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Eva Desjardins Bio, Age, Dating, Surgery, Surviving Paradise

Surviving Paradise on Netflix cast was quite sure they were having some lavish villa getaway. But instead after having had their phones and jewelry removed, they were told that they had been appointed as the cast members of this show which is a crossbreed of Survivor and Big Brother again blended with Love Island. It is called Surviving Paradise on Netflix and it stars Eva Desjardins among others. Keep reading and you shall discover all that you have been looking around trying to find out about her.

Eva Desjardins On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

Eva Desjardins is introduced to viewers on Surviving Paradise as someone who is a photographer based across the USA. People are also told that this very contestant of theirs takes photos in Tampa and Orlando and is passionate about poetry and old books.

Except for Eva’s excitement about the show, not much has been yet made known about her journey on the show. When she was finally allowed to talk about it on social media, Eva exclaimed in a social media post that she would be “dropping a bombshell” on them. She gushed that she could not anymore wait to share “this insane adventure” with everyone. “Tune in to follow along as I make alliances, shed some tears, and attempt to win my way into a $100,000 cash prize,” she added.

Is Eva Desjardins Dating Anyone?

Eva Desjardins appeared to be single as of October 2023. This is because she kept her personal life strictly private. She did not hint at anything on his social media. At the same time, she also has not been involved herself with any public romance rumors since his time on Surviving Island.

Eva Desjardins Age

Because Eva Desjardins was born in 1995, she turned 28 years old in 2023.

Eva Desjardins Real Name

Eva Desjardins’s full name/real name is Margaret Evangeline Desjardins.

Who Are Eva Desjardins’s Parents?

Eva’s dad is Robert “Bob” Wayne Johnson. On his IG @gaiaportraits, Robert mentions being a travel writer, photographer, and educator with over 60 feature travel articles and 600 photos published. He turned 69 in June 2023. That year in January, he received a double lung transplant after battling Pulmonary Fibrosis. During this time, Eva has organized a GoFundMe for him citing “My parents are strong and would never dream of asking for help themselves, so we’re doing it for them”. They had aimed for $100,000 USD and ended up raising $53,881. For someone who was always active and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, that time of his life was really emotionally and physically draining, Eva shared on social media.

Eva’s father is believed to have devoted much of his life to educating, mentoring, and inspiring students, particularly at Port Charlotte High School.

As for Eva’s mother, we also know that she is called Pamela Bennett Johnson, reached the age of 53 in 2023, and was born and brought up in Port Charlotte, Florida.

In her family, Eva also has a brother named Thomas Wade Desjardins who turned 26 in 2023. Also known are paternal grandparents Harriet L. Johnson and D. Wayne Johnson of Bradenton, Florida. They are no more. Eva’s maternal grandfather Davy Wade Bennett Sr also breathed his last year just last year in June. He was during that time survived by his dear wife Margaret and others.

Has Eva Desjardins Undergone Surgery?

It is not understood if Eva Desjardins has undergone any surgeries. Fans without her talking about it have been speculating that she went through the procedure called breast augmentation.

Eva however has not shied away from opening up about her weight-loss journey. On 26 November 2021, she gushed “1 year and 62 pounds down”. A year after Thanksgiving in 2020, she started her weight loss journey and was able to lose so much weight only because of patience and dedication.

Eva Desjardins Job

First of all, on her work account on Instagram @lilmissevatookthese, Eva introduces herself as a photographer. , Besides that, on the internet, it has been also cited that Eva has been the executive director at Virtual Recess Foundation, an English language Arts teacher at Charlotte County Public School, and a long-term substitute teacher at Charlotte County Public School; she has worked as Peace Corps Volunteer in English Language sector as well as been model at United Nations Advisor and assistant director at Model United Nations.

It is also understood that Eva studied Mindfulness Practises at Florence University of the Arts (2013 – 2015) and got her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Affairs at the University of South Florida.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Eva Desjardins From?

Eva Desjardins originally hails from Houston, which is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay in the United States.

  • When Is Eva Desjardins’s Birthday?

Eva Desjardins’s birthday is on February 22nd making her a Pisces. As a Pisces born on this day, Eva is expected to be kind, warm, inviting, and also a great listener and empath.

  • Is Eva Desjardins On Instargam?

Indeed. Eva Desjardins was on Instagram as of October 2023. The personal blog @lilmissevaa included 444 posts and 14.7K followers. One could also give her a follow on TikTok @lilmisseva, where among her 67.1 followers, she claimed to be funny.

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