His sister and brother-in-law, Anna and René Van Wolferen reside in a village near Arnhem. René is both an auxiliary fireman and employed by a pharmaceutical business. He wore a T-shirt that said, “We Face What You Fear,” and a beeper on his belt. Anna is a tall, nervously friendly woman with auburn hair.

Xennt had always lived “on the edge,” according to the Van Wolferens, but he was by no means a snarling genius. Instead, he was an intelligent, idealistic, and maybe naive individual who had gotten himself into trouble. They were concerned about his mental health when he was incarcerated, as he spent much of the day playing chess against himself and had little interaction with the outside world.

When Xennt ‘s father passed away in January 2020, his attorney requested authorization for her client to attend the burial. The appeal was turned down. Xennt then requested a laptop to view the service’s live feed, but this request was also denied.

The Van Wolferens spoke again and again about Xennt Herman’s childhood bedroom in Arnhem, and how he had always been fascinated by a futuristic aesthetic. René said that, in late middle age, Xennt had begun dabbling in cannabinoid treatments, because he was interested in remaining “forever young.” He described his brother-in-law as someone with arrested development.