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Hacker Charlie Evens Bio, Now, Age, Most Hated Man

Charlie Evens, a hacker assisted “revenge por* kingpin” Hunter Moore to run his website. The story is explored on Netflix’s new show The Most Hated Man. So, who is Charlie? Where is he now? Is he alive? We answer all of your questions below.

Keep on scrolling down to learn more about hacker Charlie Evens, the subject of Netflix’s The Most Hated Man.

Meet Charlie Evens, The Hacker Who Is A Subject Of Netflix’s The Most Hated Man

Netflix added another intriguing story with a three-part docu-series titled The Most Hated Man to its library of true crime. The show tells the story of Hunter Moore, the creator of the “revenge po*n” hub website, which he launched in 2010. The viewers will hear what his victims have to say about the site and people involved with taking Hunter off the internet for all times sake.

Charlie Evens was another subject in the show and a hacker who helped Hunter access more content for his deviant website.

Hunter’s website was thriving and pocketing a sizable income with the explicit image submission. However, he wanted to build more so he hired hacker Charlie Evens. Charlie and Hunter met each other when he hacked Hunter. Hunter offered to pay if he did the same work for him.

The sole purpose of recruiting Charlie was to gain more image so that they could build more profit. However, Charlie’s method of obtaining the pictures was illegal.

As reported, he hacked into women’s e-mail accounts and gained access to their nude pictures for For his expertise, Hunter was paying him $200 a week to hack into the emails.

Hunter requested Charles in one email for $250 to send him pictures of six guys and six women without clothes on. Charles, who at one point got as much as $900, was shown to be paid by Hunter through PayPal transactions.

However, Charlotte Law, the mother of one victim of Charlie named Kayla Laws, launched her own investigation. The matter also got the FBI involved and Agent Jeff Kirkpatrick arrested Charlie by discovering his email address and tracking it back to his name.

Upon his arrest, Charlie was sentenced to 25 months in prison after he plead guilty to unauthorized access to a computer system to obtain information and aggregated identity theft. Charlie stated to CNN, “It’s just scary how quickly I would drop my morals for so little. How much those women were worth, it was like $500 a week, $1,000 a week. It was just pay. I mean, it was really just my habit. Like I needed to drink … I know nobody wants to hear that, but it was a really shitty time for me”.

In 2015, hacker Charlie Evans talked to CNN and gave insight about how he got involved with Hunter Moore’s operation as he was set to appear in court on 26 May 2015. About why he joined Hunter she shared that he was in a bad place. At the time, he was just out of rehab and needed money as he was unemployed for eight months and he was fired from his job for drinking.

Charlie added that all of his victims were women because that’s where the market was and where he and Hunter could make money. They were bringing in millions of views every day. Describing his work, he added, “It’s not like I’m a genius or an evil hacker. I’m computer literate, I mean, I understand computers. But it was more just a little maneuvering and manipulating. Lying and using people”.

Coming to what he wanted to say to his victims, Charlie added, “Nothing I can say is going to be enough. I mean, when I’m out, I daydream a lot. And I’ve thought about when I’m out [of prison] if I can meet some of them and look at them and it just terrifies me. It’s just disgust in myself”.

Where Is Hacker Charlie Evens Now?

Charlie Evans’ whereabouts in 2022 are unclear, and the public can’t access any of his social media accounts. Evans is likely remaining anonymous because of the severe repercussions of his crimes, in contrast to his former colleague Moore, who is still very active on Twitter. Charlie would have been released by 2017 and is no longer in prison because he was only sentenced to 25 months in prison.

Charles was also required to complete 20 hours of community service and pay a $2000 fine, according to the judge. He lives in Studio City, California, and has been employed by a business in Los Angeles, California, in the sales division, since 2018.

Back in 2017, Charlie shared that he was recovering from his addiction and celebrated his 3rd anniversary in November 2017.

He also runs Charlie Trivia Night (CTN); Instagram (@charliestrivianight) and Facebook (@CharliesTriviaNight). He has been playing pub trivia at the Fox and Hounds in Studio City for 8 years. This inspired him to launch CTN.

CTN is “a virtual team building event. With over 560 different trivia rounds to choose from, you can create your perfect night of fun. Check out the webpage to book your trivia night now”.

You can book the trivia night here.

Hacker Charlie Evens Age Today

In August 2021, Charlie Evens turned 33 years old. August 1988 marked the year of his birth.

Is Hacker Charlie Evens On Instagram And Facebook?

No, Charlie Evens is not on Instagram. But, he is on Facebook (@charlie.evens.96) and Twitter (@chazman815).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hacker Charlie Evens From?

Hacker Charlie Evens hailed from Studio City, California. He is currently residing in the same place.

  • Is Hacker Charlie Evens Married?

No, hacker Charlie Evens doesn’t seem to be married. Or, we can say there isn’t much information on his romantic life as he tends to remain private.

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