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Wayne Brady Parents: Linda Marie Newton And Wayne Brady Sr

Lately, in September of 2022, Wayne Brady was announced as a contestant on season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, partnered with Witney Carson. Before this, the American television personality/comedian/actor/singer was known among fans mostly as the regular on the American version of the improvisational comedy television series Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Having said that, let us look at who Wayne Brady’s parents are in the rest of the writing.

Who Are Wayne Brady’s Parents?

Wayne Brady is the son of Linda Marie Newton (mother) and Wayne Brady (father). He was born to them, teenage West Indian parents, on 2 June 1972.

Here’s what we know about each of them.

Who Is Wayne Brady’s Father, Wayne Brady Sr?

Opening up about his patriarch, of the same name as him, Wayne told PLAYBILL, in 2015, how for most of his life he was an army drill sergeant. He went on to gush that he was a really awesome guy and he loved him so much.

But, because he was growing up in the kind of household where a performing arts career was not practical. So, they did have their differences too.

Following in his father’s footsteps, everyone else like his sister and all his cousins, all pursued “real-world jobs” and turned out to be “professionals and very responsible.” So, as for Wayne, everyone including his father perceived that he would be broke most of his life and maybe not have insurance working onstage.

So, when he graduated from high school, he and his father had a tremendous falling out over his chosen craft. But luckily, with time, he came around.

  • Is Wayne Brady Sr Still Alive?

Wayne Brady Sr passed away on 7 March 1995, He was one of Terrance Brady Sr.’s 20+ children

  • Wayne Brady Sr Age

In May 2015, Wayne Brady Jr posted a glimpse of him at his father’s funeral exactly 24 years ago, from that time, with his sister. With great grief, he then wrote in the caption that because his dad passed away at 45, for all these years he has feared passing away at his age.

So, every year as he gets a year older, he is glad to make it one more year and be there for his “Lil one”, his sister.

  • Wayne Brady Sr Job

Wayne Brady’s father, Wayne Brady Sr in the military. He was an Army serviceman posted overseas.

Who Is Wayne Brady’s Mother, Linda Maire Newton?

Wayne Brady’s mom was not able to raise him. So, she does not talk much about her. He said that because he does not know her well, her topic is something that he does not go into. (

So, when it comes to his paternal grandmother, Valerie Petersen, a forever huge staple in his life, Wayne can not stop gushing about her. Other than referring to her as his “mom”, he has even explained publicly how she kept him fixed in one place in Orlando, and that because of this, he is forever grateful for her.

Indeed, Valerie made sure Wayne grew up to seek out an education. She made him graduate from Dr. Philips High School in Orlando before finishing his schooling at the University of Miami.

A Virgin Islands native, Valerie was born to Cyril “Parky” Dorsett, her father, a former park gardener for the Virgin Islands government.

But, as of now, the beloved grandma/fierce mom warrior is no more. She likely breathed her last air in early 2018. Paying tribute to the wonderful life she left behind, Wayne wrote on IG @mrbradybaby that he is glad he was able to full fill his dad’s wish to “take care of my old lady!” in all those years he got to be with Valerie.

  • Is Linda Maire Newton Still Alive?

Yes. Linda Maire Newton is alive.

Wayne himself revealed during an interview that she is alive and fine, but in the press, he instead refers to his grandmother as his mother.

  • Linda Maire Newton Age

Because Linda Maire Newton was 17 when her son Wayne was born, she should be around 67 years old by 2022.

  • Linda Maire Newton Job

Wayne Brady’s mother Linda Maire Newton was an employee of Northeast Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas back in 1993.

Related FAQs

  • What Island Are Wayne Brady’s Parents From?

Wayne Brady’s parents were from Columbus, Georgia. So, Wayne too was born in Columbus.

  • What Happened To Wayne Brady’s Parents?

Wayne Brady’s parents parted ways eventually. But, for what reason, was not disclosed.

  • Why Didn’t Wayne Brady’s Parents Raise Him?

When Brady was born, his mom was only 17 and was not able to raise him. Also, Wayne’s dad also did not want his son to be raised by a military brat (himself). So, Wayne was instead by his grandparents from infancy.

Because Wayne Sr.’s military work meant baby Wayne would have to move around a lot if he stayed under his father’s care, it made the most sense for Valerie, at the time, to take over.

  • How Many Children Do Wayne Brady’s Parents Have?

Wayne Brady’s parents had one more child after Wayne. She is Wayne’s only sister, Kimberly.

If you also need to know, Wayne himself shares one child with his ex-wife/dancer, Mandie Taketa. They have a daughter named Maile Masako Brady. She was born on 3 February 2003 long before the two decided to separate on 5 April 2006.

Be that as it may, when Mandie adopted a newborn baby boy with her new partner in 2021, Wayne stepped up and offered to co-parent their adopted baby. Wayne mentioned that the baby would refer to him as daddy/uncle once he got older.

Wayne was also formerly married to Diana Lasso (December 1993 – September 1995).

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