera with self-filming.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Piper Kilcher Birthday?

Piper Kilcher celebrates her birthday on the 4th of June and that makes her a Gemini.

  • Where Does Piper Kilcher Reside?

Homer is a small city on Kachemak Bay, on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

  • Has Piper Kilcher Appeared On TV?

Piper Kilcher and her brother, Etienne, were featured in the very first episode of Alaska: The Last Frontier. Then, in November 2019, Etienne alone made the decision to film with his parents. He had just turned 18. Jane, at the time, had confirmed to viewers that they will see a lot more of him. Up until that time, Jane and her husband had knowing kept the kids off the show for their own privacy and to protect them from trolls.

As for Piper still chose not to be in front of the camera. But despite that many people who know her closely have gushed that she is quite a fisherwoman like her mama. That, she too has some mad skills catching those fish.

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