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Fuchsia Voremberg Bio, Age, Career, Married, Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow has been delighting the hearts of people who love the old things since 1979. The show has some interesting local artifacts and masterful judges like Fuchsia Voremberg who judge whether the local artifact is valuable or not. The result is an absolute delight.

In today’s article, we provide details about Fuchsia Voremberg, one of the judges of the show. Read everything you need to know about Fuchsia in today’s piece.

Fuchsia Voremberg On Antiques Roadshow

Fuchsia has been a part of Antiques Roadshow since 2018. She might be a recent addition to the show with a long history, but she has already shown her potential as an antique expert and won the hearts of the fans.

According to Fuchsia herself, her specialization lies in “in travel and exploration, and [she has] a particular interest in Indigenous histories and languages, adventures in the Polar regions, gender non-conformity, and pirates”.

Furthermore, she is “keen to share post-colonial perspectives on travel classics, and to spotlight items which document stories of resistance.”

In the show, Fuchsia mainly deals with artifacts like books, diaries, archives. etc created by people facing oppression. Reportedly, Fuchsia dreams of finding a 1640 edition of the Bay Psalm Book. Bay Psalm is the first book published in the North American colonies of Britain.

Her second dream find would be “anything printed on a ship in the Arctic.” In the 2020 season, Fuchsia found something similar to it. One of the guests in the show came up with a relic from RSS Discovery, which was a steamship built to go explore Antarctica.

So far, fans have loved Fuchsia on the show. Many fans have Tweeted about how her name itself sounds very “antique” and suitable for a person of her profession.

Fuchsia Voremberg Age

Fuchsia Voremberg has revealed on Instagram that she is in her 30s. Her exact age is not explicitly known. However, we have found reports that indicate that she was born in the year 1988. Provided the reports are true, her current age is 33 years.

Is Fuchsia Voremberg Married?

There was no information about Fuchsia’s relationship. It was unlikely that she was married though.

She uses the feminine pronouns “she”, “her”, as well as “ours”.

Fuchsia Voremberg Career

Apart from being an antique expert in one of the most popular British reality shows, Fuchsia is a rare books dealer working in London. She works for an antique bookstore called Maggs Bros Ltd.

Maggs Bros is one of the oldest antiquarian book dealers in the UK. It was established in the 1850s. And it specializes in Medieval Manuscripts, Incunabula, Early Printed Books, Autographs, Military and Naval history, Private Printed Books, and so on.

Fuchsia first joined around 2012. She started with a week-long casual work where she had to pack the boxes. She was instantly attracted to the shop and did not leave it. During an interview with an Antiques Tade Gazette, she revealed that the first book she sold was Tomato Cain by Nigel Kneale.

During the same interview, Fuchsia also talked about the market changes in antique trades. She said that there was a resurgence of physical bookshops and that “the next generation has an understanding of material culture that perhaps dipped in the early years of the internet.”

Fuchsia has been featured in The Book Collector journal as one of the most important British women in the rare books business.

Reportedly, an average bookseller in London makes only £18 thousand per year. However, Fuchsia is a celebrity bookseller and has a lot of experience. So, she must earn a lot more than that mark.

Interestingly, Fuchsia’s one rule she lives by was to wear comfortable shoes. She thinks it is very hard to do anything (antique business in her case) when one’s feet are hurting.

Also, if you look through her Facebook, you will find out that she is a cycling enthusiast.

Is Fuchsia Voremberg Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Fuchsia is on both Instagram and Facebook. Her Instagram handle is @fuchsiavoremberg. And her Facebook profile name is Fuchsia Voremberg.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Fuchsia Voremberg From?

Fuchsia Voremberg’s current residence is in London, England. And her accent in the show also indicates that she was British. So, Fuchsia is most likely from the UK. Her ethnicity nonetheless is white.

  • How Tall Is Fuchsia Voremberg?

Fuchsia is a tall woman. On TV she appears to be a little taller than the height of 5 ft 6 inches.

  • Where Did Fuchsia Voremberg Recieve Her Education?

According to her Linkedin profile, Fuchsia studied got her education from numerous universities. She got her Associate’s degree from the University of the Arts London. She later attended the University of East Anglia had got a Bachelor’s degree in American Literature and Creative Writing.

And during her education at the University of East Anglia, she also attended the San Fransisco State University in a year abroad program.

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