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Meet Cameron Fontenot, Fire Wilmore Baby Father!

Cameron Fontenot is the baby father of American Idol contestant Fire Wilmore. Who is he? What does he do for a living? Are they still together?

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Meet Cameron Fontenot, American Idol Star Fire Wilmore Baby Father

American Idol star Fire Wilmore has a 4-year-old daughter named Maja. She shares her daughter with her baby father Cameron Fontenot.

On her daughter’s 4th birthday in November 2022, Fire wished her daughter, “You make me the happiest mom in the whole wide world and I couldn’t imagine my life without you💕 I hope you had the best 4th birthday and I’ll always do my best to spoil you with everything you could ever ask for.”

On Thanksgiving Day 2022, she said she was thankful for her daughter.

Meanwhile, she has also tagged her baby’s father on several posts. In September 2020, she wished Cameron, “Happy birthday love, have a great day. Maja and I miss you so so much and we’re waiting for you to come home! Love you!!.” In March 2019 when she shared about herself, Fire admitted that she was in love with Cameron.

Her wish at the time was, “I hope that Cameron and I live happily ever after with Maja for the rest of our lives”. 

Were Cameron Fontenot And Fire Wilmore Ever Married?

It appears Cameron Fontenot and Fire Wilmore were married before. She had referred to Cameron’s mom as a mother-in-law in one post suggesting that they wedded. But, they are no longer together.

Now in 2023, Fire is in a relationship with her boyfriend J. In November 2022, she shared about her boyfriend writing, “Thanks for giving me the love and attention I’ve always wanted and deserved🫶🏽🥹 I love you so much!! #thanksgiving #couple.”

Not only J loves his girlfriend, he also treats Maja like his own daughter.

However, Fire has stated on her Facebook that she is single so it is unclear if Fire and J are still together.

Cameron Fontenot Age

In 2023, Cameron Fontenot is likely above the age of 23. There isn’t much detail about his age.

Cameron Fontenot Job

Cameron Fontenot’s job is not clear. As for his ex-wife, Fire Wilmore’s audition that happened on Week 5 was one of the few widely discussed on the internet. Some thought that the show played her up big time. For others, it felt like an emotional roller coaster.

Fire performed Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon”, which was pretty good but not as great to impress the judges. They delicately told her so and Katy Perry even coached her a bit.

On the stage, Fire also filled in the blanks of her life — about her own mom’s drug problems, about how it led to her being placed in state custody, and more. Just then, her daughter, nearly 4-year-old Maja, who sat with the star panelists, was shown grabbing a Golden Ticket and giving it to her mom. Teary Fire tells the little one to put it back when the “Roar” diva thinks of offering her a second chance at a later audition in Nashville. Of course, she accepted saying, “I don’t want it, I need it.”

Fire got accepted into her dream school in February of 2023. So, since then she probably has not had a full-time job. During her Idol audition though, she still had not already gotten away from dancing. She gave her introduction as an exotic dancer looking to change her life through her voice, wobbling on an emotional roller coaster.

Is Cameron Fontenot On Facebook?

Of course, Cameron Fontenot is on Facebook (@cameron.fontenot.946).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cameron Fontenot From?

Cameron Fontenot is likely from Lawton, Oklahoma.

  • When Is Cameron Fontenot Birthday?

Cameron celebrates his birthday on 21 September.

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