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Gian Marco Caggiari Bio, Today, Age, Summer Job

Gian Marco Caggiari was one of the youngsters “used to doing nothing all day long.” But on Netflix’s Summer Job, he worked hard for his luxurious vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and gained an invaluable lesson.

This Gian Marco Caggiari Bio explores his life.

Gian Marco Caggiari On Netflix’s Summer Job

Gian joined Netflix’s Summer Job in hopes of having a luxurious vacation. But little did he know, just after one day of bliss, his dreams would disappear for the vacation he was on wasn’t free!

Now, this may cause many to question the authenticity of the reality show. Moreover, as a few of the interactions seem artificial, viewers wondered why the contestants weren’t fired from their jobs on the first day after showing a huge level of incompetence.

But as per Netflix, the show’s unscripted. This means the producers weren’t allowed to interrupt the narrative at any given time. At least, that’s the rule. Furthermore, a show like this does not follow a specific script and does not re-enact any pre-recorded or pre-rehearsed scene. It’s just cumbersome.

Just take a look at the contestants, it’s pretty apparent that the twist of having to work to earn a place in the house took them all by a surprise. Only a few submitted to the rules and accepted their fate, whilst all spoke up about the “betrayal.” Some even went as far as to claim they would have never agreed to be on the show if they knew the truth.

If this doesn’t convenience you, also note that all the workplaces featured on the show were real businesses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This means the contestants are authentic in their interpersonal interactions.

Summer Job was in Mexico and Italy; especially around the Riviera Maya and Milan.

Recalling his experience in Summer Job, Gian took to his FB to write, “I was blessed to have an incredible experience in Mexico… I’ll be waiting for you on Netflix from December 16th, with Matilde Gioli, to tell you more about this adventure!”

Where Is Gian Marco Caggiari Today?

Gian Marco Caggiari makes a living as a designer today. After being set home at the end of week 3 of Summer Job, he returned to Milan, Italy, and used his experience to be an enthusiastic worker. Yes, he might be upset that he was voted out early, but he’s happy to have gained an “incredible experience in Mexico.”

Spoilers Alert: On the other hand, his co-star Sofia Carollo showed real development as she learned how to handle commitment and responsibility and won the 100,000 euros cash prize. Seem like this cinematography student, who was once sent back home early from her job at a beauty salon on the very first day, took the failure to heart and worked extra hard to prove herself.

Gian Marco Caggiari Age

Gian Marco Caggiari was 23 years of age when he appeared on Summer Job in 2022.

He was the oldest contestant that season. However, he’s just a year older than his co-stars Melina De Macedo, Pit, and Angelica Brattoli. His other fellow contestants were Sofia Carollo, Matthias De Donà, Marina, Lavinia Polizzi, Samuele Mastrangelo, and Pietro Fanelli.

Gian Marco Caggiari Family

Gian Marco Caggiari didn’t talk about his family. But we do know that he has two cousins named Paola Fele and Franca Maria Congiu.

Among them, Paola is a Personal Trainer who studied “Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activities” at the University of Rome Foro Italico.

Where Is Gian Marco Caggiari From?

Gianhails from Oliena, a community in Sardinia, Italy. But as of 2022, he resided in Milan, Italy.

He is fluent in Italian, French, and English.

Gian Marco Caggiari Job

Gian Marco Caggiari is a fashion designer. As of 2022, he was working as a “junior production officer” at Maurizio Baldassari for over 4 months.

His designs mainly draw initial inspiration from the aesthetics of Walter Albini, a genius of the 60’s fashion. Also, he confesses that his collection is a collage of works of art, such as the abstracts by Johnatan Niclaus and Jean Cocteau.  “Particular importance is given to all-natural fabrics such as silk, boiled wool, mohair, cashmere, and organza,” he explained.

Someday, Gian would like to own his own company operating in the fashion sector and reflecting the values of Brunello Cuccinelli.

As for his education, Gian received his high school diploma from the Art School F.Ciusa, Nuoro in 2018. And after three years, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in fashion design womenswear and accessories from the Marangoni Institute in 2021.

At Marangoni, he was also appointed as one of the two Young Designers in their Young Designers project. In collaboration with the Milan showroom circuit, the initiative aimed to create a system between players in the luxury commercial network, with Milan as its undisputed world capital. And luckily, Gian was chosen for this project.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Gian Marco Caggiari Birthday?

Gian receives his birthday wishes on June 9 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Gian Marco Caggiari?

Gian stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • Is Gian Marco Caggiari On Instagram?

Find him on Instagram @mrgianmarcocaggiari.

Also, here’s his Facebook @gianmarco.caggiari and TikTok @mr.gianmarcocaggiari.

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