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Felicia Cannon Bio, Husband, Age, Instagram, Big Brother

Felicia Cannon from Washington joined the cast of Big Brother Season 25. She is another veteran competing this season of the hit reality show. One might ask based on her profile, did she shave her head, or did she lose her hair? Is she married? Does she have any kids?

Find all the answers unfold in this article below.

Felicia Cannon On Big Brother 25

Felicia Cannon is one of the three Washingtonians who made the cast of Big Brother 25. The popular reality television program “BIG BROTHER” on CBS premiered its 25th season in August 2023. Three of the 16 new residents are from or presently reside in Washington state.

Jag Bains of Omak, Washington, and Hisam Goueli of Seattle, Washington are the other two contestants from her hometown. The 16 house guests will compete for $750,000 over the course of the summer. Every action the candidates make will be captured 24 hours a day by 94 high-definition cameras and 113 microphones within a residence.

However, Felicia was able to make another record via her appearance on the show. She became the first woman over 60 to compete on Big Brother. Felicia said that she is excited and a little nervous. The contestant said, “It’s the 25th season, they’re going to do some crazy stuff, something we haven’t seen before.” I’m sure there are going to be all kinds of surprises, they say, “Expect the unexpected. “Well, for the 25th season, I’m assuming there’s going to be a whole lot of that. So I’m excited to be a part of it, but a little nervous about what all of that unexpected could possibly be.”

The decision to join the show came from the place where she wants to prove herself. She elaborated on that, “I’ve always looked at myself as a people person, as a social person, as a relationship person. And this is going to let me know if how I’ve always seen myself is how other people see me. I believe I know how to strategize and play all the little different things you need to do to get to the end.”

The Washington native believes that her age and experience are an advantage for her. But advantage alone is not going to bring home the title so she is equipped with strategy on how she will be playing this. She told Parade, “My strategy is to be my authentic Felicia, build relationships, build trust. And then from there, wherever the game takes me it takes me, have fun. I want to have fun.”

Felicia is confident that she will or should win. “I really believe that I’m going to win because I believe I have all the skill sets and experience in life, and just my ability to again connect and read people, “In that aspect, she explained. “I really believe that my natural self is going to carry me to the end. I believe that.”

Felicia Cannon Age

Felicia Cannon was born in June 1960. As of August 2023, she is 63 years old.

Felicia Cannon Husband

Dwayne Cannon is the husband of Big Brother star Felicia Cannon. The couple have been happily married for 26 years. Dwayne is two years younger than his wife.

“Isn’t he a handsome young man…It’s my boo’s 58th birthday today and in spite of COVID, we are celebrating Dwayne. So join me and Ja’ir in showing big love to the head of our household… He puts up with a lot of us and stays steady… lol… Happy Happy Birthday to YOU Dwayne… And we are going to do WHATEVER you want today… It’s your day!! SMOOCHES.,” Felicia wrote on Dwayne’s birthday in 2020.

On their 25th wedding anniversary in July 2022, Felicia wrote, “It’s our Anniversary…. 25 years… seems like a lifetime ago yet seems like yesterday… We’ve been up, we’ve been down but always together…. Life is about learning and growing, marriage is a commitment, it takes determination, patience, compromise, a sense of humor, and forgiveness, let me say that again… FORGIVENESS… and most of all LOVE for each to stay the course… always remembering you are two individuals trying to merge your uniqueness into one cohesive union… But God… Thank You Dwayne for the best 25 years of my life. May we see another 25…”

More about Dwayne, he is also a former veteran turned real estate agent working alongside his wife.

Felicia Cannon Children

Felicia Cannon and her husband Dwayne Cannon share one son named Jair Cannon. He was born on 2 March 1999 which makes him 24 years of as of August 2023.

Jair attended Kennesaw Mountain High School and Athletic Coaching Education at West Virginia University. He is working as DB in NFL.

Felicia Cannon Job

According to her BB25 bio, Felicia Cannon is a real estate agent. Per her profile on, the price range of property that she has dealt bas been between $477K to $511K. She particularly serves in Atlanta Metro, Kennesaw, and Marietta.

Felicia is a realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia. The most recent sale that she closed was in April 2023, a property valued at $511,000.

Before transitioning to real estate sales, Felicia served in the military but is now retired. According to Felicia’s LinkedIn, she served 20 years as Security Police Officer (5.5 years) and Contracting Officer(14.5) in the United States Air Force from 1982 to 2002. After that, she started working as a branch chief at GSA and then as Procurement Analyst.

In her profile on Zillow, she writes, “We are dedicated to providing you a professional and memorable experience as we help you turn that new house into a home or relinquish an existing home as you venture into a new chapter of your life. Yes, we work with both buyers and sellers. So let’s get started in this partnership. What we can’t do alone, WE CAN DO TOGETHER!”

Felicia received her education at Columbia Southern University (BBA) and American Graduate University (Master of Acquisition Management).

Felicia Cannon Height

Felicia Cannon stands tall above the height of 5 feet 7 inches. In March 2022, Felicia shared on her Facebook that she has alopecia. She started losing her hair in her late 40s.

She wrote, “I went to the Dr, saw specialists, and gave consideration to alternatives to not revealing my diagnosis. I started “swooping my hair trying to mask the balding area which for me is in the front crownal area. I wore a wig (1) time and took it off before the night was over. It kept turning, it itched, and I sweat in my head… I thought about hair implants until they told me they take hair from other places on my head and with a needle, they implant it into the bald areas.”

Felicia later shaved off all of her hair and decided to be proud of it. She added, “I put on earrings and lipstick and go about my day. It’s all about how you see yourself. I realized I am not defined by my hair. I am empowered without it… I don’t need to be defended or protected because I’m bald. I don’t see myself as having a disease, just a circumstance that I had to get accustomed to. My smile didn’t change cause I lost my hair.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Felicia Cannon Birthday?

Felicia Cannon celebrates her birthday on 18 June.

  • Where Is Felicia Cannon From?

Felicia Cannon is originally from Tacoma, Washington. She is now living in Kennesaw, Georgia.

  • Is Felicia Cannon On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Felicia Cannon is available on Facebook (@felicia.cannon.9) and Instagram (@felicia.cannon.9).

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