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George The Penguin Mitchell Family: Daughter, Son

Meet the family of George The Penguin Mitchell below.

A huge web of illegal activity was exposed by the Cyberbunker raid, which led to the arrest of Herman Xennt and 10 other suspects. “Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld,” a documentary series on Netflix, centers on this fascinating case. One name that became very prominent in relation to Xennt when the layers of the criminal underworld were lifted was George The Penguin Mitchell’s.

George also referred to as “The Penguin,” is a well-known Irish crime lord with a long history of affiliation with numerous criminal groups. He has become well-known for his involvement in numerous illegal operations, such as drug manufacture, heists, and trafficking, as well as other organized criminal activities.

George became one of Ireland’s most well-known players in the illicit drug trade by the middle of the 1990s. In addition to being linked to the founding of Ireland’s first Ecstasy manufacturing factory, he is also tied to a London mobster’s attempted murder case. When Mitchell was arrested in the Netherlands in 1998 while unloading a consignment of pilfered computer components, he was sentenced to a year in jail.

Read all that we know about his family.

Meet George The Penguin Mitchell Family Members

Before we meet the family of George Mitchell, learn about his association with Herman Xennt.

“The Penguin,” George was the funder for an ecstasy factory that was found in the Netherlands when a fire broke out in an underground bunker. Mitchell allegedly financed dark-net guru Herman Xennt €700,000 to purchase the bunker in 1995, more than 20 years before the two were entangled in a significant cybercrime investigation into another bunker in Germany, according to claims made this week in a German court. In court, as a mammoth trial into the covert operations of the former Cold War bunker in the Mosel Valley got begun, allegations were presented that Mitchell and Xennt’s association dates back to when the Dublin-born mobster first relocated his operations to the Netherlands.

According to the prosecution, the underground property housed darknet websites that enabled drug trafficking, money laundering, the sharing of photos of child abuse, and connections for contract killings. Under police monitoring, George lived in his own flat in the Mosel Valley and spent a few days every couple of weeks at the bunker. He frequented the town’s well-known restaurant and the neighborhood strip club with Xennt, who is charged with helping criminals carry out close to 250,000 offenses.

A witness who worked at the bunker but whose identity was withheld during the trials claimed that Mitchell, also known by the alias Mr. Green, was associated with a project named “Underground” that he claimed brought in a significant amount of “black money.” The witness claimed that over time, Green, also known as “The Penguin,” grew more and more involved in the management of the data center.

The witness also ensured that the manager earned a pay of €1,300 per month, which was an increase over the €65 per week that the staff had previously received. The management did not trust Mitchell, according to testimony given in court, but he had rented the crime godfather an apartment in Wittlich Village and paid the landlord cash using Xennt funds.

George Mitchell likely had all of his children with his wife Rebecca Shannon who resides in Amsterdam. But, he also had a mistress named Khadiba Bouchiba who formerly worked as his secretary.

George The Penguin Mitchell Son

According to the Irish Independent, George Mitchell has two sons aged 50 and 48. One of his sons is named Paul Mitchell. They reportedly lived at The Coppices in Palmerstown on Dublin’s west side before moving to Amsterdam.

George The Penguin Mitchell Daughter

George The Penguin Mitchell’s daughter is named Rachel Mitchell. She is famously known for dating Derek Dunne AKA Maradona, a one-time gifted footballer, father of two, and heroin wholesaler.

Derek is the ‘Mr Big’ believed to be behind the heroin mixed with deadly ‘wound botulism,’ which has killed over thirty die-hard addicts in Ireland, Scotland, and Liverpool in the last month. His drug shipments from Amsterdam were of an industrial size. Not to mention the fatalities that still lie ahead: Derek is among the guys responsible for the heroin epidemic that is sweeping Dublin, home to 14,000 addicts, many of whom will pass away decades before their time.

The couple lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their children are aged in 1994 and 1998.

It was a strange time for a social call on number 81, but early Saturday morning in June 2000 brought Derek’s fast-paced existence to a complete stop. It is thought that the 25-year-old Liverpudlian, whose hands were chained behind his back, was the reason the visitors were able to locate Derek. The intruders had apprehended him in another location, presented him with an alluring proposal, and he guided the murderers to the correct location.

The door opened, and Dunne’s other friend—a psychotic hacker who had served in the Irish People’s Liberation Army—tried to barge in. The silver-haired drug mogul John Gilligan, who was recently deported from the UK by the Irish Gardai to stand trial for allegedly ordering the hit on Dublin crime writer Veronica Guerin, who was shot and killed in 1996, is old friends with the maniac.

When Dunne arrived at the door, he yelled for the guests to leave. There were seven gunshots. After waking up, the neighbors went to the windows and began to observe. “It resembled a crime movie,” a man who asked not to be identified remarked.

After a battle broke out at his residence involving gangsters of different nationalities, he was discovered outdoors. Two more criminals were also discovered; an Englishman, who was shot and “critically” wounded, lay just inside the apartment’s entry, and a Dutchman, 25, who looked to have been shot and shackled but was not as badly hurt. Police have taken both of the injured males into custody.

Rachel was uninjured but was in hospital suffering from shock.

Who Are George The Penguin Mitchell Parents?

The parents of Penguin Mitchell stayed away from the public eye but they have five children from their marriage.

George’s sister Margaret allegedly passed away in August 2022. However, he failed to attend his sister’s funeral held in Ballyfermot, Dublin. Magaret’s death occurred just two years after the 73-year-old death of his brother and close criminal accomplice Paddy in 2020. Paddy was a major criminal in his own right and worked as a right-hand man for his younger brother over decades in Ireland.

Paddy Mitchell was jailed for two years in April 2003 for failing to make tax returns worth over €1million. The judge at the time said he had acquired 13 Dublin properties after 1980 under fake names and under the names of his associates.

There are now just the two Mitchell siblings who are not involved in crime: Valeria and Imelda.

George The Penguin Mitchell is reportedly a first cousin of the late Jim Mitchell, former minister for Justice, and Gay Mitchell, former Lord Mayor of Dublin. Gay himself has come under fire for his apparent efforts to help family members. In 2009, he was one of six Irish MEPs who admitted to employing family members, paid from the monthly allowance of €17,540 they receive from the European Parliament.

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George The Pengun Mitchell’s family members live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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None of George The Penguin’s family members are on social media.

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