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Kevin Feucht Bio, Parents, Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt Heir

Each story on Adults Adopting Adults is different and Kevin Feucht might perhaps be the luckiest one there. The adoptee, Kevin was chosen by Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt (a German-American businessman) to inherit all his fortune and represent the House of Anhalt.

Well, if you’re as jealous as we are, keep reading this Kevin Feucht Bio to know his story.

Adults Adopting Adult: Meet Kevin Feucht, Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt Heir

A&E’s Adults Adopting Adults premiered on January 31st, 2022, and it saw six couples all set to become adoptive parents to an adult. But among them, Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt was the only lone parent who was looking for a grandson. “I could drop dead tomorrow and there’s nobody there,” he explained.

The millionaire wanted someone “young, sporty, but not a total idiot,” who could help him in case he falls sick tomorrow. Another reason, Frédéric wanted to adopt someone over reality TV was to encourage the “lonely people out there” to just go adopt someone if you’ve got the capability.

So, after a long search (online and in-person), Frédéric chose Kevin Feucht, whom he met about a decade ago in LA. Back then, the two became friends and Frédéric even developed a fatherhood kind of bond with the kid. “He thought he was cute and would have agreed to be our heir,” Frédéric recalled.

Furthermore, even Frédéric’s late wife seems to have met Kevin. “Kevin is a nice guy, intelligent guy. He likes to work very hard. He comes out of a good family,” the millionaire remarked.

As for Kevin, he was just astonished that he would “bear the name of Frédéric and continue the legacy of Zsa Zsa Gabor in the future.” But even more than excitement, the star felt burdened with a “big responsibility” to keep the family name going.

No wonder, back in August 2021, Kevin took it to his IG to write, “Feels unreal to be part of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s and Frederic Prince von Anhalt‘s story.”

The other adoptive parents joining Frédéric this season were — Vickie and Joe (adopted Kim), Derek and Carol (adopted Bianca), Jenny and Michael (adopted Tawny and Felicia), and 2 more pairs.

Who Are Kevin Feucht Parents?

Kevin Feucht’s biological parents are Peter and Brigitte Feucht. They were and are good friends with Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt (despite the unusual situation). It was through his parents, Kevin first met the wealthy businessman.

“My dad is happy about it. I love my parents and will always love them,” Kevin explained.

Meanwhile, the Adults Adopting Adults star promised to stay with his adoptive parent at his home, cook for him, and make sure the bills get paid.

As for Kevin’s siblings, he has an older sister named Madlien Feucht.

And now that Kevin’s adopted by Frédéric, he also has 5 adoptive brothers, whose whereabouts were unknown.

But the difference between Kevin and his adoptive siblings is that Kevin can enjoy the same rights as if he were Frédéric’s biological child. Yes, he did not have to sign an inheritance waiver like the others.

Kevin Feucht Age

Kevin Feucht was 27 years of age in 2022. Meanwhile, Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt was running in his 78 then.

Reportedly, Kevin has already legally changed his name to Prince Kevin von Anhalt.

Kevin Feucht Job

Kevin Feucht is a soccer fanatic, and the owner of Skillers Academy, a Sport-tech company motivating kids to play soccer and support their road to pro. But his dream job was to have a career in business consultation, which now seems more than possible.

Talking about his soccer career, Kevin played for the UC Santa Barbara for the 2015 and 2016 seasons as one of the team captains. Over his stint, the star won the titles — 2015, 2016 All-Big West First Team, 2015 NSCAA Far West All-Region Second Team, 2016 Big West Midfielder of the Year, and 2016 NSCAA Far West All-Region Third Team.

Before that, Kevin even starred as a true freshman at the University of Charleston. And during high school, he played for club teams Vfr Wormatia and Karlsruher Sportclub in Germany.

As for his education, Kevin received his Master of Management degree from UC Santa Barbara in 2017.

Is Kevin Feucht On Instagram?

Yes, as of Feb 2022, Kevin ran two IG accounts @kevinfeucht_ and @kevinxprince.

Most of his posts then featured himself, his work, and his adoptive parent Prince Frédéric.

Does Kevin Feucht Have A Girlfriend?

No, Kevin Feucht didn’t seem like he had a girlfriend as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Kevin Feucht Birthday?

Kevin celebrates his birthday on August 10, making him of the Leo zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Kevin Feucht?

Kevin Feucht stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weighs 79 kg (175 lbs).

  • Where Is Kevin Feucht From?

Kevin hails from Schwetzingen, Germany.

  • How Much Is Kevin Feucht Net Worth?

By early 2022, Kevin’s net worth couldn’t be established as he had yet to officially inherit the House of Anhalt’s fortune.

However, for reference, Frédéric Prinz Von Anhalt then flaunted a stunning $60 – $70 million net worth. Likewise, the old man also inherited his fortune when Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt adopted him at the age of 36.

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