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Kris Kelly Bio, Age, Net Worth, Partner, Bering Sea Gold

Kris Kelly is apparently a household name among Discovery channel watchers as for nearly a decade, they have watched him looking for gold.

Fast forward to today, in 2023, is he hanging up his scuba mask and giving up on gold diving? What is he been up to? Let’s look at his all endeavors in detail, personal we well as professional, in this writing called ‘Kris kelly Bio’.

Kris Kelly On Bering Sea Gold

So far, Kris Kelly has been on in some 123 episodes of Bering Sea Gold between 2013 and 2023, 8 episodes of Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice in 2014, and just in an episode of Gold Rush: The Dirt. And no. He is not likely to quit anytime soon.

In all those years, the world has seen Kris being pretty great as a miner, despite him being constantly thwarted by his own family.

Yet, over the years viewers have also witnessed Kelly’s different schemes tumbling to varying degrees. And at these times, the camera has candidly caught him unable to hide his emotions. He has often been seen amid his meltdowns.

Be that as it may, these losses have not stopped him from longing to prove his legitimacy as a miner. Despite being knocked back again and again, it’s his eternal optimism and big dreams that have actually kept the family moving forward as miners.

How Much Is Kris Kelly’s Net Worth?

Kris Kelly, as the captain and co-owner of The Reaper, reportedly had a net worth valued at $200,000 as of early 2023.

In addition to his yields from ice mining, Kris also gets paid by Discovery for his participation in Bering Sea Gold. A news platform reported in 2022 that the cast members of this show were getting paid $10,000 to $25,000 as their per-episode salary.

In a comical segment on an episode of Bering Sea Gold, Kris and his father Brad were seen discussing claim jumping to supplement their income. Kris had invited his father to elaborate on “claim jumping” as he had been accused of it before.

As for Brad, Kris’s patriarch, he was believed to have amassed over $2.2 million over the years (as per

Kris Kelly Partner

Kris Kelly has always been very private about his dating life mostly. Despite his family’s drama unfolding on the show, this one aspect of his life has remained an exception.

He seems to have put much effort to ensure that his life with his partner precisely stays undocumented. Also, it does not help that he is not putting anything of this sort on social media.

However, despite all his attempts at privacy, we have come to know that he most likely has a baby also named Kris. It’s a daughter and she turned one before April 2022. “One last break before ice mining”, Kris himself was seen spending some time with the adorable young one back in January 2022.

And now that there is a baby, there is also a baby mama. She is called Brianne Jones and she could be found on Instagram @bs.jones2. However, until the time of this writing, Breanne and Kris and the baby were yet to be pictured together as a family.

Kris Kelly Age

Kris Kelly, full name Kristopher J Kelly, was born in 1980. So, he turned 43 in 2023.

Is Kris Kelly On Instagram And Twitter?

Kris Kelly did have an Instagram account, but he was yet to be on Twitter as of 9 January 2023. His account on IG @beringseagoldthe had 43 posts and 1,714 followers at the time.

Kris Kelly Height

Kris Kelly stands above 6′ 2” in height. There is one group of fans who have also liked him for his good looks.

Kris Kelly Parents

Kris Kelly’s dad Bradley “Brad” J kelly turned 60 years old on 1 March 2022. It was he who brought his sons to Nome years ago to follow his dreams of getting rich quickly.

The world was first introduced to the Kellys when the patriarch of the clan made his way onto the show during season 2, in 2012. Then, they got to know his two sons, Andrew, aka Andy, and Kris, and their mom (Brad’s wife) Wendy.

Fans also witnessed Wendy and Brad’s feud which is believed to have lasted well over 30 years. Then, there entered the baby mama, Courtney. It was to help her and their newly born that Brad had stolen money from his own sons souring their relationship.

Besides his dad, Kris also has regularly butted heads with his brother. The latter two have not appeared as ambitious as Kris to the audience.

About Kris’s mother Wendy Sue Kelly: she turned 61 years old in April 2022 and had been residing in Keaau, Hawaii following her split with Brad.

You should also know that back in 2021, there were rumors about a death in the Kelly family. But, this does not appear to be the case.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Kris Kelly From?

Kris Kelly hails from Hawaii. Several years ago, he and his family left the sunny shores of the city. Yes, to try their luck gold mining in Nome, Alaska. They have been there ever since.

  • When Is Kris Kelly’s Birthday?

Kris Kelly’s birthday is in January. That makes him either a Capricorn or Aquarius.

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