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Angelica Brattoli Bio, Age, Instagram, Today, Summer Job

Summer Job contestant, Angelica Brattoli was so “used to doing nothing all day long” that she received no paycheck even after a week of work. Well, thanks to this, the poor girl also became the first one to be voted out of the show!

But Angelica’s so much more than you’ve seen on TV. Keep reading this Angelica Brattoli Bio to find out.

Angelica Brattoli On Netflix’s Summer Job

Angelica Brattoli always led an easy life. So, believing things wouldn’t be any different, she joined Netflix’s new show Summer Job to have a luxurious vacation in Mexico. But little did she know that just after one day of bliss, her dreams would disappear. Because the vacation she was on wasn’t free!

Now, this may cause many to question the authenticity of the reality show. Moreover, as a few of the interactions seem artificial, viewers wondered why the contestants weren’t fired from their jobs on the first day after showing a huge level of incompetence.

But as per Netflix, the show’s unscripted. This means the producers weren’t allowed to interrupt the narrative at any given time. At least, that’s the rule. Furthermore, a show like this does not follow a specific script and does not re-enact any pre-recorded or pre-rehearsed scene. It’s just cumbersome.

Just take a look at the contestants, it’s pretty apparent that the twist of having to work to earn a place in the house took them all by a surprise. Only a few submitted to the rules and accepted their fate, whilst all spoke up about the “betrayal.” Some even went as far as to claim they would have never agreed to be on the show if they knew the truth.

If this doesn’t convenience you, also note that all the workplaces featured on the show were real businesses in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This means the contestants are authentic in their interpersonal interactions.

Summer Job was filmed in Mexico and Italy; especially around the Riviera Maya and Milan.

Promoting the show, Angelica took to her IG to write, “Repost @netflixit #netflixsummerjob. Literally obsessed with the Summer Job contestants. Summer Job.”

Where Is Angelica Brattoli Today?

Today, Angelica Brattoli lives in Milan, Italy, surrounded by family and friends. There, she makes a living as an artist and also a social media influencer — all thanks to her increased followers from Summer Job.

Spoilers Alert: On the other hand, her co-star Sofia Carollo showed real development as she learned how to handle commitment and responsibility and won the 100,000 euros cash prize. Seem like this cinematography student, who was once sent back home early from her job at a beauty salon on the very first day, took the failure to heart and worked extra hard to prove herself.

Her fellow contestants on Summer Job were Melina De Macedo, Pit, Sofia Carollo, Matthias De Donà, Marina, Lavinia Polizzi, Gian Marco Caggiari, Samuele Mastrangelo, and Pietro Fanelli.

Angelica Brattoli Age

Angelica Brattoli was 22 years of when she appeared on Summer Job in 2022. The same age as her co-star Melina De Macedo and Pit.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Angelica Brattoli Family

Angelica Brattoli comes from a family of five — her parents Rosa Pierro and Pasquale Brattoli, herself, and her two siblings.

Her mother, Rosa is a  Molfetta, Italy native who studied Economics and management of cultural heritage and entertainment at DAMS. She works as a Lecturer at the Ministry of Public Education and is a former director general of Freelance Screenwriter.

Talking about her siblings, Alma Brattoli attended San Domenico Savio Middle School, N. Piccinni Conservatory, and San Domenico Savio Middle School. Now, she works at Liceo Classico ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ Molfetta(BA).

Her other sister, Stefania Brattoli has a double degree — in “Economics and Management”  from the University of Bari Aldo Moro and in “Marketing and Corporate Communication” from the University of Bari Aldo Moro.

Trivia: Angelica’s sister Stefania, her aunt Mara, and her dad Pasquale were all born in February.

Where Is Angelica Brattoli From?

Angelica Brattoli hails from Los Angeles, California.

But as of 2022, she resided in Milan, Italy.

Angelica Brattoli Job

Angelica Brattoli is an artist and a social media influencer. But she’s new in the profession as she only graduated from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in October 2022.

Prior to this, she interned in management at 700+CLUB for 5 months, worked as a “Customer service receptionist” at Villa Ciardi (formerly Conti Curtopassi), and held the job of an event coordinator at The Doge’s Pearl for almost 2 ½ years.

At Villa Ciardi, Angelica’s job was to sever the visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately and notifying the company personnel of visitor arrival. While at The Doge’s Pearl she panned and supervised events, and provided assistance and excellent customer service to patrons and guests to establish strong, and lasting relationships.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Angelica Brattoli Birthday?

 Angelica receives her birthday wishes on June 5 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

  • How Tall Is Angelica Brattoli?

Angelica stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm).

  • Is Angelica Brattoli On Instagram?

Find her on Instagram @angelica__bra.

Also, here’s her Facebook @angelica.brattoli.

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