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Nina Ali Bio, Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Family, RHODubai

The Real Housewives of Dubai premiered on 1 June 2022 and starring in it were Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury, Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan Hall, Chanel Ayan, and Nina Ali. And although each of these women is successful, with fascinating lifestyles, we are here to tell you all about Kim Kardashian lookalike Nina Ali.

The writing below includes stories concerning her family, net worth, RHODubai stint, and more.

Nina Ali On RHODubai (Real Housewives Of Dubai)

Nina Ali shares on RHODubai that being a Texan living in Dubai often feels like a constant holiday due to the nice weather and luxury location.

Similar to other Real Housewives, Nina enjoys being in front of cameras, whether it’s for a selfie or other reasons. No doubt landed on this very much loved global reality television franchise.

On her freshman season on RHODubai, viewers will see her balance her home and work life and figure out if all the sacrifices are worth it.

Nina Ali’s Net Worth

Nina Ali reportedly had less than $1 million as her net worth as of 2022.

Businesswise, Nina has a fruit cake business and in her words, they make the best fruitcakes you have ever had. She was really excited back in September 2020 when her vision for the enterprise had finally come to life.

One could give her a follow for readymade cakes on Instagram and on Facebook

Nina before she became this highly driven and business-minded Nina of today, faced significant challenges growing up. She, therefore, values authenticity and prides herself on being the real deal especially when it comes to raising her kids.

Nina also earned commissions through ‘Amazon sale’ where she shopped for things based on her beauty, lifestyle, and motherhood purposes.

Self-expression is something that has always been important to Nina, and dancing is one of her favorite ways to do it. She has been dancing for many years and it’s something that she’s gotten very good at. She even has a

Is Nina Ali Married?

The first thing viewers notice about Nina Ali is the fact that she is a happy wife and proud mother.

Fans will also get to see Nina’s marriage to her husband, Munaf Ali, and the life the couple built together in Dubai. But, though Nina is extremely supportive of her husband’s profit-making business endeavors, viewers see have a tough time with him when trying to decide if life in the penthouse is worth the many sacrifices.

Some eleven years ago on 17 December 2010, Nina either started dating Munaf or got married to him and their wedding reception was held in March of 2011 in Austin. More than a decade down and she considers him as her as well as the kids’ guiding light.

Unlike his wife, Munaf is a British native of Indian heritage. 46-year-old as of 2021, he founded Phoenix Technology Consultants LLC, Egrr Consultants, and Second Citizenship Consultants. And in the past, he was the CEO of Range Developments Ltd. and vice president-capital market of Citibank NA and Citibank UK Ltd.

Nina Ali Kids

Nina Ali is the mother of three kids and she says they have changed everything in her life. She actually does not remember what life was like before them. She can often be seen making beautiful memories with these kids and her baby daddy.

The family, as seen at Bluewaters Island during Thanksgiving back in November 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

Of them all, daughter Sophie Bella Ali is the eldest and she turned 10 on 8 May 2022. Next in the line is daughter Nour who reached the age of 8 on 22 December 2021. Then, the youngest son Ayan who other than being into chess turned 6 on 9 September 2021.

Nina Ali Age

Around late 2021, Nina Ali reached the age of 40.

What Is Nina Ali’s Nationality?

Nina Ali was born in Lebanon and she moved to the United States in Austin, Texas when she was a 4-year-old. And then she came to Dubai only when she got married. So, the born in Lebanon, raised in Texas, and living the dream in Dubai-Nina is likely a Lebanon-born American now.

Nina Ali Height

Even radiant and younger-looking Nina Ali stands around 5’6” tall. She has a really great sense of style and she loves being able to share her personality through her clothing. We can also see that she is not afraid to try different looks and experiment with different colors and patterns.

Nina Ali Family

Nina Ali still remembers the day on 21 November 2018, when she saw her grandmother for the last time. Her “tayta”, in her words, was the heart of Nina’s family, she was the one who made them all who they are today. “My heart is shattered knowing I’ll never be able to hold her hand, hug her, sit and laugh with her and see her beautiful smile again. I’m only happy now because I know she is no longer suffering in pain”, Nina had recalled those memories two years later, on the internet.

Nina’s father is also no longer alive. Remembering him on Father’s Day and other occasions, she often called her daddy as the first man in her life or her hero.

Nina luckily had her mother by her side, healthy and looking forward to many more years of life. One can see Nina dine with her at the likes of Four Seasons Hotel Beirut and go other places from time to time. The most loving, caring, and generous is how her mother is in Nina’s eyes. She says her mum has always been her inspiration and strength.

The last person that we know in the family is Nina’s brother, whom she was yet to gush about publicly.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nina Ali’s Birthday?

Nina Ali’s birthday is on the 28th of September. And for people born on this day, their zodiac sign is Libra.

  • Is Nina Ali On Instagram?

Indeed! Nina Ali could be found on Instagram @nina.ali where she already had a humongous crowd of 521K users following her as of 1 June 2022. Among other things, Nina also highlights a generous section on the profile with dance-related content.

Nina also claimed to be a spiritual hippie on her BIO on Twitter @lipstickmommy; and shared mostly about her business endeavors on her business account on Facebook @thelipstickmommy.

  • What Is Nina Ali Maiden’s Name?

It was not known what Nina Ali went by before she replaced the last of her maiden name with her husband’s last name.

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