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Gervonta Davis Parents: Garrin Davis And Kenya Brown

Garrin Davis and Kenya Brown are the parents of American Professional Boxer Gervonta Davis. The ex-couple welcomed Gervonta AKA Tank on 7 November 1994.

In 2022, Gervonta was arrested and jailed for several hours following a domestic assault. He was released after posting $1000 bail.

Later, Gervonta took to IG and defended himself saying “I never put my hands on the mother or my daughter. I’m not a monster, I’ve been quiet too long. I don’t have a media team, public relations, or a good lawyer… that’s the only reason I’m doing this now! Just to clear my name.”

This drew attention to his parents. Learn all about them as you scroll down.

Who Are Gervonta Davis Parents?

Boxer Gervonta Davis was born to his parents Garrin Davis and Kenya Brown. Like most of the kids from his city, he also had a tough upbringing. His mother used drugs and his father spent time in jail for selling drugs. Gervonta Davis’ childhood was the type that often doesn’t result in happy outcomes. “I was taken from my mother and father when I was 4 or 5 years old,” Davis said.

As a child and teenager, Gervonta was shuttled from home to home, sometimes in foster care, and sometimes with relatives. But through the years, there was one constant in his life, and that has been his coach, Ford.

“He was about 7 years old when one of his uncles brought him into the gym,” Ford said. Ford saw a reflection of himself in the little boy who didn’t have a real home outside the gym but found one inside it.

“As a little kid, when he got into trouble, no one wanted him around,” Ford said.”He was just looking for some attention, and everyone was always pushing him away. I was training a lot of kids, but [Gervonta] was always there. Every time I turned around, he was just there. He’s become like my son.”

Gervonta had something else that made him stand out. “He was very talented, and he listened,” Ford said. “I didn’t have to tell him twice what to do.”

Meet Garrin Davis, Gervonta Davis Father

Gervonta Davis was born to his father Garrin Davis.

Garrin was interviewed by New York Times about him being in and out of Gervonta’s life because of his prison stint. He said The Upton Boxing Club allowed his son to avoid the lure of the streets that ensnared so many others. But it took work. “He made a lot of sacrifices,” said Garrin, who got clean after his last stint in prison. “A lot of the friends that he had, because he made the choice to come here, he didn’t end up where they at.”

  • Garrin Davis Age

Garrin Davis, as of Dec 2022, is 54 years old. He was born in 1968.

  • Garrin Davis Job

Garrin Davis attended Woodlawn High School (Maryland). According to his alleged LinkedIn, he worked as Defense & Space Professional. Moreover, he worked from 2010 to 2013 as Meat Wrapper at Smithfield Packing Company Inc.

  • Is Garrin Davis On Instagram?

Yes, Garrin Davis is on Instagram (@garrindavis).

Meet Kenya Brown, Gervonta Davis Mother

Kenya Brown is the mother of Gervonta Davis.

On Gervonta’s birthday in 2014, Kenya posted: “On this day 20 yrs ago I went into labor with my last little boy at this time I was struggling I didn’t have my family the only ones that were there is God first & foremost, his late aunt Kim Davis& uncle Redds may they RIP without them I don’t know what I would’ve done! People cast him out & oh how I know that feeling so well God’s grace & mercy kept us Amen All I can say is look at us now! (((( Screaming, Shouting & Crying)))) Happy Birthday Gervonta Davis the bond we have is priceless I love you Your # 1 fan Mom Have a blessed day fbf.”

When Gervonta Davis’s father was in prison, he once lived with his mother and grandmother. When he was 7, Gervonta and one of his older brothers moved in with his grandmother, after bouncing between a group home and their uncle’s house. Being new to West Baltimore, the boys were quickly forced to defend themselves.

Davis’s mother, Kenya Brown, said school officials who had contacted her about his frequent fighting had told her that he was “a menace to society,” but she insisted he was not an instigator. After her brother took Gervonta to Upton, and he took to the sport, “people really started trying him more,” Kenya told New York Times.

“He was light-skinned, always been short,” said Kenya told the paper. “He had to get staples because somebody hit him in the head.”

  • Kenya Brown Age

Kenya Brown reached the age of 49 in 2022. She celebrates her birthday on 15 August.

  • Kenya Brown Job

According to her Facebook, Kenya Brown is self-employed.

  • Is Kenya Brown On Instagram?

No, Kenya Brown is not on Instagram. But, she has a Facebook page (@kenya.brown.77312).

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Gervonta Davis Parents Reside?

Gervonta Davis’s parents are currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Are Gervonta Davis Parents Still Married?

No, Gervonta Davis’s parents are no longer married. According to their respective Facebook, they are both single.

  • How Many Kids Do Gervonta Davis Parents Have?

Gervonta Davis appears to be the only child born to his parents. However, several outlets have mentioned him having older brothers.

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