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Eugene Lee Yang Parents: Min-Yeong Lee And Jae-Hong Yang

Eugene Lee Yang has embraced his sexuality and has never backed off when it came to fighting for the LGBTQ+ community. And for this, the filmmaker partially thanks his parents for being supportive of his journey, and even credits their divorce with helping them go on to become “way more open-minded.”

So, who are Eugene Lee Yang’s parents? Get to know them better below.

Who Are Eugene Lee Yang Parents?

Eugene Lee Yang loves his parents, Jae-Hong Yang and Min-Yeong Lee, who immigrated to the US from Seoul, Korea in 1976.

According to him, his dad and mom worked hard to get him where he is today. They escaped war and endured countless years of “discrimination, hardship, and pain”, all to raise their kids to be “college-educated, high-ranking, kick-ass first-generation children from scratch.”

Sadly, Eugene’s parents separated when he was just 13. But it was also because of their separation, they could become “way more open-minded” about their son’s sexuality.

In a tweet, Eugene even shared a playful conversation with his mother and his sisters about plans for the future. It read, “My sister: Do you want to remarry? Mom: No, NEVER, Me: What do you want? Mom: [Pause] Maybe I find the gay friends, Me and my sisters: ***SHOCKED***, Mom: I learn they are much smarter and funnier and better than husband! Me and my sisters: [Crying emojis and laughing emojis.]”

Also, in 2020, Eugene tweeted a description of his “mom’s journey of having a gay kid” — to the point where she became comfortable enough to start asking him about sexual positions!

It read, “13 – “which girl do you like?” 18 – “wtf NO you can’t be gay” 23 – “it’s a big city thing, you’ll get over it” 28 – “so how is your ~roommate~ doing” 33 – “…ok MAYBE you’re gay” today – “what do you mean when you say bottoming””

Well, getting a 30+ years old Koran mother to this conversation was indeed an achievement for the filmmaker. “So, it’s possible for those who love you to grow with your gay journey,” he noted.

Did you know: Eugene’s dad remarried after his divorce from Min-Yeong.

Meet Eugene Lee Yang Dad, Jae-Hong Yang

Eugene Lee Yang shared he had the “most incredible dad in the universe” (who looked a lot like him). However, he was a strict one. He joined IG just to see what his son was up to.

Learn more about him as you scroll down.

  • Jae-Hong Yang Age

Jae-Hong Yang was born on October 3, 1945. That made him 74 years of age when he left this world in 2020.

  • Where Is Jae-Hong Yang From?

Jae-Hong Yang was origirally from Korea.

  • Jae-Hong Yang Job

Jae-Hong Yang was a family medicine doctor — a primary-care physician trained to meet the diverse health needs of children and families.

He received his medical degree from Catholic University Medical College in 1963 and was in practice for over 53 years.

Meet Jae-Hong Yang Mom, Min-Yeong Lee

If you’re a long-time Jae-Hong Yang fan, you must have seen his mother Min-Yeong Lee in a BuzzFeed video in 2015.

The filmmaker considers his mother the “most beautiful, amazing woman in the world.” And to prove his point, he even posted her pic from 1973 in Seoul, captioned, “My mother in Seoul, 1973. Mothers are all beautiful. Mine was just really, really ridiculously good looking.”

Praising her more, Jae-Hong shared that they’ve been through “much hardship and heartbreak.” And every time, she continued to amaze him with her resilience and radiance. “You’re the strongest person I know and I’m so proud to be your son,” he added.

  • Min-Yeong Lee Age

Min-Yeong Lee was born on July 26, 1951. That made her 71 years of age in 2022.

  • Where Is Min-Yeong Lee From?

Min-Yeong Lee also hails from Korea.

  • Min-Yeong Lee Job

Min-Yeong didn’t reveal her job.

But what she did share is over the years, she’s learned that all LGBTQ+ kids “are all smart, kind, funny, and attractive.” 

Related FAQs

  • Did Eugene Lee Yang Parents Pass Away From COVID?

Yes, Eugene’s dad, Jae-Hong Yang passed away in August 2020.

Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, Eugene didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye to his father.

“Original. Inimitable. Unforgettable. I wish I had the chance to say goodbye because I would tell you that I’m so honored and proud to have been your son. Rendez-vous dans une autre vie, 아버지,” Eugene a tribute to his dad on his IG.

  • Where Do Eugene Lee Yang Parents Reside Now?

As of 2022, Eugene’s mother lives in Likely Chicago, Illinois.

His father took his last breath in  Austin, Texas.

  • How Many Kids Do Eugene Lee Yang Parents Have?

Eugene’s parents have three kids — two daughters and a son.

While their son (Eugene) needs no introduction, their daughter Christie is a chef. She married in Versailles back in 2014 and celebrates her birthday on August 8.

As for the youngest daughter, Whitney Yang was an avid traveler. The last we checked, she was in a relationship with Ty Guy @buss777

Here are Christie and  Whitney’s IG, @_prettyeats_ and @whitneyleayang, respectively.

Overall, the Yang siblings were tight. They often met for reunions or to celebrate their parents’ birthdays.

“So proud and lucky to have such strong, intelligent, inspiring siblings who can kick my ass,” the filmmaker once posted on IG.

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