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Taylor Olympios Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Surviving Paradise

Netflix’s Surviving Paradise premiered on 20 October 2023 and one of the cast members is Taylor Olympios. You know her sister who appeared on The Bachelor. She and her fellow cast members on Surviving Paradise believed they were visiting an opulent home. When they learned the reality, though, they were greeted with horror and had their jewelry and phones taken away.

Find out more about her family, dating life, age, and more from this article below.

Taylor Olympios On Netflix’s Surviving Paradise

Oklahoma native Taylor Olympios is one of the cast members on Netflix’s Surviving Paradise.

Unaware partygoers believe they are in for the summer of a lifetime, but Surviving Paradise has other ideas. The players are almost instantly exiled to the wilderness below it, where they will have to make do on nearly nothing, as opposed to living it up in a luxurious villa on a clifftop overlooking the ocean. The turn? The participants can alter their position in the game and return to the resort to compete for a life-changing cash reward if they can out-plan and out-strategize their rivals.

But nobody is ever safe in this kind of competitive gaming because one minute you’re living it up and the next you’re down to the fundamentals.

Twelve candidates think they’re going to spend the summer in luxury at a gorgeous estate. However, they will have to start from scratch and eke out an existence in the woods without any luxuries before they can pop any bottles. The players living in the wilderness, also known as the “outsiders,” will have numerous opportunities to come back to the villa, where they will eventually become “insiders.”

Outsiders can be voted back into the resort, where they will take an insider’s position and have the opportunity to fight for the cash prize if they succeed in challenges and forge powerful enough coalitions.

The contestants will fight their way into the villa for a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize.

Shea Foster, Aaron Blake, Copan Combs, Francisco Williams, Hayley Smith-Rose, Sarah Kate Reynolds, Justin Assada, Lellies Santiago, Taylor Olympios, Alex Dourassof, Linda Okoli, and Tabitha Kimberly Eva are the cast members competing for the cash prize.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, Taylor announced, “Big news!!!🚨👀Join me on the ultimate adventure as I fight to survive on @netflix’s new reality show Surviving Paradise!🏕️Will Tay Tay Survive Paradise? Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!!🔥streaming exclusively on @netflix Oct. 20th!!😉✨💋.”

How Much Is Taylor Olympios Net Worth?

Taylor Olympios has amassed a net worth of under $100 thousand. She is a social media influencer and a model.

On IG, she has garnered 30K followers. Meanwhile, her TikTok has 31.7K followers.

Also, Taylor is represented by Metric Talent and has landed paid partnerships with @elleven15vintage @aurasugarco.

Taylor Olympios Boyfriend

Taylor Olympious is single and hasn’t shared much about her dating life. Most of her social media posts are about her having fun and enjoying time with her pals. But, none of them gives away any hint of her having a beau in her life.

How Old Is Taylor Olympios?

Taylor Olympios is 23 years old as of 2023. She was born in 2000.

Taylor Olympios Parents

Taylor Olympios calls James and Peri Olympios her parents. Peri, her mom, is 67 years old being born in August 1956. James turned 67 in August 2023.

James appears to be a CEO & Chairman at Armorgarage.Com, LLC. A multi-million dollar flooring business based out of Florida. Because it is a family business Peri is also involved in the business.

On Corinne’s birthday in 2018, Taylor wished her sister, “Wishing this Barbie the best birthday vibes, you’re such a queen!!!👸🏼 I am so blessed to have u as my sister, I love u so much. I hope you have an amazing birthday ❤️🎉 xo #11/11.”

Corinne was a contestant on the 21st season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week 8. However, she returned for the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise. She quit in week 1 during the production shutdown.

The “villain” of this season has always been Corinne. However, she doesn’t believe that is always a terrible thing. On The Bachelor, being a villain entails being charismatic, amusing, and fearless. Corinne removed her top and posed with Nick early on during a group date for a pool photo session. She said that her family would be proud of her during a talking head interview on the occasion.

She said, “Dad would be proud. Even though I was naked.”

Despite criticism from audiences and other ladies, it appears that her family is still on her side. Peri, Corinne’s mother, even defended her daughter in front of the public. She posted a video supporting her daughter, which was discovered by TMZ.

“[Corinne] decided either you are two people that get remembered. The winner or the villain. Just like Chad and a few others in the last few episodes. Yes, she took it to the limit. Most of it is fake. Even when she decided to lose the top, she had coverups on. When she was in the trench coat, she had a bathing suit on. It was all for TV. Reality TV and TV is really fake. And you have no idea what they cut out.”

Peri’s “she was edited that way” justification may or may not be entirely true, but it does demonstrate her love for her kid. Her parents appear to be aware of the TV show’s entertainment value in addition to the reality they are viewing. The Corinne we see on television is just one facet of a much more nuanced individual. She appears to be very normal and family-oriented in reality.

Additionally, throughout the entire season, Corinne has done an excellent job defending herself on social media. Perhaps the support of her family is what enables her to endure whatever criticism she receives as a TV villain. Along with working and living with her parents, Corinne also benefits from their support, which gives her courage.

In September 2022, Taylor made a TikTok about her family with the caption, “Don’t even ask how we got the dog to do it too 😂😂😂” with an on-screen caption that she is close to her family.

Taylor Olympios Height

Taylor Olympios’s height is under 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Taylor Olympios From?

What’s more, Taylor Olympios hailed from Miami, Florida.

  • When Is Taylor Olympios Birthday?

15 September is Taylor Olympios’s birthday.

  • Is Taylor Olympios On Instagram?

Yes, Taylor Olympios’s Instagram handle is (@taylorolympios) and her TikTok handle is (@taylor_olympios).

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