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Ray Miller Bio, Age, Job, Return To Amish Rosanna Brother

Ray Miller, Return To Amish star Rosanna Miller’s brother, appeared in the trailer for the new season of the TLC show. So, viewers gravitated to learn more about his family members.

Here’s what we know about him at the time of this article.

Return To Amish: Meet Ray Miller, Rosanna Miller Brother

Rosanna Miller is the star of Season 6 of the show where she appeared alongside her boyfriend Johnny. The show returned for season 7 where the cast members are navigating lives as English people however, it is hard to navigate. On the 4 April 2023 episode, Rosanna’s brother Ray Miller arrives unexpectedly in Florida to check on his sister but he isn’t amused with what he discovers.

Ray is unhappy with Rosanna’s relationship with her boyfriend Johnny, according to the Season 7 trailer. The two males actually end up striking each other physically.

Ray unexpectedly arrives after the ensemble departs for Pinecraft, Florida, to experience another aspect of the English-speaking world. With Ada Byler in mind, Jeremiah Raber answers the door. Nonetheless, Ray declares his desire to locate Rosanna and expresses his rage at what he observes. As the brother of the reality star walks into Rosanna’s room, he discovers her talking to Johnny in bed.

“What the hell, Rose?” Ray angrily asks. “I should’ve known that he was going to check on his sister,” Johnny admits. “I don’t want her reputation ruined,” Ray says during a confessional. But that was just a start.

During a heated argument, “You don’t love my sister!” Ray shouts at Johnny. Ray’s moves become more and more forceful as the two get into a yelling match and start abusing each other. As a response, Johnny lunges at Rosanna’s brother while balling his fists, suggesting that the two men will engage in a physical altercation.

Rosanna and her friend Maureen Byler first left their Amish community in order to learn about the English way of living. She was eager to learn more about the “English” world, and TLC’s program Return to Amish would give us a firsthand look at it. As a result, Rosanna and Maureen relocated from Philadelphia’s Punxsutawney to Florida, where Maureen’s grandmother Ada Byler lived.

It was a brand-new experience and a brand-new universe, and it’s all been captured for a reality program. But, based on how the other cast members felt about Rosanna, it’s possible that she dabbled in the incorrect side of the “English” culture.

Ray Miller Age

Ray Miller, who appeared to be in his mid-20s in 2023, is probably over 23 years old. However, we are yet to learn his precise age.

Ray Miller Job

Currently, all the details regarding Ray Miller’s career and job are a mystery.

Although staying away from the English-speaking world, members of the Amish community are known for being the hardest workers. If Ray is willing to live in the English way, he shouldn’t feel hesitant to try new things. But, one needs a certain skill set, knowledge, and qualifications in order to live in the actual world.

Whatever job Ray had in his community may not have been sufficient to survive in the real world. In fact, we don’t know for sure whether he had a job as an Amish member.

Is Ray Miller Dating Anyone?

Much like Ray Miller’s professional life, his dating life is still a mystery. He doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms hence we currently have nothing in our hands to pursue details about his romantic life.

Ray Miller Height

Ray Miller, based on how he appeared on the show, likely stands tall above the height of 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Is Ray Miller On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Ray Miller doesn’t appear to be on Instagram and Facebook.

  • When Is Ray Miller Birthday?

We currently don’t have any details about Ray’s birthday.

  • Where Does Ray Miller Reside?

Ray Miller likely hailed from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where his family hailed from.

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