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Adults Adopting Adults Derek, Carol, Bianca! Age, Job, IG

A&E TV is back with another bizarre reality show “Adults Adopting Adults”. A Compton-based couple Derek and Carol is looking to adopt Bronx native Bianca, who was her student. But, they have a back story that you should know about before you start watching the show.

Delve into this article where we explore their job, age, their last names, and their social media presence.

Who Is Adults Adopting Adults Derek?

‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Derek is the husband of Carol who is looking to adopt an adult named Bianca. He is the third husband of Carol whereas he has married three times in his life. Derek and Bianca live in Compton, California, and probably tied the knots in January 2018.

Derek has no kids of his own and he stayed bachelor until he was 40. So, this is exciting for him being a childless middle-aged man.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Derek Age

Derek from “Adults Adopting Adults” is over the age of 60 as of 2022.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Derek Job

Information related to Derek’s profession is yet to be revealed. But, he is financially well-off and has gathered a sizable fortune over the years. A post from 2019 on Facebook revealed that he is happily retired.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Derek IG

No, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ is not on Instagram but has a Facebook account (@hoyades).

  • Adults Adopting Adults Derek Last Name

A&E TV’s ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Derek’s last name is Scott.

Who Is Adults Adopting Adults Carol?

Carol is the wife of Derek and adopter of Bianca. Like her husband, she has been married two times before she met Derek. In the preview, Carol revealed that her stepdaughter Brittany doesn’t support her mom’s decision to adopt Bianca. The reason is Carol had previously brought a female student into her home and it didn’t end well for the family. Carol generously offered the female student to stay with her because she had no place to stay but the woman was messing with Carol’s ex-husband and she had no idea at the time.

Since the news of the new adoption, Brittany has cut off all communications with Carol after the news that she is in the process to adopt Bianca reached her ears.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Carol Age

As of February 2022, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ star Carol must be over 56 years old.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Carol Job

According to Carol’s LinkedIn, she served as a Dean of Student Affairs at the American University of Kuwait from 2004 to 2017. Hired as the Founding Chief Student Affairs for the country’s first private liberal arts university, American University of Kuwait (AUK), Dr. Ross was responsible for the effectiveness of all Student Affairs Departments in addition to leading Administrative units: Human Resources, Facilities, and Security; served as Interim Chief Academic Officer and as Acting President when required.

After that, Carol joined SUNY Broome Community College as Vice President For Student Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer in July 2017 and has been working in that role ever since.

Carol holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management from University of Maryland European Division England; Boston University, Master of Education Human Services and Human Resources Education European Division in Italy; Florida State University Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Carol IG

Carol doesn’t have an IG account but she is on Facebook (@carol.ross.98434).

  • Adults Adopting Adults Carol Last Name

Reportedly, ‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Carol’s last name is Ross.

Who Is Adults Adopting Adults Bianca?

Bianca hailing from Bronx, New York was one of the student leaders. She is self-described as a young woman who wants a family and that’s all she wants. She shared that her mother struggled with substance abuse and so did her father. So a large part of her childhood was spent in the foster care system. According to her Facebook, she has already lost her mother.

This continued till she was 21 years old. Plus, foster home shaped her worldview and made her understand that she wants a secure lifestyle which she believes she can get with Carol and Derek.

With her adoptive parents, Bianca saw the life she wanted and they were financially well-off. However, she also mentioned that her biological dad is against adoption.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Bianca Age

At the time of the filming of the show, Bianca was 23 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 18 October.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Bianca Job

Bianca shared that she has two personalities; one that is academically qualified and another named Gina who is outgoing and fashionable and fun. She is a college graduate from SUNY Broome Community College in 2018 with a degree in Business Administration.

She is currently working as Senior Program Manager at “You Gotta Believe”.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Bianca IG

Bianca is also not on IG but has a Facebook profile.

  • Adults Adopting Adults Bianca Last Name

The last name of Bianca is Bennett.

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