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Gaelle Jacques Bio, Age, Job, Husband, Love and Hip Hop

This one is primarily for Love and Hip Hop Miami fans! Because Florence El Luche, aka Florence Dure Jacques, herself has allowed Love and Hip Hop: Miami cameras to gain an insight into her relationship with sister Gaelle Jacques, let us also tell you all about this star sibling.

Love And Hip Hop Miami: Meet Gaelle Jacques, Florence El Luche Sister

Florence El Luche amid striving for stardom in the hip-hop music scene while also navigating her own personal life, such as raising a family and building a marriage finally decided to make her sister also be seen in the Miami-based Love And Hip Hop.

Gaelle Jacques, otherwise known as “Gayo”, does not always see eye-to-eye with her famous sibling. But that certainly does not imply she is often not supporting her online.

Gaelle, who also grew up in the same household as Florence, has been making occasional appearances on the show since November 2021. So, before she was taken as the cast member of the show in Season 4B, she had notably informed Florence of Marlon’s cheating.

Fans on the show have always piqued their interest at the sisters’ oddness after Gaelle brought up infidelity issues within her marriage.

And to the very fans’ entertainment, Florence, ahead of Season 4B, had sat down with Distractify to discuss the current status of her relationship with her sister and if she has any guilt about sharing her marital woes with her sibling.

Even at the time of this writing and these sisters were not on the best terms. Gaelle was seen making her friend admit having relations with Marlon. Yet, that too had ended with Florence breaking Gaelle’s phone and badmouthing her.

So, the last update would be: While Gaelle was blaming Marlon to have come in between the sisters, Florence preferred to keep Gaelle at a distance. “I love my sister. But she’s the crazy one. She’s just the sister that doesn’t give a damn. I gotta love her from a distance”, were the exact words that she told Distractify.

Gaelle Jacques Age

Gaelle Jacques was born in July 1971. So, she reached the age of 51 in 2022.

Gaelle Jacques Job

Gelle Jacques graduated back in 2018. But, at least three years before that, she opened her own business. Yes, we mean the Gayous Restaurant, a Haitian eatery based in Miami at 5734 NW 2nd Ave. The Facebook reviews of the restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, involved a 4.3-star rating as of 2022.

The mains served in this restaurant was Chicken in Sauce, Fried Pork (Griot), Fried Turkey, Fried Fish, Spinach, Stew Fish, and likewise. While the side dishes which they claimed their customers loved so much were brown rice and white rice, corn meal, and bulgar wheat.

Is Gaelle Jacques On Instagram?

Gaelle Jacques sure was on Instagram and she ran separate accounts for her personal and professional endeavors in life. She could be found on Instagram @gayoma82 with 324 posts and 10K followers as of 13 October 2022. Then, she also handled the business account @gayousrestaurant to make people aware of their services at the Gayou’s Restaurant, for take-out purposes and to book appointments.

Similarly, she also handled two Facebook accounts: ‘Gayo Jacques’ and the ‘Gayou’s Restaurant’.

Gaelle Jacques Husband

Gaelle Jacques was once married to Hérold who is no more. He passed away, as revealed on her social media, in August 2012. Since then she kept writing things like she loved her husband so much and that she would never forget him.

Gaelle Jacques as seen with her husband before he passed away (PIC: Instagram)

Together with likely her late husband, Gaelle has an older son called Mike who turned 23 years old sometime before 2022. Then, the middle one is a daughter and there is one more son.

Also so you know, Gaelle’s eldest graduated from likely high school in June 2017.

Gaelle Jacques Height

Gaelle Jacques measures around 5 feet and 6 inches as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Gaelle Jacques From?

Gaelle, like her family, is of Haitian descent. She was born and bred in her hometown of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. As of 2022 and she was based around Miami, Florida.

Gaelle and Florence also have a sister called Joyce, who was in a relationship as of 2022 and was often seen supporting her sibling on social media. A digital creator, she entertained some 17K followers on Facebook as of 2022.

And lately, when Florence called a family meeting, on Love and Hip Hop episode, viewers were also introduced to their mother Marie.

  • When Is Gaelle Jacques’s Birthday?

Gaelle Jacques’s birthday is on August 1 and that makes her a Leo.

  • How Much Is Gaelle Jacques’s Net Worth?

Gaelle Jacques reportedly possessed $1 million and plus net worth as of 2022.

Much like her sister, Florence, Gaelle seemed to be living a lavish lifestyle, with her kids. She can be seen posing next to a white Range Rover in several of her social media pictures.

Gaelle’s restaurant is a sole proprietorship and it received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of $20,583.00 back in May 2020. As per the last updated status by the SBA in October 2021, the loan’s status was reported as “Paid in Full”, which includes both loans repaid and those fully forgiven from repayment under PPP guidelines.

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