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Cindy Anthony Today, Net Worth, Still Married To George?

Meet Cindy Anthony, wife of George Anthony and mother of Casey Anthony. Where is she today? What job does she do?

Find out everything as you scroll down below.

Meet Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony Mother

Casey Anthony was born to her mother Cindy Anthony. Cindy welcomed Casey on 19 March 1986 in Warren, Ohio. Cindy gained attention internationally when she placed a 911 call reporting her granddaughter Caylee “missing”. Following up on numerous leads, Cindy and her husband George searched the entire country for the toddler.

That December, Caylee’s remains were found in a wooded area near the family home.

In 2011, Casey was charged with murder. The trial was watched by 40 million people where Casey was acquitted of murder but convicted of four counts of lying to police. Cindy on the otherhand didn’t escape unscathed and even testified that she had been the one to perform incriminating computer searches that were being blamed on Casey.

Additionally, Cindy recently spoke to Crime Scene Confidential on Investigation Discovery. Cindy Anthony becomes clearly upset as she recalls the defense’s assertion that Caylee drowned in the home pool.

“What the eff was she thinking?” Cindy asked. “Why the heck didn’t she tell us? Why didn’t she call somebody. None of this would’ve happened. And it’s like, oh my gosh, she put us through hell. I know if I had found Caylee drowned in the pool, I would’ve been devastated and blamed myself for the rest of my life.”

As reported by a family friend, Cindy hasn’t been the same since the trial. “She is still angry a lot of the time,” the family insider says. “This was a loving grandmother who had to withstand family trauma that no one should ever have to deal with. So when she starts talking about Casey and Caylee, she gets really upset, even now.”

Cindy’s connection with her daughter is tumultuous. They went a long time without speaking, but have just recently started intermittently exchanging words.

“At first, Cindy wanted answers. She wanted to know what had happened, why this had happened. She wanted Casey to explain the hell she put everyone through. Now she realizes that there’s no point asking Casey anything because she is never going to get any straight answers. So what’s the point?”

But does Cindy Anthony think her daughter was guilty of murdering her granddaughter? “That’s a tough question,” says the family insider. “Sometimes she wavers. George is steadfast that she did something wrong, but with Cindy, it’s a big question mark. Mostly, she’s just sad about the way things turned out.”

In the same Crime Watch Daily interview, Cindy opened up about the relationship she shared with her estranged daughter. “She checked on me a couple of months ago,” Cindy said. “She called to check on me because she had heard I was in the hospital. I mean, I’m still her mom.”

The mother of two also discussed the last time she saw her daughter. “The last time I saw her was just before Christmas, the week before Christmas, last year,” she said. “Well, it was weird, the first time I saw her when she got out of the car for the first time, and I saw her, I stood there for a second, and I just wanted to do one of two things: I wanted to just embrace her, and I wanted to smack her, that’s how I felt inside. I wanted to hit her for everything,” the bereaved grandmother said. “I wanted to shake her, I wanted to say, ‘What the hell did you do for all these years?'”

Where Is Cindy Anthony Today? Is She Still Married To George Anthony?

Yes, George and Cindy Anthony are still married. They reportedly exchanged their wedding vows on 20 March 1981. In 1989, Cindy and George moved to Florida from Ohio where they have been residing ever since.

Cindy Anthony Accident

There are no records of Cindy Anthony having an accident. However, her husband George was in a fatal car accident. In November 2018, George was involved in a devastating car accident in Volusia County. According to the Orlando Sentinel, he had driven off Interstate 4, which caused his car to flip. Some had speculated that George Anthony had attempted to commit suicide, but he insisted that the crash was purely accidental. Apparently, the left rear axle broke on his 1999 Toyota 4-Runner, leading directly to the rollover.

Mr. Anthony specifically suffered spinal cord damage, necessitating the use of a halo that immobilizes the neck. He has been receiving outpatient rehabilitation, but due to his advanced age, he most likely won’t recover completely. He has a crowdfunding campaign put up for him by friends and family with the goal of obtaining $100,000 to pay for medical costs.

Cindy Anthony Age

The date of birth of Cindy Anthony is 5 June 1958. She turned 64 years old in 2022.

Is Cindy Anthony On Instagram?

No, Cindy Anthony is not on Instagram.

Cindy Anthony Job

Cindy Anthony worked as a nurse for many years. She was working as a nurse at the time of Caylee’s disappearance. She said her time sheet from her job as a nurse might not have reflected that she was home because she was a salaried employee and required to enter hour hours whether she worked or not.

Cindy has taken a permanent disability leave from her last nursing job.

How Much Is Cindy Anthony Net Worth?

Although the exact figure for Cindy Anthony’s net worth is not public yet, she should worth above $100 thousand.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Cindy Anthony Reside Now?

In 2022, Cindy Anthony is residing in Florida.

  • What Is Cindy Anthony House Address?

Cindy Anthony’s current house is based in Florida but the address is not public yet. According to Oddstops, the old house’s address where Caylee was found dead nearby is 4937 Hopespring Drive. The house was reportedly born in 1986 which Cindy bought in 1989. The assessed value for the house was $101,000 according to the Orange County Property Appraiser’s Office.

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