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Ezra Freeman Bio, Age, Family, Boyfriend, The Real Love Boat

The Real Love Boat might be filled with sexy singles, but it also includes the boat crew who each have a story of their own. Amongst them, Ezra Freeman — the bartender — seemed interesting.

So, we’ll be discussing the on-boat bartender’s life in detail as this Ezra Freeman Bio proceeds.

Ezra Freeman On The Real Love Boat

Ezra Freeman was the resident bartender on The Real Love Boat. She joined Princess Cruises (and even ran the company’s official TikTok account) even before being cast on the CBS reality show.

On the love boat, the bartender was privy to all kinds of tea. Whilst serving drinks, this hopeless romantic also acted as a matchmaker and advised the participants.

But Ezra isn’t actually a bartender. Given she’s been to a theater school, her job might have been mostly an act. Even her resume shared she was technically a host for The Real Love Boat.

However, the lady indeed has years of experience as a Princess Cruises employee. So, she’s legitimately part of the cruise.

Reportedly, Ezra joined the company back in 2019 and handled its official TikTok account in 2022.

So, why did she choose life on the sea? Well, ever since she was 10, she would go on cruises, sing karaoke on board every night, and dream of performing on the stage one day. At 25, she finally landed her job as a “guest entertainer” on Princess Cruises, and she never looked back.

Now, Ezra’s living her dream — sharing her cruise life on a TikTok. According to her, being a “crew” was so much different than being a “passenger.” They even had a private pool and gym (which wasn’t as well equipped as it was for the passenger, but it got the work done.)

As for what the crew did in their free time, Ezra share that they’d play bingo, board games, and other events in the fun room.

Does Ezra Freeman Have A Boyfriend?

Ezra Freeman was ambiguous about her relationship. One day she’d be talking about her boyfriend, and the next time, you see her, she’d be searching for “some gorgeous, emotionally available, intelligent, ambitious, a Eurasian man with a huge crazy family that speaks Russian/Georgian/English out there (who) needs a Green Card.”

Also, some days, she’d be hinting that she has a secret admirer on the ship. And the next day, she’d be saying she has a crush on someone there.

But whoever her boyfriend may be, we do know that Ezra’s ideal type was someone who is “driven, knows what he wants, has dark/intelligent humor, hits her with a solid flirt-to-roast ratio, and can deal with her “extraness.”

Ezra Freeman Age

Ezra Freeman revealed she 26 years of age in 2022.

But she once shared that she joined Princess Cruises at the age of 25, which was back in 2018.

Ezra Freeman Family

Ezra Freeman was adopted at 6 months old by the Freeman family. Her adoptive parents are Nancy Guy Freeman (birthday: July 23) and Richard A. Freeman (birthday: July 6).

Sadly, Ezra never knew her biological parents. And she admits, she never felt the need to look for them!

But one fateful day — on her 26th birthday — she get a message from her biological mother “Irma.” Thereafter, Ezra reconnected with her biological parents and 3 siblings, Tako and Lika (Twins), and Timur Gvasalia.

Her sister, Lika got married in July 2022. And Ezra was there as her bridesmaid.

Now, Ezra (who was raised as a single child) has a big family and she often features them on her TikTok.

So, why was she adopted? Well, Ezra, the youngest of all siblings, said it wasn’t her story to tell. She felt it would be “inappropriate” to reveal the past of her biological family.

Trivia: Ezra’s one and only brother Timur celebrates his birthday on September 8. On his 2022 birthday, Ezra took it to her IG to share, “You always turn my tears/trema into laughter and my worries into jokes. It’s honestly unbelievable how close we were able to get and how many memories we have already made.”

Is Ezra Freeman On Instagram?

Find Ezra on Instagram @ezrafreeman.

Also, here’s her TikTok @ezrafreeman and Facebook @Ezra Freeman.

How Much Is Ezra Freeman Net Worth?

Ezra Freeman flaunted a net worth of under $300 thousand.

Reportedly, she was paid around $90 thousand a year (excluding the tips) for her time as a guest entertainer on Princess Cruises.

Talking about her career, Ezra started as a “Front of House/Managing Assistant” at Infinity Theatre Company in 2015. Two years later, she then joined Thin Air Theatre Company as an Arts Administration Assistant for 3 months. In 2018, she also tried her patience as a “server host” at Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant in NYC. But almost a year later, she quit her job and joined SDA Media as a  “content creator.” Soon, she then joined Anthropologie as a ‘senior customer associate”, and it wasn’t long before found herself on a contract with Princess Cruises.

Someday, she wants to host a show, and whilst also having 10 kids.

As for her education, she went to Elon University and Maryland Vaccine Hunters.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Ezra Freeman Birthday?

Ezra receives her birthday on June 14 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • Where Is Ezra Freeman From?

Ezra hails from Tbilisi, Georgia (the country).

Her Georgian name before the adoption was “Nato.”

  • How Tall Is Ezra Freeman?

She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

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