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Haley Slaton Bio, Parents, Height, Baby Father, American Idol

Haley Slaton is an American Idol contestant for the twentieth season who seized much more than a golden ticket from her audition performance. Haley sang Miley Cyrus’ 2009 hit “The Climb” to judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. And what also wowed everyone was Haley’s backstory of how she met her now-husband, Jordan Myles, during the first round of auditions in October in Austin, Texas, and got married in December. Yes. Haley did walk into her American Idol audition as a single woman and left with her husband-to-be.

Now, get to know more about her and her short-lived journey in Idol in this ‘Haley Slaton Bio’.

Haley Slaton On American Idol

On the recently aired episode featuring the Hollywood Duets round, the judges decided to send Sam Moss to the next round while sending Haley Slaton home. Both the pregnant ladies were teamed up together by the judges for the duet round.

Together, Haley and her fellow contestants had named their team “Watermelon Smugglers” before giving their stunning performance to “Dancing on my Own”.

Both Sam and Haley’s vocals were impeccable and complemented each other’s perfectly. But then when the judges gave their decision that Haley would not make the cut in the future rounds, some of the fans were left pretty bummed. And so they went onto Twitter to out-pour their dissatisfaction with the judges’ decision as they felt Haley’s singing to be better than Sam’s.

Haley’s fans actually came up with some theories to explain why she could have been eliminated from the competition. Some were convinced that Haley’s pregnancy could be the reason behind her elimination. Because Haley was eight months pregnant at the time of filming for the show, fans believed that the showrunners might have not wanted her to go into labor while being on the show.

Haley Slaton Baby Father

Haley Slaton, at 23 years of age, was five-and-a-half months pregnant when she wowed the judges with her audition that got aired on 20th March 2022.

She confirmed during an interview with The Gazette that she gave birth to a son, Jaelyn Amir Myles, in January 2022. And though she named her son after her now-husband Jordan Myles, turns out Jordan is not the baby’s father.

After meeting early in the auditioning process, Haley and Jordan had gotten married pretty soon on Christmas Eve in 2021. And Haley also revealed that she was already pregnant before she met Jordan had he stepped up to be the father.

By the look of things, Jordan really appeared to have considered young Jaelyn as his own. Not just that. He has also confessed that marrying Haley was a very easy decision. And like that the newly married continued to express their feelings towards each other openly and publicly.

How Old Is Haley Slaton?

During mid-2021, Haley Slaton turned 23 years old.

Haley Slaton Parents

Haley Slaton says she was raised by a single mother named Sarah Gorman. Fans also definitely have noticed her accompany Haley to the American Idol audition. Sarah is a single mom of three. “Being a full college student with us growing up and a full-time job, she never gave up. She inspires me to be a good mother”, Haley said about her in during introducing herself to the Idol fans.

Sarah loves to call herself a ’70s baby’. She turned 43 years old in November 2021. Sarah also has been married to Shannon Gorman (not Hailey’s biological father) since 26 December 2014.

Haley is currently based in Swisher, Iowa, with her only. In fact, even Jordan was said to have moved from Louisiana and to be with Haley at Sarah’s house in Swisher, before moving to Cedar Rapids in May 2021.

As for siblings, there is Faith Slaton, Haley’s older sister, who went to Cedar Rapids Prairie High School, and the younger sister Lexi who turned 17 in January 2022.

(Of course) Haley also mentioned a now-widowed grandmother, Alice Fitzpatrick, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Haley Slaton Height

Seemingly a natural blonde, Haley Slaton stood below 5’4” tall in height as she cradled her baby bump of five-and-a-half months old, on the American Idol stage.

Is Haley Slaton On Instagram?

Yes. Haley Slaton could be found on Instagram @haleymyles_ where she had 20 posts and 4,258 followers as of 5 April 2022.

Haley also seemed active on ‘Haley Myles (Haley Slaton)’ Facebook and TikTok @haleymyles_. But clearly, she is not a fan of social media. She likely created her accounts on TikTok and Instagram to document and promote her American Idol journey. She mostly kept a low profile other than that.

Haley Slaton Job

Haley Slaton was introduced as a Temp Agency worker to American Idol viewers.

If you also need to know how much she made from this job, estimates that the average pay at the temporary employment agency is $51 thousand per year.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Haley Slaton’s Birthday?

The 26th of June is when Haley Slaton celebrates her birthday making her a Cancer.

  • Where Is Haley Slaton From?

Haley Slaton hails from Amana, Iowa, her hometown. Now (in 2022), with the baby and her husband she had been based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  • How Much Is Haley Slaton’s Net Worth?

Haley Slaton held less than $100 thousand as her net worth as of April 2022.

Other than this day job that we mentioned earlier, Haley is also a singer. She noted that she is interested in singing covers of country, pop, and soul music. She shared that she grew up singing anything, mostly country or even gospel music.

Growing up in church, Haley described, she was singing since she was 3 years old. “Just being able to actually show my voice to the world — that was the biggest thing for me.” So, in more recent times, she assured her fans that despite her journey on Idol may be coming to an end her musical journey, in general, is not.

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