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Gena Tew Rumored Partners: A-Listers The TikToker Dated

Gena Tew latest revelation of contracting HIV sent shock across fans of some A-Listers in the music industry. So, who are her high-profiled rumored partners that she linked for the last 8 years? A few names have made their way on the web. Let’s discuss all the details that are available.

Keep on scrolling to learn more about Gena Tew’s rumored partners.

Who Is Gena Tew?

Instagram model Gena Tew in July 2022 opened up about contracting AIDS. It is 2022, and the disease doesn’t mean death anymore but living with the disease is hell and you can tell by looking at Gena Tew’s TikTok videos. She has lost weight quite abnormally and is likely under 80lbs. She doesn’t have muscle strength in her leg so she needs assistance with her hands.

Gena made a series of TikTok regarding her sickness. In her video, she stated that she was rap*d a few times and also got a few free tattoos. However, she doesn’t have any idea who gave the disease to her. When fans were subliminally asking if she had multiple partners, insisted on the fact that she was never promiscuous.

But, one mistake she admitted doing was not visiting doctors for nearly 8 to 10 years.

Before all of this, Gena was working as a model and a singer. She also attempted working as a fashion model reportedly charged 50/an hour shoot, and 100/hour if modeling in lingerie. Before her illness got worse, her sister Laporsha Romanique Martinez was diagnosed with a rare lung disease.

Laporsha died on 8 June 2022 after being diagnosed with Fibrosing Mediastinitis.

Who Are Gena Tew’s Rumored Partners?

While Gena Tew’s fans were concerned about her health, they also laid out a reasonable question which was if she called her partner so that they could get tested. There were a few high-profile music artists who were alleged to be partners of Gena. The first one was Nick Cannon who Gena confirmed that she knew from 2015. (

They were spotted together leaving a hotel and everyone jumped to the conclusion that she was in a “relationship” with him. When Gena posted the TikTok about TikTok, she captioned the video, “That time I met nick cannon”.

Chris Brown Posting Gena Tew On His IG (Pic: Twitter)

Around the same time, Gena was also hanging out with Chief Keef. In December 2015, she posted on her Facebook, “Out in LA chilling with the chief keef. Then heading back to NYC for my bday to chill with nick cannon. Life”.

There were also rumors that she hung out with Dave East, Lil Mosey, and Chris Brown. In May 2017, she also gave a shout-out via tweet to Chris Brown for posting her pictures on his IG.

Have Gena Tew Rumored Partners Responded To The Speculations?

As we speak, Gena Tew definitely linked with these above-mentioned musicians. But she has never confirmed if she was in a sexual relationship with either one of them. She is going through a tough phase right now but it appears she is doing her best to connect to the fans.

In fact, Gena said that she won’t name-drop any celebrities she has been se*ually active within the last decade”.

What Are Fans Saying About Gena Tew Rumored Partners On Social Media?

However, her followers have things to say about her rumored relationships. One IG user wrote on Instagram about Chris Brown, “That would explain why Chris brown face done got skinnier”.

However, another user raised a question about Chris Brown’s connection with Gena Tew. They commented, “But how is she linked to CB though ??? In her words “ I don’t know how CB came into this “ I swear ya’ll say anything”. Another added, “She [Gena] said “I don’t know where CB came from “ THEN she said that 🧐🧐that still doesn’t answer my question though and it’s a legit question.. 🗣where did CB name come from 🤪🤪y’ll believe anything with no receipts”.

A gossip page on IG (@grlchatz) posted an update on Instagram. They wrote, “Sheesh 🙊 It has been reported that #Chrisbrown has disabled all comments on his Instagram following #Genatew HIV confession 🤔😳😰 what are your thoughts grlz?”.

Some of the followers commented on the post about her connection with Nick Cannon, “Now he would be wrong if he sues 😵‍💫🥴 sooooo much wrong here”.

Another added, “hahaha friends don’t go to hotels to hang out”. Likewise, another chimed in, “Damn near google nick had “lupus” that almost killed him 10 years ago… could’ve been something else….. tea. Also Idk if y’all saw Chris brown recently”.


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