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Kween Kong Bio, Real Name, Age, Drag Race Down Under

Drag Race Down Under Season 2 launched to our screen on 30 July 2022 and introduced some of the very best of Australia and New Zealand’s drag queens as its new cast of queens. That includes Kween Kong, whom we are going to talk about in this writing called ‘Kween Kong Bio’.

Kween Kong On Drag Race Down Under Season 2

The new season knocked viewers’ screens promising that there is going to be more sass and shenanigans alongside an increment to last year’s 30K AUD grand prize. Yes, they were right. The stakes are higher with a grand prize of 50K AUD.

So, after Kita Mean took the crown in the inaugural season, Kween Kong is among 10 more queens who have arrived to battle it out. Soon, she was already judged by her name that she is going to be fearless and take over the drag world.

So, to say she has got some moves is an understatement. Kween was only 16 when she was offered a two-year apprenticeship with Black Grace, a leading contemporary dance company in New Zealand. Ever since she has always been excited to be able to represent her communities and be the example of queer pacific excellence that she longed for growing up.

Kween as well as her fellow queens from the season were handpicked for the roles by RuPaul herself.

Kween Kong Age

This fan favorite drag queen grew up celebrating her birthday on the 9th of August. And so, she reached the age of 29 in 2021.

What Is Kween Kong Real Name?

Kween Kong is apparently the drag name and it is apparently Thomas Fonua, a very handsome-looking male, impersonating her. Confused? So, Wikipedia defines a drag queen as a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes.

Kween Kong Height

Controversially likened as “Black Puddin” by Last Fringe, Kween Kong stands above 5’10” in height.

Black Puddin’, so you know, is a theatre, comedy, drag, circus, music, and dance performance exploring the psychological tactics humans use to wriggle out of apologies. And Thomas as Kween is known to have turned the saga into this genre-blending performance called Black Puddin’.

Kween Kong Partner

If you have been wondering, Kween’s pronoun is likely marks her gender as ‘female’. However, Kween Kong is actually a persona created by an appearing-straight male, Thomas Fonua for work purposes or say entertainment purposes.

Growing up, Kween’s Thomas recalled being conscious that he was different because he was very feminine.

So, does this Thomas have a partner? As it turns out his relationship status on Facebook was marked ‘married’ when we looked at it in July 2022. However, he had not yet discussed it further.

Is Kween Kong On Instagram?

Yes. In fact, there were separate accounts of Kween Kong and Thomas Charles Fonua on Instagram respectively as @kweenkongofficial (63 posts and 13.2K followers) and @thomascharlesfonu (788 posts and 17K followers) as of 30 July 2022.

Kween had further moved her activity also on Facebook and Twitter @kweenkong_. She joined the latter only in July 2022.

Not to miss, Kween Kong also generated a part of her income from Cameo.

Kween Kong Job

Kween on her Facebook greets people as the owner and founder of Haus Of Kong (since 1 April 2019) while the one of Thomas Fonua has other things cited. As per the latter Facebook page, Thomas has been a dancer at Australian Dance Theatre since June 2014. Moreover, he has been a faculty at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity of Banff, Alberta as of September 2013; an associate artist at Red Sky Performance of Toronto, Ontario since June 2013.

Likewise, Thomas was formerly a merit dancer at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (2013 – 2016); at World of WearableArt (WOW) (2013 – 2015); at Black Grace (July 2009 – May 2013).

Speaking of his education, Thomas went to study business management and entrepreneurship at the University of South Australia in February 2016.

Since then, until now one of Thomas’s career highlights as a drag queen was once when he performed as Kween with famous foodie Maggie Beer in an Adelaide Cabaret Festival show. That year, Kween also toured internationally with the Australian Dance Theatre and won the Miss Drag Nation Australia title 2019.

Not to miss, Kween also has given many immersive, high-energy one-woman shows as a stand-up artist (comic). (Of course) she also manages Haus of Kong, a drag collective changing the lives of its young recruits on and off the stage.

Kween Kong Family

Kween Kong’s Thomas once mentioned that his dad migrated from Tonga when he was a child, to New Zealand, and his father was a talking chief in their village in the islands.

The patriarch, Lopeti Fonua, lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as of the time of this writing. As per his Facebook, he led a life practicing hobbies like fitness, boxing, fishing, and gardening. Also, at this time, he was married to Thomas’s stepmother, Siueni Moala-Fonua (Siueni Moala-Fonua).

Thomas on his Kween Kong Facebook also mentioned his sister Liana Alofa Fonua of Auckland, New Zealand (a makeup artist); an aunt named Rosemary Baukes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kween Kong From?

Originally from Mangere, South Auckland of New Zealand, Kween could be currently found in Adelaide in South Australia.

She often tells this story of how growing up was difficult because in general, the place was a low socio-economic area, with minimal resources. Also at the time, she said it had no examples of queer, pacific, artists, leaders, or thinkers. On Facebook, Kween mentioned moving to Aukland in 1994, to Banff, Alberta in 2009, and to Toronto, Ontario in 2013.

  • What Is Kween Kong Ethnicity?

Kween Kong is of Samoan and Tongan heritage. And luckily this makes her the first queen of Samoan descent to compete in the Drag Race franchise

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