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George Young Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Bering Sea Gold

Though George Young has been with Bering Sea Gold for over 5 years, he’s still considered a “newcomer” by longtime watchers, as the show originally started in 2012.

So, what secrets does he hold? This George Young Bio explores his life.

George Young On Bering Sea Gold

Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold returned for its fifteenth installment on Dec 6, 2022, and so did its returning stars to expand and clash in an epic battle to dominate Nome. Amongst them, George is the youngest of ten siblings, who followed his big brother Dave to become a Bering Sea miner.

Now, on Bering Sea Gold, he’s his brother’s eyes and ears on the ground whenever Dave’s out of town.

However, his story isn’t that simple. In 2001, George got into a pickup truck accident that paralyzed him. Fortunately, through grueling therapy, he was able to get back on his feet and one day his brother Dave Young asked him if he was interested in working the waters with him. The rest is history.

According to George, he agreed to help his brother out because he is all about adventures. “It’s everything that I do. I was in-between jobs at the time, really not doing anything. My brother owns the Gold Dredge and wanted to know if I wanted to go out to the Bering Sea and work it. I did because I know that going down and diving for gold at the bottom of the Bering Sea would be an adventure I would be up for,” he explained.

Also, it seems George owned his bother “a ton of money” at the time. So, “I went up there and did it,” he added.

For anyone who thinks that getting gold from the bottom of the sea is simple and wants to follow in his footsteps, George says, “ It’s a very difficult thing to do, not only physically, but mentally. I don’t believe it is for everybody, but it is an awesome adventure if you’re up for it.”

How Much Is George Young Net Worth?

George Young garnered a net worth of $150 thousand by 2023, all thanks to his time as a gold miner in Nome, Alaska. This might be comparatively lower as compared to that of his co-stars for he joined the show late and had to pay his bother a lot of debts.

To be precise, he exactly joined his brother back in July 2015 even though he only appeared on Bering Sea Gold in 2017.

When George’s not working, he likes to sit-ski. He loves it so much that he was even on the Aspen ski racing team. “I love to sit ski. it’s extreme sit-skiing, pretty dangerous.  You’re at the edge of your seat at all times – it’s amazing. I also like to snowmobile a lot, I am not just on the back roads, like back east. I am in the mountains,” he explained.

Overall, George’s an adrenaline junkie.

As for his education, he graduated from Great Falls High School in 1989 and later got his Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering from Montana State University-Northern in 2010 (eight years after he initially joined the university).

Fun Fact: In an interview, George said that there wasn’t much money in gold mining. Infact, what little he earned was all gone already. But someday, when he has enough, he plans to the Gold Dredge from his brother.

George Young Wife

George Young didn’t have a wife in 2023. Or at least that was what his Facebook profile said.

But George does have two lovely sons named Landen and Cameron Young. They were very close to him. So close that he even often took them hunting.

In 2012, Cameron was in the Cascade of Talent show at the Mansfield Theater where he showed the world how “a country is supposed to sound.”

According to George, his son Cameron is “thoughtful, loving, and sincere.” He wants him to have a “life full of love, peace, joy, happiness, confidence, success, balance, and contentment.”

As for Landen, George didn’t have much to say about him. All we know is that Landene is a C M Russell High School and Montana State University – Great Falls graduate married to Lauren Young from O’Fallon, Missouri.

Find  Landen and Camero on Facebook @landen.young and @cameron.young.7777.

George Young Age

George Young was 51 years of age when he appeared on Bering Sea Gold in 2023.

How Tall Is George Young?

George Young stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm).

His distinct features include — brown eyes, an oblong face, and a fit body.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is George Young From?

George hails from Great Falls, Montana. And even as of 2023, he resided in his hometown.

His family members are — Darlene (mother), Dave, Tom and Scott (brothers), and Kate Bahr, Patty, Julie, and Lynda (sisters).

Unfortunately, his brother Scott Gerard Young passed away on July 4, 2012, at the age of 52. He was the owner of R&H Mechanical, and a dad of two (Brianna and Kaitly.)

  • When Is George Young Birthday?

George receives his birthday wishes on March 9. That makes him of the Pisces zodiac.

  • Is George Young On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find him on Instagram.

But here’s his Facebook @allaboutnuggets.

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