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Fred Kaseburg Bio, Age, Job, Pepper Schwartz Husband

You might have often seen Pepper Schwartz offering her expertise to the couples on Married at First Sight, but how much do you know about her married life and her husband Fred Kaseburg. Does she practice what she preaches and who’s her husband?

Keep reading this Fred Kaseburg Bio to find out the answers.

Meet Fred Kaseburg, Pepper Schwartz Husband

Fred Kaseburg and Pepper Schwartz started their love story back in 2006. Fast forward to 2014, the duo then got engaged but still opted to live apart. Why? Well, it wasn’t because the pair didn’t want to live together, rather working out how they would do if they moved in proved “dicey.”

At the time, Pepper lived with an assistant who helped her organize her life, whereas Fred was unaccustomed to, and uncomfortable with, having an unrelated person present in the household. Plus, throw in Pepper’s three big dogs — “we start to think we should leave well enough alone; perhaps indefinitely,” the MAFS expert assumed.

The two eventually got married on July 17, 2018, and started a new chapter. Recalling their wedding, Pepper shared that they had dinner at Ascend (her favorite restaurant view in Seattle) and then went to see Men in Black. “Just the kind of silly fun I was in the mood for. Very satisfying evening,” she added.

Prior to Fred, Pepper was married to her first husband Arthur M. Skolnik. And after their split, as Pepper went on to find Fred, Arthur went on to get married to Susanne Loven in 2003.

Sadly, Arthur passed away on Feb 5, 2020.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is an acclaimed author, researcher, and television personality who devoted her life to furthering the fields of intimacy and sexuality. She has a BA and MA from Washington University and Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University.

As of 2022, she served as AARP’s first “Love and Relationship Expert, and Ambassador” and also taught aging and sexuality at the University of Washington in Seattle.

How Many Kids Does Fred Kaseburg Have?

Fred Kaseburg has a daughter named Megan Kaseburg. She is a University of British Columbia graduate who went work as a senior project manager and strategic execution at Alaska Airlines.

Prior to that, Megan was working as a project manager at Knowlege Anywhere from May 2014 to August 2019. Also, in the past, she’d worked as a project manager for companies like Gray Line Worldwide, Medical Web Experts, and Reed Longyear Malnati & Ahrens PLLC.

As of 2022, Megan resided in Alaska with her husband Matt. The two were wedded in June 2018.

Here’s  Megan’s Facebook @megan.kaseburg, Instagram @practicalmeg, and Twitter @practicalmeg.

Besides Megan, Fred has two step-kids from his wife’s previous marriage. They are Cooper C.J. and Ryder T.G. DeFranco. Both of them are married and have kids of their own.

Fred Kaseburg Age

Fred Kaseburg was born on February 21, 1945. That made him 77 years of age in 2022.

He is a year younger than his wife Pepper.

Fred Kaseburg Job

Fred Kaseburg is a retired man now. In his younger days, Fred used to be a lawyer, specializing in Intellectual Property. Reportedly, he worked as a patent attorney at Intellectual Ventures in 2004 and at Merchant & Gould in 2001.

On August 25, 2021, Fred was even invited to be honored as one of the 60 WSBA members to achieve practicing law for 50 years. The celebration was also held for members who joined the Bar in 1971 as well as 1970.

Looking back on the cases he won, the most prominent one would certainly be his battle with the government to make a public park private. Although he wasn’t given the ownership of the Lake Washington shoreline, he and Keith Holmquist (who each owned properties on each side of the lot) were paid $800,000 by the city of Seattle.

Reportedly, Fred and Keith laid claim to the land in 2012 and put up a sign in 2015 stating that it was private property. According to the law that existed in 1932, the beach indeed belonged to them but for years, it had been regarded as public — on which, many neighborhood kids learned to swim.

Also, in his youthful days, Fred was a ski enthusiast.

For those of you interested, an attorney in Seattle, WA made around $100 thousand per annum. So, this was probably what Fred earned back in the days.

Is Fred Kaseburg On Instagram?

No, Fred didn’t seem to have his own Instagram account. However, that didn’t stop him from appearing on his wife’s IG @dr_pepper_schwartz.

On most of Pepper’s posts that weren’t work-related, Fred was captured in candid moments.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Fred Kaseburg From?

Fred Kaseburg hails from Seattle, WA.

He’s lived in 1000 2Nd Ave, Seattle, WA; Kiona, WA;  Kinston, NC; and Longview, WA.

  • How Tall Is Fred Kaseburg?

Fred stands tall at a height above 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

Mentioning his district features, Fred has blue eyes, a long oval face, and a beautiful smile.

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