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Meet Elliot Grainge Parents: Lucian And Caroline Grainge!

Meet Elliot Grainge Parents: Lucian And Caroline Grainge.

According to PageSix, one year after dating, Sofia Richie got engaged to her boyfriend Elliot Grainge. The model announced the news via an IG post and captioned, “Forever isn’t long enough @elliot.” In April 2021, PageSix had reported that the daughter of Lionel Richie was dating the son of Lucian Grainge, music executive of Universal Music Group.

The engagement turned heads towards Elliot’s parents. Learn more about Elliot’s father and mother below.

Who Are Elliot Grainge Parents?

Elliot Grainge was born to his father Lucian Grainge. Caroline Grainge, who he calls his mom, is actually his stepmother. His birth mother is Samantha Berg.

Meet Elliot Grainge Dad, Lucian Grainge

Lucian Grainge is the only child Elliot Grainge had from his first marriage. Raising Elliot on his own was “fighting in a different way”, Grainge says, looking away from the table towards the garden. “Fighting for survival, fighting for him, fighting the competition. It was extremely hard,” he told Financial Times. “I’ve never really talked about this before, actually.”

Lucian was born and raised in North London where he grew up in the ‘60s and ‘70s. He was the son of the owner of a record shop and music was a staple item from Wagner to Ray Charles to Mozart to Elvis. ”

His mom was an accountant.

Elliot shared, “Dad was also an incredible whistler. I can still see him now—face covered in shaving cream, transistor radio next to the bathroom sink, whistling along with the coda from “Hey Jude,” which had just been released.” He grew up as a Jew but his family sent him to a Christian school because it offered the best education in our neighborhood.

His favorite part of the school was the mandatory morning hymns. He said, “That’s where discovered my love of melody. My passion for music was born”.  At the age of 12, his then 25-year-old brother Nigel worked at Phonogram as a marketer.

Lucian credited his family for his whole career in music. He said, “Looking back, the introduction that Nigel and my dad provided was the foundation of my entire career.”

  • Lucian Grainge Age

Born on 29 February 1960, Lucian Grainge is 62 years old as of 2022.

  • Lucian Grainge Job

According to Time, Lucian Grainge worked his way up through the London music scene. After high school, at the age of 18, he started as a runner at a talent-scout company called MPC and says he was so junior he was “getting the secretaries sandwiches.”

Desperate for a job in music, Lucian started cold-calling, record-label bosses, in the Music Week directory until he got through by chance to Maurice Oberstein, a senior executive at CBS Records. His persistence was rewarded with a job in the company’s artists and repertoire (A&R;) division, hunting for new songwriters and building their careers. Soon after, he moved over to RCA to do the same job and scored his first hit single in the U.S. — Olivia Newton-John’s “Heart Attack,” which was written by a Briton he had signed, Paul Bliss.

In 1986, Lucian joined Polygram’s songwriting division and gradually moved up the ranks at the company, which would later become Universal following a merger with MCA. Eventually, under the tutelage of Doug Morris, the Universal chief executive he’ll be replacing, Grainge rose to run the company’s U.K. headquarters and then its international operations. As EMI has faltered in recent years, he has become a key force behind helping British acts break into the U.S. market, most notably, the troubled Winehouse.

Now, Lucian is currently serving as the CEO and Chairman of Universal Music Group. His predecessor Doug Morris groomed him for taking over for a long time. Paul McGuinness, manager of U2 told, “Lucian’s advantage is that he has got a strong musical record of his own, so his opinion on a song, as well as business, is taken seriously.”

  • Is Lucian Grainge On Instagram?

No, Lucian Grainge doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Who Was Elliot Grainge Biological Mom, Samantha Berg?

Elliot Grainge’s biological mom was Samantha Berg. Samantha and Lucian met in 1992 and they married in January 1993. While giving birth to Elliot, Samantha suffered an amniotic fluid embolism that put her in a coma from which she never recovered. Then tragedy struck in November of the same year.

In 2006, Daily Mail reported that Samantha survived, and remains in what her parents described as a ‘waking coma’, able to hear and sense her surroundings but unable to speak.

Samantha’s parents, Mervyn and Edwina Berg, paid tribute to their daughter, whom they visit every day at her nursing home.

Edwina said: “Samantha is in a waking coma. She can hear and is aware of her surroundings, but she can’t talk or communicate. She can’t see and she can’t move. It is like being in a dream – or a nightmare. Sometimes when we joke about something that happened in her past she seems to laugh. But she won’t have memories since the accident.”

Her father Mervyn said: “She was the most effervescent and outgoing person that you could meet. She loved the fact she was going to be a mother. She was a beautiful girl in love with life.”

Samantha worked as a solicitor before everything went wrong.

Meet Elliot Grainge Mom, Caroline Grainge

Elliot Graigne’s father met his stepmother Caroline Grainge when he was only four. They married in 2002.

With her daughter Betsy, they formed a new family before later having a daughter of their own together, Alice. “My wife and that family gave me the cover and the emotional support to be able to do what I do,” he says.

  • Caroline Grainge Age

As of April 2022, Caroline Grainge should be above the age of 50.

  • Caroline Grainge Job

Caroline Grainge is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and collector of art. Grainge has stayed active in both the commercial and charity areas since relocating from London to Los Angeles. Grainge worked for River Island as a senior executive in design, buying, and production for more than 25 years.

She is a trustee of the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children and a member of the Bernard Lewis Foundation’s board of directors. After she joined as a member of the RCA USA board, Caroline said, “I am passionate about the arts and education, and the power of design and its function – be it fashion, technology medical equipment, graphics, and so on.

Caroline added, “Basically, any innovative vehicle has the ability to change and influence our lives for the better. The value of design allows us to believe in future possibilities. Anything can happen. It’s a refreshing and exciting thought process! I’m looking forward to supporting talented individuals to study at the world’s number one art and design university and privileged to be working alongside the RCA’s notable alumni.”

  • Is Caroline Grainge On Instagram?

No, Caroline Grainge doesn’t seem to be on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Elliot Grainge Parents Live?

Elliot Grainge’s parents live in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Many Kids Do Elliot Grainge Parents Have?

Elliot’s biological parents never had any kids after him. His father had a step-daughter named Betsy and also had another daughter from his marriage with Caroline.

  • How Much Is Elliot Grainge Parents’ Net Worth?

Elliot Grainge should have a net worth above $1.5 million. His parents’ net worth, meanwhile, remains hidden.

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