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Fire Wilmore Bio, Boyfriend, Real Name, Job, American Idol

Fire Wilmore is used to getting the likes of “If you’re Fire, can I be ‘Ice’?” jokes about her name. Well, she might get less of that now because she is going to be remembered as Fire Wilmore American Idol’s golden ticket receiving Fire Wilmore. Even better, if she gets lucky, she might as take home the ‘American Idol winner’ tag as well.

In this writing called ‘Fire Wilmore Bio’, we shall tell you all about Fire’s boyfriend, real name, job/career, American Idol journey, and more.

Fire Wilmore On American Idol

Fire Wilmore’s audition that happened on Week 5 was one of the few widely discussed on the internet. Some thought that the show played her up big time. For others, it felt like an emotional roller coaster.

Fire performed Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon”, which was pretty good but not as great to impress the judges. They delicately told her so and Katy Perry even coached her a bit.

On the stage, Fire also filled in the blanks of her life — about her own mom’s drug problems, about how it led to her being placed in state custody, and more. Just then, her daughter, nearly 4-year-old Maja, who sat with the star panelists, was shown grabbing a Golden Ticket and giving it to her mom. Teary Fire tells the little one to put it back when the “Roar” diva thinks of offering her a second chance at a later audition in Nashville. Of course, she accepted saying, “I don’t want it, I need it.”

Fire Wilmore Boyfriend

Fire Wilmore’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’ as of March 2023. But, her Instagram at the time was telling a different story. Until a 9 March 2023 post on the site, she was clearly in love with a man called “J”. In the post, she also clearly indicated “him” to be the reason behind her being happier lately.

Fire as seen with her boyfriend “J” on 24 November 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

Before this, she wrote “Thanks for giving me the love and attention I’ve always wanted and deserved🫶🏽🥹 I love you so much!! #thanksgiving #couple” next to this picture of them cozying in Virginia Beach, Virginia. (

Who Is Fire Wilmore Baby Father?

Fire Wilmore’s baby’s father is Cameron Fontenot. In fact, he is also her ex-husband. And until September 2021 she seemed to have not a friendly but even romantic relationship with him. On his birthday at the time, she wrote “Happy birthday love, have a great day. Maja and I miss you so so much and we’re waiting for you to come home! Love you!!” next to a solo picture of him.

Yet, on the Idol stage, we also heard her saying she was pregnant and alone at age 18.

In November 2022, when Fire threw a fun birthday party for her daughter, her baby daddy was seemingly there.

Fire Wilmore Job

Fire Wilmore got accepted into her dream school in February of 2023. So, since then she probably has not had a full-time job.

During her Idol audition though, she still had not already gotten away from dancing. She gave her introduction as an exotic dancer looking to change her life through her voice, wobbling on an emotional roller coaster.

Fire Wilmore Age

Fire Wilmore turned 23 years old in 2022.

What Is Fire Wilmore’s Real Name?

Fire Wilmore’s real name is rather long. It is Fire-Dani Marie Wilmore.

Fire Wilmore Family

“Happy Father’s Day papi❤️I love you very much!”, Fire Wilmore wrote on a social media post once, dedicating to her dad David Rosas. A Morelia, Mexico native now, David studied at Sooner College of Technology back in the day.

On Facebook, Fire also mentioned Tara-Jean French and Samantha Arden as sisters, Alex-Rei Tabbytite and Andrew Benefield as brothers, and her mother LaRue Benefield.

Tara studied the Advanced Manicurist/ Nail Technician course at Hays Academy of Hair Design – Salina Campus, and a Computer Science one at Austin Community College District. As of 2023, she was based in Junction City, Kansas while married to Matt French.

Samantha on the other hand was based in Porterville, California and she was likely still studying Police science at Oklahoma State University.

Moreover, Alex is the one who is calling himself a digital creator with around 1K followers on Facebook. Here, he also mentioned being the owner and CEO of Ghost Cartel and studying Pre-medical at The University of Oklahoma. Lastly, we have Andrew Benefield and he too is a digital creator with more than 5.2K followers on social media.

Again, in an IG post once Fire also called referred to this person called Amanda as her elder sister. “I’m proud to call you my sister and my friend. I love you, sister, 🖤” is what she wrote next to a look-alike appearing picture of them together.

Fire Wilmore Height

Fire Wilmore stands below 5’5” in height.

Related FQs

  • When Is Fire Wilmore’s Birthday?

Fire Wilmore’s birthday is on November 17th. More than one time, we have spotted her calling herself a proud Scorpio woman.

  • Where Is Fire Wilmore From?

Fire Wilmore originally hails from Lawton, Oklahoma. As of 2023 though, she was residing in Hampton, Virginia.

  • Who Is Fire Wilmore’s Ethnicity?

Separately on her IG and Facebook profile, Fire Wilmore highlights her ethnicity respectively as Comanche & Kiowa and Comanche & Mexican.

Also, if you need to know, she is a native American.

  • Is Fire Wilmore On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Fire can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 21 March 2023, her IG @imfireofficial included 88 posts and 6,855 followers. She also regularly posted glimpses of her life on ‘Fire-Dani Marie Wilmore’ Facebook. For instance, she most recently posted a picture of her daughter citing “My beautiful daughter💕”.

Fire also thus far accumulated 93 subscribers on her YouTube channel @fire3258, and had profiles on Vimeo and Cash App.

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