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Fleeroy PC Mason Bio, Age, Real Name, Teyana Taylor Brother

Fleeroy PC Mason, the half-brother of Teyana Taylor, has died. The death of the singer’s brother shocked her family, fans, and followers. Learn more about him in this article.

Below we cover everything from real name, age, and his career.

Meet Fleeroy PC Mason, Teyana Taylor Brother

Singer Teyana Taylor lost her half-brother Fleeroy PC Mason on 1 June 2022. According to The Sun, he spent nine months in the hospital before he tragically died. He was regularly posting about his health on Facebook. On 20 May, he posted, “Lord I’m waiting on my chariot to calvary I’m so tired and thankful. I’m ready to go home”.

A day before, Fleeroy had posted, “I don’t care what you say, this morning I woke up so swollen that I don’t even have a belly button. Count y’all blessings the body’s capable of some crazy things”.

A few days before that, Fleeroy had shared that he wasn’t even able to place his feet on the ground.

On 8 May, he wrote a FB status while addressing his parents. He wrote, “So not fair I deserve a mommy moment like now for real I hate this part everyone’s with their families and I’m staring at a wall…”. He repeatedly posted about swollen legs and hips.

In September 2021, Fleeroy was hospitalized for battling cancer. He underwent multiple surgeries throughout his nine-month health struggles.

Teyana shared the news of her brother in an IG post on the morning of 1 June. She posted a series of 10 pictures and captioned the post, “I’ve been trying to process all of this. I can’t, I am broken. A piece of me is gone that I will never get back in the flesh. I am not okay”.

Fleeroy and Teyana were very close to each other. He featured her several times on his Facebook and Instagram. When Teyana’s daughter Junie was born, he posted a picture of the baby and wrote, “tears of joy. Congrats to my rib for a beautiful delivery! Lil Junie, I can’t wait to tell you stories bout when ya mom was thuggin. @teyanataylor“.

Fleeroy PC Mason Cause Of Death

Although the precise cause of death is yet to reveal, Fleeroy PC Mason died of complications due to cancer that he suffered from.

Fleeroy PC Mason Age

At the time of the death, Fleeroy PC Mason was 31 years old. He celebrated his birthday on 4 September 2021.

What Was Fleeroy PC Mason Real Name?

Fleeroy PC Mason never shared his real name. But we discovered that “Fleeroy Jetson” or “Raymond Jetson” are other names for Fleeroy.

Fleeroy PC Mason Job

Fleeroy PC Mason had shared a few details related to his career on his Facebook. He revealed that he began his career as a Marketing Director at Double Up Ent. It is a Harlem-based record label where he worked till 2010. In December 2018, he posted, “Carl Joseph thanks for never giving up on me man… I’m looking down at a table full of results. you believed in me I never stopped believing in myself. You gave me my 1st ever job with the 1st label I’ve ever worked for and it’s only now starting to pay off…”

He also worked as a clerk and cashier at Laila Rowe from 2006 to 2007.

Fleeroy also founded and served as a director of Industreet Guerilla in New York, a Full-service marketing & brand development firm. As of 2022, he was working as a promoter at Square Off Music Group.

He also went by the name Industreet Kidd PC on SoundCloud.

Fleeroy attended Herbert High Lehman High School. He later enrolled at New Town High School and graduated from there.

Did Fleeroy PC Mason Leave Behind A Girlfriend?

No, Fleeroy PC Mason was likely single at the time of his passing. In June 2020, he wrote a cryptic message and wrote, “I’mma always want you. Just you. Come bavk baby”. In March 2022, while in hospital, he wrote, “Waiting on my hot date who’s running late. #latebae lol”.

On Facebook, he posted “complicated” as his relationship status.

Related FAQs

  • Where Did Fleeroy PC Mason Live?

Fleeroy PC Mason hailed from Bronx, New York. But, he lived most of his life in Harlem, New York. He was born to Tito Smith and his estranged mother. As he said just before he was hospitalized, Fleeroy also posted various condolences to his late father: “Happy birthday, daddy. I’m wearing ya hoddie today: the last picture I took with you, you had this on. I miss you. I can’t believe I’m saying this… Rest in Peace”.

Fleeroy had previously posted about his father’s death in May of 2021: “It’s been 38 weeks. D**n, I miss you, dad. I find peace in knowing that I live on the block of your favorite movie, Beat Street and that we were only getting closer. Then you leave a day before my birthday and two days before yours? This doesn’t get easier.”

Fleeroy had a complicated relationship with his mother. He addressed it in March 2014 FB post. He wrote, “DEAR MOM: You ain’t sh*t! It’s sad how much women mean to me and you’re constantly forcing my hand with this sh*t. Ya claims are questionable! Fortunately, I was raised by greats! Unfortunately, your kids were raised by you and don’t stand a chance! The streets taught me”.

Moreover, he added in the lengthy post, “I wanted better for us but you got so many demons you not dealing with! I just started living my life- you ain’t help me with shit! It’s bitc**** that love me like on their own! These days I don’t need love, I love myself enough! I need real! And you’ve never been that not even with yourself.”

Fleeroy continued, “All our good memories are tarnished by your lies and actions. I feel bad that you’re unaware that you are living thru your karma. I don’t worry bout karma because I’ve done and done so much good to others! Miss me, I don’t even want you at my funeral– This ain’t about me (I didn’t ask to be here) but I am the only success story out of your kids!”

He ended the post with, “I know one thing when this shit is done you can’t ever say shit to me nor my family! All I wanted to do was be a big brother to my little brother who has no male influence. Their lives… Our lives are shaped by what you did in your past! Remember that! On a heavier note-F**K YOU.”

On Mother’s Day post-2015, Fleeroy shared he didn’t even have any photos with his mom, although she was alive.

  • Was Fleeroy PC Mason On Instagram?

Yes, Fleeroy PC Mason was relatively active on Instagram. Find him here. He also has a Facebook page (@industreetkiddPC).

  • How Tall Was Fleeroy PC Mason?

Fleeroy PC Mason stood tall above 5 feet 10 inches.

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