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George Anthony Bio, Today, Job, Casey Anthony Father

Meet George Anthony, father of Casey Anthony who lost their toddler child Caylee. Since then, the father-daughter duo had a tumultuous relationship. The duo is the subject of the new documentary. Casey asserts that she “protected her abuser” in the new docuseries Where The Truth Lies, which will be available to stream on November 29.

She said in the trailer of the show, “I know what [my father] did to me and that was my fear. I had one job, to keep [Caylee] safe.” She stated further, “I failed her again and again and again because I still protected the person who hurt me …”

“I did protect my abuser — and protected her abuser. And that crushes me,” while speaking of her dad.

Meet George Anthony, Casey Anthony Father

In 2008, Casey Anthony became known internationally after her 2-year-old daughter Caylee disappeared. Six months later, Caylee’s remains were found in a wooded area near the family home. Although she was charged with murder, she was acquitted of the charges on 5 July 2011. However, she spent four years in prison for providing false information to law enforcement.

Casey is finally speaking out and blaming her daughter’s death on her father George Anthony. She is the subject of Peacock’s new show Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, the three-part series premiered on 29 November.

Casey elaborates on claims that she had been sexually abused by her father, George, and her brother, Lee, throughout the course of her in-depth interview. In court both men vigorously refuted her allegations; they were never charged. Anthony claims in the documentary that her father set up Caylee’s drowning to hide the possibility that he might have been abusing his granddaughter.

“I wasn’t feeling that great, and I wanted to lay down,” Casey says about June 16, 2008, when Caylee was last seen. He added, “I had her lay in bed with me.”

“I was awoken by [my father] shaking me and asking me where Caylee was,” she shared. “That didn’t make sense. She would never even leave my room without telling me. I immediately started looking around the house. I go outside and I’m looking to see where she could be.”

Casey claims that she next noticed George Anthony carrying her child. “He was standing there with her,” she says. “She was soaking wet. He handed her to me. Said it was my fault. That I caused it. But he didn’t rush to call 911 and he wasn’t trying to resuscitate her. I collapsed with her in my arms. She was heavy, and she was cold.”

“He takes her from me and he immediately softens his tone and says ‘It’s going to be ok.’ I wanted to believe him. He took her from me and he went away.”

Casey claims that she went to stay with her ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro but kept what had transpired a secret. She claims that she did not believe Caylee was deceased. “During the 31 days, I genuinely believed that Caylee was still alive,” she says. “My father kept telling me she was ok. I had to keep following his instructions. He told me what to do. I tried to act as normal as I could.”

In the interview, Casey makes a damning accusation against her father. “He’d put a pillow over my face and smother me to knock me out,” she says. “That happened several times. I’m sure there were times where I was incapacitated as a child where my body was limp and lifeless.”

Where Is George Anthony Today?

George Anthony and his wife Cindy Anthony are still residing in Florida. In 2018, George appeared on Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz Show, and shared, “She doesn’t need to exist anymore, as far as I’m concerned.” He added further, “I would love to have something with her. I mean, I know she’s moved on through life. I understand that she is seeing someone. They’re very involved, which is great — I’m glad for her.”

George later appeared on the show and said that he forgave his daughter. After his car accident in 2018, Casey reached out to her father. He said he wanted to reconnect with her. “I would just like to tell her I’m sorry,” George said at the time. “You know that I forgive her. I forgive her and that’s hard for me to say, but you know what, I need to be forgiven by her, my son, and other family members or friends that I care so much about. Forgive me for what I’ve done. To all of our lives.”

George was seen outside of their home as recently as November 15, 2022, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail. George no longer speaks to his daughter and has said he believes she is to blame for Caylee being gone.

According to a preview of tonight’s ID documentary, George Anthony says he will never speak to Casey again. “We are done because when this happened, I lost my daughter and my granddaughter. I lost them both,” Anthony says, according to a National Enquirer report. He then added, “Justice would be to have my daughter behind bars and have her suffer the way Caylee suffered.”

George Anthony Accident: What Happened To Him?

In November 2018, George Anthony had a near-fatal accident. George was involved in a devastating car accident in Volusia County. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he had driven off Interstate 4, which caused his car to flip. Some had speculated that George had attempted to commit suicide, but he insisted that the crash was purely accidental. Apparently, the left rear axle broke on his 1999 Toyota 4-Runner, leading directly to the rollover.

George specifically suffered spinal cord damage, necessitating the use of a halo that immobilizes the neck. He has been receiving outpatient rehabilitation, but due to his advanced age, he most likely won’t recover completely. He has a crowdfunding campaign put up for him by friends and family with the goal of obtaining $100,000 to pay for medical costs.

Back in 2009, George attempted to commit suicide.

George Anthony Age

George Anthony was born on 5 September 1951. He is currently 71 years old.

George Anthony Job

George Anthony previously worked in law enforcement. When he was 22 years old, he joined the Trumball County Sheriff’s department in 1974. George Anthony was a homicide detective for 10 years, but quit law enforcement at the age of 33 in 1985.

After moving to Florida. he also worked as a security guard.

How Much Is George Anthony Net Worth?

In 2022, George Anthony’s net worth should be above $250 thousand.

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  • Where Is George Anthony From?

George Anthony is originally from Niles, Ohio.

  • Is George Anthony On Instagram And Facebook?

No, George Anthony is not on Instagram or Facebook.

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