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Kylan Darnell Parents: Aaron Darnell And Tonya Darnell

Kylan Darnell was the undisputed star of #BamaRush Tikok this year. She went viral on the platform for her cute outfits, including designer and affordable clothes.

In 2022, Kylan won the special title of Fan Favorite in Miss Teen USA after winning Miss Ohio Teen back in May that year. Naturally, all of her fans are interested to learn about her parents and the wiki article is just about all that.

Who Are Kylan Darnell Parents?

Miss Teen USA 2022 concluded some days ago with Faron Medhi winning the coveted title and Jenna Beckstrom from Idaho becoming the first runner-up. Miss Ohio Teen 2022 Kylan Darnell placed in the top 16 and even won the Fan Favorite title at Miss Teen USA 2022.

For Kylan, the experience of winning Miss Ohio Teen in May and running for Miss Teen USA has been crazy as it would have been for any person.

Before winning the Miss Ohio Teen, Kylan competed in the pageant show three times but never advanced further than the semis.

Kylan has always been vocal about how “surreal” it has been to be at the Miss Teen USA conference. “Kylan is on her Miss Teen USA journey this week and she’s feeling pretty crazy… I could be Miss Teen USA,” she shared on her September 26th TikTok.

Through her pageant work, Kylan has also established her own not-for-profit organization, Girl Power, which aims to empower young girls.

Kylan first shot into popularity after her Outfits of The Day videos as a part of #BamaRush TikTok went viral. Her first #OOTD showcased her adorable sense of style. Throughout the rush week, she posted #OOTDs featuring cute outfits that mixed luxury items with affordable items.

In August 2022, Kylan accepted a bid from Zeta Tau Alpha, and ever since then, she has been sharing her college life on social media. At the University of Alabama, Kylan is majoring in news media and minoring in sports broadcasting.

She’s even cited Allie LaForce and Erin Andrews, some of the most successful and prolific women in the sports broadcasting world, as her career role models.

Coming to Kylan’s parents, it seems that they have been married since February 14, 1998. More about them in the subheadings below.

Meet Kylan Darnell Father, Aaron Darnell 

Miss Ohio Teen 2022 Kylan Darnell has never written anything about her father, Aaron Darnell, in her socials in detail. Nevertheless, she has featured him in a couple of her Instagram posts.

The first time, Kylan shared a picture of herself with her dad was on April 13, 2014. She captioned the post as “Just me and my dad.” On June 2, 2014, she again shared a picture of herself with her dad, who was carrying a fishing rod in his hand, with the caption “Daddy.”

Talking more about Kylan’s father, his parents are most probably Michael Gail Darnell and Patricia Ann Darnell. Reportedly, both were 80 and 79 years old respectively.

  • Aaron Darnell Age

As per, Kylan’s father, Aaron Darnell, was born in June 1972. That means his age was 50 as of October 2022.

  • Aaron Darnell Job

Aaron’s Facebook tells us that he works at two different jobs currently. Firstly, he is the owner of AAA Pools, a company that performs inground pool installations, pool maintenance, winterization, and concrete work. Secondly, he is also an employee at Pine Creek Repair.

Previously, Aaron worked in Insurance and Benefits.

  • Is Aaron Darnell Instagram?

Unfortunately, Kylan’s father Aaron is not on Instagram. However, he does use Facebook, where he has close to 2 thousand friends.

Meet Kylan Darnell Mother, Tonya Darnell

As with the case with her father, Kylan Darnell also never shares any information about her mother, Tonya Darnell. One time she featured Tonya on her Instagram, it was a picture of herself, her mother, and another child (probably Kylan’s sibling). The caption of the post was just “Momma.”

  • Tonya Darnell Age

Tonya Darnell was born in May 1976. As per online sources, her age was 46 at the time of this writing.

  • Tonya Darnell Job

Talking about Tonya’s job, her LinkedIn handle shows that she makes her living as a homemaker. As of October 2022, we did not have any information on her past jobs.

  • Is Tonya Darnell On Instagram?

No, Kylan’s mother Tonya is not available on Instagram. However, you can find her on Facebook if you search for the name Tonya Darnell on the social platform.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kylan Darnell Parents Still Married?

Kylan Darnell’s parents’ marriage is going 22 years strong. On July 4, Kylan’s mom, Tonya, shared a family photo, which featured Kylan, her husband Tony, her other kids, and of course herself. That means Kylan’s parents were still married in 2022.

  • How Many Children Do Kylan Darnell Parents Have?

Kylan Darnell has a total of 4 children, including Kylan.

Kylan’s well-known two siblings are Cole Darnell and Izzy Darnell. Information about Kylan’s younger brother seemed to be unavailable on the Internet as of October 2022.

Kylan congratulated her brother, Cole (currently 24 years old), on his college graduation through an Instagram post on May 28, 2017.

A look at Kylan Darnell’s family.

Izzy, Kylan’s older sister, seems to be a model by profession. She has also won many pageant contests. In 2011 State Ohio, she was declared Queen in the category of Miss Ohio Princess. Later, in 2015 State Ohio, she became Miniature Miss. On May 18, 2021, Izzy was seen donating food items to her local women’s shelter food box.

  • Where Do Kylan Darnell Parents Reside?

Kylan Darnell’s parents reside in Franklin Furnace, Ohio, according to their Facebook.

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