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Faith Louisak Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Age, Behzinga

In 2022, Faith Louisak and Ethan Payne AKA Behzinga recently announced that they were expecting a baby together. So, fans of Ethan are looking to learn more about her. Hence, we’ve put together this article which covers details related to her parents, siblings, height, job, and age.

Keep scrolling down this Faith Louisak Bio to learn more about Behzinga’s baby mother.

Meet Faith Louisak, Behzinga Girlfriend Turned Baby Mama

Ethan Payne AKa Behzinga, a member of the UK-based YouTube collective The Sidemen, is expecting his first child with his baby mama Faith Louisak or Faith Louisa Kelly. On 15 April 2022, made the announcement on his Instagram. He captioned the post, “Making A Baby Challenge (GONE RIGHT)”.

The caption came along with the picture of Faith donning a black dress flaunting her baby bump while Behzinga acted surprised while holding a sonogram of his upcoming child.

According to their social media posts, they started dating each other as early as June 2021. Faith posted a mirror selfie and captioned the post, “Rumour has it?😉 My love🥰”. A few days later, she helped Behzinga celebrate his 26th birthday. She took to her Instagram to announce his big day and wrote, “Happy 26th to my darling…🌸🌺🌱 Thank you to @thelondoncakecompany  & @hottubhireessex especially”.

However, Behzinga introduced his now-baby-mama-to-be only in July 2021. He captioned the post, “my 🌎❤️‍🔥”. On 6 February 2022, he posted a monochromatic picture of him and his love that he captioned, “my wifey is a spice like I’m David Beckham”.

Faith has also appeared on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel but only once. She was featured in a July 2021 video titled: “Surprising My Girlfriend With EURO 2020 FINAL TICKETS.”

The couple reclined on the sofa in the video, and Behzinga stated that he had purchased her tickets to the Euro 2022 final between England and Italy. The second portion of the film then cut to clips of them during the famous game in which Italy lost 3-2 on penalties to England.

In December 2021, the pair started a new joint Instagram account named F&E Home (@fnehome). They bought their first house and the account held moments of their home renovation and decoration. The account currently has 57.7k followers.

Although fans are craving the origin story of their love, we have to sit patiently for either Bazhinga or Faith to make it public.

Faith Louisak Parents

Faith Louisak hasn’t shared much about her parents. She featured her father once on 22 August 2019. Based on the post, her father is a personal trainer.

In January 2019, Faith wrote a status on her Facebook that her dad died. In the post, she wrote, “Just got home from Thailand and my father passed away so glad he had his last wish it’s been very hard few months for me and not a great start to my new year… but I know I have my dad shining down on me miss you, daddy”.

Father Louisak’s mother is Cheryl Kelly. Cheryl hailed from  Hornchurch, Barking, And Dagenham, United Kingdom. She attended Maylands Girls School.

On Mother’s Day 2021, Faith wished her, “Happy Mother’s Day🥰 love you, Cheryl Kelly“.

In June 2020, she also featured her paternal grandparents. Per the post, her grandfather Bob passed away a while. And on the day she posted on her Instagram, her grandma Selina Margret Kelly also died.

She wrote, “All you’ve wanted since the day he left is to be able to see Grandad Bob again. He awaits you with open arms I’m sure and I feel safe knowing you are now reunited and are resting together. Rest easy, my longest and most strongest friend, I love you more than you could ever know. Now my guardian angel.💕 Selina Margret Kelly. 07.06.2020.”

Does Faith Louisak Have A Brother?

Yes, Faith Louisak has at least two brothers. But, according to her mother’s post, Faith might have three. Nonetheless, the one that we know of, their names is Hugh Kelly and Leon Kelly.

Hugh is a soccer player and is available on Instagram (@hugh_kelly_05). He also appeared alongside the whole The Sidemen members in June 2021. His recent IG post is with KSI. Leon also played soccer and he and his team were League champions in 2018/2019.

Leon is also on Instagram (@leonkelly6476).

Faith featured them once on her Instagram and captioned the post, “My not-so-little brothers”. She also featured Hugh on her first Q&A vlog on her YouTube channel. The video is titled “First Q&A Ever With My BROTHER”.

Faith Louisak Height

Faith Louisak stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches.

Is Faith Louisak On TikTok?

Yes, Faith Louisak is on TikTok (@faithlouisak). On the platform, she has 686.5k followers. She is also on Instagram (@faithlouisak) and Twitter (@Faithlouisak).

Faith Louisak Age

As of April 2022, Faith Louisak’s current age is 22 years old.

What Is Faith Louisak Real Name?

Moving on, Faith Louisak’s real name is Faith Louisa Kelly.

Faith Louisak Job

Faith Louisak is a social media influencer and a fashion model. She has posed for a lot of photographers. Her IG serves as her portfolio.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Faith Louisak Birthday?

According to Famous Birthdays, Faith Louisak’s birthday falls on 5 October.

  • Where Is Faith Louisak From?

According to her IG bio, Faith Louisak’s hometown is in Essex, South England.

  • How Much Is Faith Louisak Net Worth?

As of 2022, Faith Louisak’s net worth should be under $300 thousand.

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