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Meet Gabriel LaBelle Parents: Rob And Megan LaBelle!

Gabriel LaBelle is an up-and-coming Canadian-American actor. He is just starting in his twenties but he has already found himself some of the best characters in cinema. Of all his performances, he is best known for his leading role as young aspiring filmmaker Sammy Fabelman in Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical film The Fabelmans (2022). Because they say the actor’s parents helped him land this very role in the movie about Steven Spielberg, let us talk about who Gabriel’s parents are. This writing below is just that.

Who Are Gabriel LaBelle’s Parents?

Gabriel LaBelle is the son of  Rob and Megan LaBelle. He was born to them on 20 September 2002 in Vancouver and was thereafter raised Jewish.

Here’s what we know about each of them.

Meet Rob LaBelle, Gabriel LaBelle’s Dad

Gabriel LaBelle’s dad is none other than the producer, director, and character actor Rob LaBelle. His full name is Robert Alan LaBelle.

Speaking of Rob’s family other than his wife and kid, he is the son of Leonard Frank LaBelle and Natalie (Golub). His mom, Natalie passed away in 2016. As for siblings, Rob has Sheera B. Adams, Ellen LaBelle, and Judie Ann Trop, all sisters.

  • Rob LaBelle Age

Rob LaBelle was born on 2 August 1962 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, he reached the age of 60 in 2022.

  • Rob LaBelle Job

Along with Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Patrick Cassidy, Michael McKean, George Murdock, and Richard Gant, Rob is one of only seven actors to appear in both Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and Smallville (2001). He then also went on to do films like Watchmen (2009), The Man in the High Castle (2015), and Motive (2013).

Most lately, Rob was seen as D.A. Hars Boatman in the two episodes of the TV series So Help Me Todd (2022), as Mr. Jackson in three episodes of Lost in Space, as Nick Masters in the TV movie Secrets of a Gold, and so on.

  • Is Rob LaBelle On Instagram?

Yes. Rob LaBelle could be found on Instagram @labelly222 with 187 posts and 147 followers as of 29 November 2022. On its BIO he wrote “Dad, Actor, TV Producer, WTF?…”.

Rob also showed occasional glimpses of his life on Facebook.

Meet Megan LaBelle, Gabriel LaBelle Mom

To those wondering Michelle Williams is not Gabrielle’s mom. She is only played onscreen mother to Gabriel’s character and he now says working with heavy hitters as her was something really special.

Not much was understood about Megan LaBelle, Gabriel LaBelle’s mom in real life. But Gabriel did talk about how he felt a connection to Sammy, the fictional version of the Hollywood legend that Gabriel plays as a teen in The Fabelmans, given their similar pasts.

Weighing up his own journey to that of Sammy in the movie, Gabriel told GQ that he was older than the character when he started to see his parents as people and not just his parents. After this, he said, he realized that adults do not have all the answers and there is no difference between a kid and an adult.

So, apparently, in a way, Gabriel’s parents helped him be a part of the story that he relates to from his own childhood.

  • Megan LaBelle Age

Megan LaBelle was born before 1970 on particularly March 20th. So, she may be turned 52 years old at the least in 2022.

  • Megan LaBelle Job

On her social media BIO, Megan LaBelle brags that she is a master stylist at a STAMFORD hair salon. While on her Facebook, she also mentioned working at Suki’s. At the same time, she disclosed that she studied at Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica and before that at West Vancouver Secondary School.

  • Is Megan LaBelle On Instagram?

Yes. Megan LaBelle could be found on Instagram @megan_labelle with 50 posts and 293 followers by 29 November 2022. She occasionally showed glimpses of her life here, including the ones with Gabriel. She believes her son is not only beautiful looking but also a beautiful soul.

Megan also owned a Facebook account. But, she appeared less involved here.

Related FAQs

  • Are Gabriel LaBelle’s Parents Still Married?

No. Gabriel LaBelle’s parents are no more together.

Apparently, coming from divorced parents is the common thing that Gabriel has time and again talked about comparing it to Spielberg and Sammy.

Because The Fabelmans is about the decline of marriage and the children who have to deal with it, Gabriel also made sure that he brought that pain (from his parents’ separation) to the set when he turned himself into Sammy.

Gabriel’s parents divorced when he was young. He recalled this one incident from that time. His parents had split up and at that point, he was in high school and that was in the neighborhood where his dad lived in. That was also where all his friends were. So, at that time, he came up with this idea and gave each parent their own alert sound, when they were calling him. He thought with this he could instantly calibrate whose house to head toward. He said he still has not changed it.

  • How Many Kids Do Gabriel LaBelle’s Parents Have?

Gabriel LaBelle’s parents have two kids. Other than Gabriel, there is his older brother.

Some good old memories of Gabriel and his brother with their dad (PIC: Instagram)

There was not much known to us about Gabriel’s brother by the time of this writing.

  • Where Do Gabriel LaBelle’s Parents Live?

Reportedly Gabriel LaBelle’s parents were said to be living in Ambleside, West Vancouver, British Columbia.

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