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Hanna Korpisaari Bio, Age, Job, Lauri Vuohensilta Girlfriend

Meet Hanna Korpisaari, Lauri Vuohensilta’s girlfriend. Fans of Lauri who runs a Hydraulic Press YouTube channel noticed a new woman on the channel and inquired about their relationship. Along with the details of their relationship, here we discuss her age, job, and more.

So, keep reading to read all that we know about her.

Meet Hanna Korpisaari, Lauri Vuohensilta Girlfriend

Hanna Korpisaari is the new girlfriend of the Hydraulic Press Channel host Lauri Vuohensilta. The YouTuber flaunted his new girlfriend for the first time in March 2023. They were off to  a fancy party and wrote, “#fancyparty with @hanna_k0.”

However, their relationship was one year old in April 2023. Lauri wished his partner, “One year with @hanna_k0 today 🥳🥰 We were both looking for some fun for the summer and the idea was maybe meet once a week. Now we are almost all the time together and Hanna is a big part of the HPC team. So things dont always work like you plan and it’s great 😄.”

Hanna is a mother to at least two children based on her Instagram. Her younger child Aapeli turned 7 years old in July 2023.

In November 2019, Hanna shared about her first time experiencing motherhood while writing, “Eight years ago I became a mother. Today we celebrate our firstborn’s birthday, but at the same time, I can gratefully remember my own journey as a mother and congratulate myself as well. Is the hardest dune there is. But the salary is the biggest I can ever earn.  #mom  #firstborn  #son  #myboy  #mylove.”

A significant change has been observed in Lauri’s videos by her audience. He used to appear in the videos with his wife, but lately, a new girl has begun taking his place.

The original model for Lauri’s videos was Anni, his now ex-wife. But before the holidays in 2022, Lauri and Anni made the decision to end their marriage since their perspectives on the future had evolved. On December 29, 2022, they announced the news in a YouTube video.

While their home and his hydraulic press project have remained in his dream, Anni no longer desired them and the YouTube channel. Before their divorce, they also maintained an open relationship during which they “both met amazing people,” according to them.

They said that having an open relationship did not result in their divorce but rather delayed it. They later chose to get divorced because they are still close friends but their priorities have changed. So they made the decision to divorce rather than continue living together unhappy.

Lauri and Anni seem to get along well after the divorce. Nevertheless, Lauri shortly started dating Hanna, whose Instagram bio states that her job is “cleaning the most fanciful mess on the Hydraulic Press Channel.” Hanna is from Finland, just like Lauri and Anni, and she enjoys writing about her adventures with Lauri, riding bikes and motorbikes, and engaging in other outdoor activities.

While Anni is missed, we are glad that she and Lauri are content with their choice. Hanna seems to be blending right in with the Hydraulic Press family already.

Is Hanna Korpisaari The New Girl On Hydraulic Press Channel?

Yes, Hanna Korpisaari is likely the new girl on the Hydraulic Press channel.

Hanna Korpisaari Job

On her Instagram bio, Hanna Korpisaari states that her current job is “Cleaning the most fanciful mess @hydraulicpresschannel.” She started working in the channel in January 2023.

Hanna attended Hausjärvi High School, and Omnian Vocational College, and went to Tredu from 2015 to 2017.

In April 2018, Hanna shared on her IG that she donated ovum to Ovumia Fertinova. She added, “The first self-prick in my life. This is the start of a couple of weeks, #egg donation. There has been a journey up to now, but now it is starting to be quite concrete. This is probably the biggest gift I can ever give❤️ #donatingeggs #gonalf #biggestgift #ovumiafertinova.”

Hanna’s pastime hobbies are skiing, bike riding, and hitting the gym.

Hanna Korpisaari Age

As of September 2023, Hanna Korpissari is 34 years old.

How Tall Is Hanna Korpisaari?

Hanna Korpisaari stands tall at 5’5”. She has a few tattoos on her body which are his distinct features.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hanna Korpisaari From?

Hanna Korpisaari hailed from Finland.

  • When Is Hanna Korpisaari Birthday?

Hanna Korpissari celebrates her birthday on 1 May.

  • Is Hanna Korpisaari On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Hanna Korpisaari is on both Instagram and Facebook.

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