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Gabriel LaBelle Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

In 2022, Gabriel LaBelle took the world by surprise with his uncanny portrayal of young Steven Spielberg exactly to the teeth. The actor, who was just a cute teenager 2 years ago, was now a name searched by every The Fabelmans fan.

So, here we are with answers to the questions about his girlfriend, height, net worth, and sexuality.

Gabriel LaBelle On The Fabelmans

Gabriel LaBelle plays the younger Steven Spielberg named “Sammy Fabelman” in The Fabelmans. His character, Sammy — whose Jewish clan moves from one town to another —  is a sweet, emotional weirdo who becomes obsessed with making films. It was a passion that allowed him a momentary escape from the anti-semitic jocks at his school, and the strained marriage of his parents.

According to the actor, he was a lot like Sammy. They were both trying to dedicate their lives to film. However, Sammy was a little more obsessed than Gabriel because he was going to grow up to be Steven Spielberg. Besides this, Gabriel also related to the character as the only Jew in the town.

“There were Jews, but not many in my [suburban Vancouver] neighborhood or my school at all. [Unlike Sammy] I was never bullied by it, but you’re conscious of it. We’re also both kids of divorce and … he’s going through a lot of “firsts” that I’m not so far ahead of.” he explained.

So, how did Gabriel manage to slay the role? Well, it was the director himself who taught him how to act like him. Steven even let him play analyst over weeks and months so Gabriel could better understand the character. However, though Gabriel was playing Steven for Steven, in the end., he was still “Sammy Fabelman.” he could as hard as possible to understand what makes Spielberg tick, but ultimately, the trick was to “convince [himself] that [he was] trying to be somebody else.”

Now, in terms of duplicating his speech, he didn’t bother much because who would know how he talked 60 years ago? However, he did emulate the director physically as best he could.

Gabriel LaBelle Net Worth

Gabriel LaBelle flaunted a net worth of above $500 thousand by 2022.

However, at the time of writing this article, he’d only landed a few roles. A small but important part as the young version of Jon Bernthal’s adult gigolo in American Gigolo; a short part in 2018 The Predator (2018); and a part in the short-lived Netflix horror series Brand New Cherry Flavor.

Then, finally came his role as “Sammy Fabelman” in The Fabelmans. Surprisingly, it was a Zoom audition that landed him the role while a couple of thousand people were also trying out.

Looking back, Gabriel started acting at the age of 8 after getting involved with a theater summer camp in his hometown. And not landing the roles he wanted at the camp only left him wanting more! So, the next year, he started taking acting classes regularly and started auditioning by the age of 11. Later, he also got into the drama program at Concordia University in Montreal in 2020.

Besides acting, Gabriel also loved playing Rugby

Did you know: Gabriel made Steven Spielberg cry on set! Seeing his younger self the director couldn’t hold back tears.

Is Gabriel LaBelle Gay?

Gabriel LaBelle didn’t talk about his sexuality. But the character he portrayed on The Fabelmans certainly isn’t gay.

His character, Sammy Fabelman, Steven Spielberg IRL has had two wives, Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw, and six children.

Gabriel LaBelle Girlfriend

Gabriel LaBelle was private about his dating life. Also, since the actor was comparatively new to the industry, fans had yet to dig into his past life. So, as of 2022, Gabriel seemed single to us.

As for his on-screen girlfriend Monica Sherwood — she was portrayed by Chloe East. In the movie, Monica follows Sammy to Hollywood after high school. But unable to throw away her own life’s plans, Monica breaks up with Sammy soon after.

Gabriel LaBelle Height

Gabriel LaBelle stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm).

How Old Is Gabriel LaBelle?

Gabriel LaBelle was 20 years of age when The Fabelmans premiered in 2022.

But he was a year younger when he started filming the show.

Gabriel LaBelle Family

Gabriel LaBelle comes from a family of four who has a connection to Steven Spielberg’s parents.

His dad, Rob LaBelle is an actor, producer, and director born on August 2, 1962. He’s appeared in moves like Watchmen (2009), The Man in the High Castle (2015), and Motive (2013).

It was also thanks to his dad, Gabriel got his first onscreen role in the Canadian detective show Motive as the son of a strangled mortgage broker.

As for his mother, Megan Labelle was a Master Stylist at Stamford Hair Salon. She is a West Vancouver Secondary School and Vidal Sassoon Academy graduate.

Sadly, Gabriel’s parents were divorced when he was young. After their split, Gabriel even made an imaginary friend named E.T. to battle the loneliness.

Fun Fact: Gabriel gave each parent their own alert sound so he could instantly calibrate whose house to head toward as a child.

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  • When Is Gabriel LaBelle Birthday?

Gabriel receives his birthday wishes on September 20.

  • Where Is Gabriel LaBelle From?

Gabriel hails from Vancouver.

  • Is Gabriel LaBelle On Instagram?

This @gab__labelle was believed to be Gabriel’s IG.

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