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Eugen Rochko Net Worth, Wife, Height, Mastodon Founder

Eugen Rochko, who created Mastodon as a decentralized alternative to Twitter in 2017, says Twitter has a real chance of disappearing under Elon Musk’s management. The programmer from Germany not only called the billionaire CEO’s leadership style erratic, he specifically did not like how his management already has seen Twitter’s workforce of engineers decimated. He said he is particularly not a fan of Elon losing most of its engineers.

Now, in the rest of the writing, let us tell you who Eugen is, all about his net worth, wife, height, life as Mastodon founder, and more.

Meet Eugen Rochko, The Founder Of Mastodon

Eugen Rochko when he first began creating Mastodon during his university days had no ambition of going big with it. He anyway proceeded to accomplish his passion project after growing increasingly tired of Twitter. So, the site was officially launched in late 2016. It grew slowly after the first code was released in 2017, appealing mostly to free software aficionados.

The site’s progression has maximized at unprecedented levels in recent weeks though, amid whole drama at Twitter, so much so that the site’s servers have reportedly toiled to cope with the massive increase in traffic.

But, while one would expect the creator of Mastodon to finally feel like his dream is about to come true, he instead appeared to be feeling stressed by recent developments. In his recent interviews, he explained the adverse effects the increased workload of late has had on him mentally and said that he would rather prefer to be watching from the sidelines.

So, in short, Eugen has been feeling immensely the strain of the new member influx with 14-hour workdays, sleeping very little, and eating very little.

The swiftly growing Mastodon now boasts over 5.9 million accounts, with a reported number of active users now surpassing 3.6 million people. Eugen, however, is already in desperate need of some time off. He says he is unable to enjoy the success of his creation as he does not even have time to lean back.

Eugen was initially a fan of Twitter. But he wanted to create a platform not controlled by any single company or person. So, when lately Elon poked fun at his creation in a recent tweet, he took it in a good way. He thought it was free advertising.

Eugen began coding with friends while in high school. Only then did he study computing science at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany.

Eugen Rochko Net Worth

Eugen Rochko reportedly had an estimated  $400 thousand net worth as of 2022.

Since graduating in 2016, he has given Mastodon his full attention. In 2022, he was still working on Mastodon full-time. Until 2019, with full support from over 900 patrons on Patreon, he was receiving over $4,400 per month in total, or over $50,000 per year.

Mastodon is run by a nonprofit founded by Eugen and is funded through crowdfunding.

Between January 2019 and January 2022, Eugen also worked as a research consultant at Eunomia, the H2020-funded European research project. His job here was more about managing Eunomia‘s social media presence on Mastodon.

Eugen Rochko Wife

Fiercely independent Eugen Rochko not only did not care about money, but he also did not believe in putting his personal life out there in public. So, by the time of this writing, there was no relationship disclosed by him. He even chose not to clarify his marital status.

Who Are Eugen Rochko Parents?

Eugen Rochko is not that vocal when it comes to sharing details about his personal life. This applies to his family background as well. So, one can only tell that he has acquired Russian Jewish lineage from his parents. Also, he was born to them in Russia. It is said he was eleven when he shifted from  Russia to Germany with his family.

Eugen Rochko Height

Eugen Rochko stands above 5’10” in height.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Eugen Rochko?

Because Eugen Rochko was born in 1993, he turned 29 years old in 2022.

  • What Is Eugen Rochko Nationality?

Eugen Rochko often talks about being German. For instance, in this post that he made on Mastodon, he wrote how he finds it interesting how people turn what they know into what they don’t know sometimes, and that is without even realizing it. He gave an example that it is not a secret that he is German, but by writing “German-born” in place of “German”, he thinks it is no longer correct because he believes those are not the same thing.

  • Is Eugen Rochko On Instagram And Twitter?

Eugen Rochko was not on Instagram or Twitter. But, he certainly enjoyed being on his own alternative to Twitter. That is, his account on Mastodon entertained some 240K followers as of 20 November 2022. Also, he had shared 73K posts and he followed some other 326 active users.

Mastodon service resembles Twitter in appearance, with a timeline of short updates sorted chronologically and not algorithmically. It lets users connect to a variety of servers run by various groups and individuals, rather than a single central platform controlled by a single company like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Mastodon, unlike larger social networks, is both free to use and ad-free.

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