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Lucas Bravo Married, Girlfriend, Emily In Paris

Is Lucas Bravo Married? What is his relationship status outside of the show?

Meet the french actor Lucas Bravo from Netflix’s show ‘Emily in Paris’. You’ve seen him as Gabriel on the show getting all romantic with Emily played by Lily Collins. Fans believe that he is dating his co-actor. Scroll down this article to learn more about the actor.

Is Lucas Bravo Married?

No, Lucas Bravo isn’t married. Since actor Lucas Bravo tends to keep his dating life away from the public as a topic of discussion, most fans would wonder whether the French actor is in a relationship or he tied the knots, secretly. But, let us assure you that he isn’t married. But, is Lucas longing for someone to come and change that?

Lucas Bravo hasn’t addressed anything regarding his ideas of getting married yet. So, if there is any development in that front of his life we would be sure to update it here.

Does Lucas Bravo Have A Girlfriend?

Back in 2020, during an interview with ‘Glamour,’ Lucas Bravo confirmed that he was single. He described that his relationship to be “cuddly, tender… just a sweet wake-up”. So you know, the Frech actor is romantic under his flesh. Secondly, Lucas hinted about being open to dating his fans, however, he confirmed that he didn’t have fans so he doesn’t know, he opened up to the publication.

But, don’t mistake him for as superficial, because he isn’t. When it comes to dating, Lucas doesn’t have a particular type he would go for. Rather, it is about the ‘connection’ that could get him to date, someone, he explained to ‘ELLE Australia’. Lucas shared that he would love to fall in love in an old-fashioned way where you fall for someone instantly after your eyes meet with their’s and you are filled with the overwhelming feeling that the person could be the one for you.

He shared, “I like that ‘instant connection’. Sometimes, you just run into someone, you look at this person in the eyes, and in an instant, in a second, so much is said… Just feeling safe and feeling like there’s an old soul in front of me, and we’ve always known each other [like] in a past life or something… it’s something you cannot see, and that’s mostly what I’m looking for.”

Moreover, during an interview in ‘The Michelle Collins show,’ Lucas revealed his thoughts on threesome, Like in ‘Emily From Paris’ where he had a relationship with lead protagonist Emily (played by Lily Collins) and his girlfriend Camille (played by Camille Razat). He told on the show that he believes life is unpredictable and it can happen anywhere. Lucas believes that it depends on connections and the situation.

But, fans have fallen in love with actors’ on-screen connections so much the belief that Lucas is dating his co-stars off-screen too. But, no, Lucas isn’t dating any of his co-stars off-screen. Like when he was spotted with actress Nina Dobrev, fans believed two of them were dating.

Nina and Lucas aren’t dating. Nina is in a relationship with her boyfriend Shaun White, a pro snowboarder, and X Games gold medalist. So, what about Lily Collins who plays the love interest of Lucas on-screen in Emily in Paris?

Yes, the co-actors gave moments of bliss to their fans as Emily and Gabriel and their characters even slept together before Gabriel would leave to Normandy, which he didn’t. But, no they aren’t dating each other in real life.

Lucas Bravo’s Rules To Dating

The only rule that we know of Lucas Bravo’s dating life is he will probably never date a co-star. He told ‘Glamour’: “Once you step on set, it’s a workplace, and I want to keep it professional.”

“I mean, you never know what can happen, but I try as much as possible to focus on the story we have to tell and the performance and the character. But I never know,” Lucas added further.

Has Lucas Bravo Opened Up About Past Relationships?

In an interview with ‘i-D’, Lucas Bravo revealed in October 2020 that was recently single. He added, “My heart is not already taken. I recently separated [from someone] and [we are] on very good terms”. He told that it would be “flattering” for his character to “provoke” emotions and feelings in others.

“I don’t like when the person runs away. I like communication. It’s the basis of everything. Don’t be afraid or assume how the other person will take it. I don’t like when there is an elephant in the room and the person chooses to just run away or slam the door or sit in a corner with their baby face on. I don’t like pouting or when someone avoids a conversation,” Lucas explained.

Lucas Bravo On Emily In Paris

Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ introduced Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, a chef and Emily’s beyond hot down-stair neighbor. In the show, he is in a relationship with Camille (played by Camille Razat) but he finds himself in a love triangle. The chemistry between him and Emily is undeniable and his accent, fans are swooning for it.

Speaking with The Cut, Lucas revealed that his agent sent him two episodes of the show in July 2020. He saw Darren, Lily, Patricia Field and he thought he need to audition and went for it. He landed the audition and it went pretty well for him. They called him back again however it didn’t go well.

He went to bed visualizing “Darren, please, I wasn’t in the best conditions for this. Please give me a second chance,” then he called in the morning and wanted to allow him to audition but with an actress. And this was the whole story of how Lucas ended up in the show according to The Cut.

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