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Fenwa Milhouse Parents: Bolaji And Lara Famakinwa! Age, Job

TLC’s newest Dr Down Below documents the life and clinic of the board-certified, fellowship-trained urologist Dr. Fenwa Milhouse, as she sees patients for problems they may have “down below”. She shows her audience how there is never a dull day in urology, making it so much fun for her.

In the rest of the writing though, we shall instead tell you about her parents, as her newly made fans have been kind of nosy.

Dr Down Below: Who Are Fenwa Milhouse’s Parents?

Dr Down Below‘s Fenwa Milhouse is a 40-year-old experienced medical doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and healthcare industry. She was born to a lovely pair of parents. She often shows them on her social media posts and talks about how her words can not begin to convey her love and admiration for them.

We shall tell you about each one of them individually and together in the rest of the writing.

Meet Bolaji Milhouse, Fenwa Milhouse’s Father

Fenwa Milhouse’s father is Bolaji Famakinwa, AKA Simeon Bolaji Famakinwa. He is incredibly proud of her. These days, since the premiere of his daughter’s show on TLC, he has been busy promoting her work on social media. He gushed about being “mightily GRATEFUL to our Almighty Father for this momentous event !!!”. He also talked about how watching his darling at work in the OR, enjoying what she was doing and the way she was educating her patients and making them feel very comfortable was “a thing a joy”. It actually felt like a version of “Take your Daddy to Work Day” for him, he said.

  • Bolaji Milhouse Age

Bolaji Milhouse was born in May 1953. So, he turned 69 years old in 2022.

  • Bolaji Milhouse Job

Bolaji Milhouse is a financial professional and Vice President at Upstream and Downstream Consulting in Dallas, Texas. On the company’s website, Bolaji and his team go on to claim that their proven sales training program has made them a leader in sales and management training, with hundreds of training centers throughout North America and across the globe.

  • Is Bolaji Milhouse On Instagram?

Yes. Bolaji Milhouse can be found on Instagram. As of 7 April 2023, his account @drsimeonbolajifamakinwa included 3 posts and 152 followers.

Besides, he also showed glimpses of his life on ‘Bolaji Famakinwa’ Facebook.

Meet Lara Milhouse, Fenwa Milhouse’s Mother

In an interview, when Fenwa Milhouse was asked to talk about the sacrifice she has made for her career, she answered that she has sacrificed “LOTS OF time for others”. Then, she said her mother sacrificed by moving away from her father in Dallas all the way to Chicago to help her raise her daughter when she had her during residency. She said the matriarch helped raise her daughter while she was a resident.

So, like that Fenwa has been always fond of her mom and her mom of hers. “Praying your new age to be richly blessed & the glory & favor of God continue to be visible in your life. Enjoy your special day my darling. Love you a million times 🎂🎈🎊♥️♥️♥️”, this is one occasion when Lara wished her daughter on her birthday on October 24th. There have been many such instances.

Meanwhile, Fenwa often tells on social media posts that she is grateful for her mother and hopes to never take her for granted.

  • Lara Milhouse Age

Lara Milhouse was born in June 1955. So, she turned 67 years old in 2022.

  • Lara Milhouse Job

Lara Milhouse’s last job was as a registered nurse supervisor at Intracare Hospital North. The job lasted from 2003 through October 2012.

Also formerly, Lara went to Lagos University Teaching Hospital and New Era Girls Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria (Class of 1973).

  • Is Lara Milhouse On Instagram?

Yes. Lara Milhouse was on Instagram @larafamak with 2 posts and 66 followers as of the time of this writing. Plus, one could also give her a follow on ‘Lara Famakinwa’ Facebook.

Other than that, Lara and the family also often appear on Fenwa’s IG @drmilhouse which at this point entertained around 55K followers.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Fenwa Milhouse Parents Reside?

Fenwa Milhouse’s parents had been residing in Richardson, Texas as of April 2023. They originally hail from Lagos, Nigeria. From there, they resettled first in Dallas, Texas in 2012.

  • How Many Kids Do Fenwa Milhouse Parents Have?

Fenwa Milhouse is not the only child of her parents. Other is Mayowa Abraham or Olumayowa A Famakinwa. Mayowa can be found on IG @mrfamakinwa, where he mentions coming from Plano, Texas. He turned 38 years old in May 2022.

  • Are Fenwa Milhouse Parents Still Together?

Indeed. Fenwa Milhouse’s parents are still together. In fact, on 17 May 2022, they celebrated their 41st anniversary.

A year before on this day, as Bolaji also enjoyed his 68th birthday, Fenwa took to the internet to talk about her parents’ marriage. She said it has been the epitome, the embodiment, the standard for which she looks up and strives towards. She said her parents are two imperfect people who have grown together, sacrificed for their family, and trusted in God in all things, even in despair. She gushed that her folks make it look easy and her own marriage is absolutely enriched by their example and their wisdom.

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