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Eve Barlow Bio, Age, Husband, Amber Heard, Who Is She?

Meet Eve Barlow, a friend of Amber Heard. After the recent incident in the Johnny and Amber trial, people are interested to learn more about the incident. On top of that, they are eager to learn about her marriage and husband.

Below you’ll also learn about her age, thriving career, and relationship with Amber Heard.

Meet Eve Barlow, Amber Heard Friend

All the fans of actor and musician Johnny Depp are paying close attention to the ongoing $50 million defamation trial of the actor and his ex, actress Amber Heard. In the recent event, Amber’s friend and Scottish music journalist Eve Barlow were dramatically thrown out of the court during the trial, according to the reports of PageSix.

Sources who attended the trial told the news outlet that Eve got into trouble with Judge Penney S. Azcarate by texting and tweeting from the front row of the courtroom, which is usually reserved for legal counsel. Eve and Amber have reportedly been inseparable for a few years, with Eve apparently functioning as part of the actress’ legal team and even attempting to intervene in the trial over Depp-friendly witness Gina Deuters, according to PageSix.

According to an insider, Eve tried to advocate for Amber by asking her legal team to show Judge Penney S. Azcarate that Deuters was allegedly compromised as a witness. The music journalist allegedly brought up a Deuters social media post, stating it was a recent post from the current trial, according to the source. The post in question, it turns out, was shared in 2021 during Depp’s previous trial in London against The Sun newspaper.

Deuters, the wife of Depp’s longtime partner and colleague Stephen Deuters, revealed on Thursday that she had watched a video of the trial online before testifying. Her testimony was thrown out of the record and she was escorted out of the courtroom.

Johnny’s lawyers retaliated by filing a motion to have Barlow barred from the courtroom indefinitely, which the judge granted.

“Amber had her closest journalist friend sit front and center — with her legal team — at the trial, live-tweeting, texting, and posting information,” a source revealed to PageSix. “Eve Barlow seems to think she’s part of Amber’s legal team. Depp’s lawyers finally had enough and had her barred from the courtroom.”

Judge Penney also objected to Barlow’s texting and tweeting and, according to court transcripts, saying, “She was tweeting live from my courtroom… and I know the deputies took her out because she was texting. That’s against the court order. Ms. Barlow is not coming back into the courtroom during this trial.”

Eve didn’t respond when PageSix reached out for the comment.

Eve Barlow Age

Born in 1986, Eve Barlow is 36 years old as of April 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 21 October.

Fun Fact: Lady Gaga released her album, Joanne, on her 30th birthday in 2016.

Eve Barlow Career

Eve Barlow is a music journalist, an activist, a Twitter provocateur, and an impassioned and vocal Zionist and feminist. She has been very vocal both online and on paper both for her unabashed commitment to advocacy and her vulnerability in the face of antisemitism.

Even began her career in media as a Deputy Production Manager at Bauer Media. She joined the media group after graduating from the University of Manchester with a Law LLB with Hons in 2007. Between 2009 and 2012, Eve worked as an editor for Q Magazine, MOJO, Empire, FHM, and Kerrang, among other publications.

NME hired Eve as the Deputy Editor. Eve, as second-in-command, oversaw the shop floor and generated a weekly print product, as well as communicating with the online team behind, the world’s most popular music website.

She also took advantage of worldwide exclusives with groups like Daft Punk, David Bowie, and Arctic Monkeys. Eve was in charge of print content at the NME Awards, one of the biggest nights in the UK music industry, and managed the NME team at the Glastonbury music festival in 2013 and 2014.

Eve left the NME in 2014 and relocated to the United States. She has worked as a music and pop culture writer for a variety of publications in Los Angeles, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times of London, New York Magazine, GQ, Billboard, EW, NPR, Pitchfork, ELLE, and others.

Debbie Harry to Kim Kardashian, Billie Eilish to Future, Dave Grohl to Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain to Robert Pattinson, to mention a few, have written over two dozen cover stories and interviewed the world’s biggest artists. She has continued to serve as a tastemaker, writing bios for both new and veteran artists, and has been essential in the coverage of upcoming artists such as The1975, MUNA, Maggie Rogers, Clairo, and Lizzo.

Eve has been a trailblazer in progressive intersectional representation in terms of equal coverage of female artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and BIPOC musicians, as well as broadening the scope of pop culture coverage.

In March 2022, her own industry branded her as a “racist”. They canceled her after blasting the vandals of LA synagogues during George Floyd protests in Summer 2020. But, she was on a path to becoming one of New York magazine’s star writers.

She responded, “Woke up to see that synagogues in LA have been graffiti’d during the riots with the words FREE PALESTINE and F*** ISRAEL, and that dua lipa is spreading antisemitic posts on her IG feed,’ she wrote in the tweet in May 2020.

She added, “How dare you bring the Jewish nation and community into the killing of black American lives.”

According to DailyMail, Eve wrote on Common Sense that she wished she could keep her mouth shut for the sake of her career, but that she could no longer remain silent. “Me being me I can never keep my mouth shut, even when I really wish I could, and I put my foot in it,” she wrote. “I tweeted, “How dare you,” and all hell breaks loose.”

Since then, Eve has faced a barrage of online hate. Editors stopped replying to her emails. Staff and fellow writers unfollowed her on social media.

After 12 years in the industry, Eve said she was “stripped of talent, conveniently dissociated from my own intelligence and popularity, and marked as a shameful member of the community—one who should never have gotten as far as I had.”

Does Eve Barlow Have A Husband?

Even Barlow is a lesbian so she doesn’t have a husband. Actually, a lot of fans were assuming on Twitter that Eve was dating Amber heard. On April 15, one Twitter user wrote, “It’s weird when Amber Heards GF @Eve_Barlow and her simps want to keep trying to mess with me and my family but they have no idea who they are messing with.”

Another Twitter user added, “are they actually dating? I’m confused as heck.”

Another added to the relationship thread, “Not confirmed but you can tell from afar Eve is dying to wake up with a stinky turd lying in her bed…”. Likewise, another user continued, “Don’t know for sure but think that’s what Evie dreams of, morning, noon, and night.”

One user spoke in support of Eve, “They don’t. Every time I see Eve she reminded me of my past self. I was a victim of a narcissist. I used to believe I was special to her I knew she was mean to others, I even helped cover up her lies I thought I was the only 1 she could count on, I wanted to be useful to her.”

He continued, “I only realized the truth after someone showed me her inconsistency, her chat screenshots, and that she said different things to me and to others. And when I realized that I wasn’t a special friend to her. I never was. The words she used to win me, she used on others as well.”

He concluded, “Eve helping amber doesn’t really means she loves her romantically IMO. She just fell into a narcissist’s trap, just like I was”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Eve Barlow From?

Eve Barlow hailed from Scotland. She is currently based in LA.

  • Is Eve Barlow On Instagram?

Yes, Eve Barlow is on Instagram (@evebarlow).

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