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Sabiyah Broderick Bio, Girlfriend, Parents, Height, Survivor 45

Sabiyah Broderick grew up watching Survivor since about the age of five or six, even when they didn’t have a fancy cable and stuff. Like that, she fell in love with the show and eventually, she also found herself taking part in the competition. We are speaking of the newly dropped Survivor 45 in which Sabiyah decided to go as a contestant. Keep reading and we shall tell you all about Sabiyah and her Survivor journey.

Sabiyah Broderick On Survivor 45

Sabiyah Broderick decided to take the haul all the way out to Fiji hoping to drive away a million dollars richer. But more than fame and riches, it was her love for track that pushed her to become a part of Survivor 45. While in college at Augusta State, she used to be a track and field runner by trade.

Looking back on all the years and seasons of Survivor history, Sabiyah said she has been looking up to Circie, who in spite of being a non-winner managed to entice people with her big sister/mother element and quality, and Tony, who also managed to win the competition. These are a few of the Survivor alumni Sabiyah identifies with.

Talking to, Sabiyah also shared that it was her life experience in the boot camp for the Marine Corps that prepared her most for the game.

During the said interview, Sabiyah was also asked “What are you seeking in an alliance partner?”, which she started answering by saying “I know this is gonna be kind of weird, but I’ll explain it after I say it”. Then, she pointed out that she would be looking for people who are innately followers in the beginning. People who won’t get up to put away their plates until they see somebody else do it were also the ones she hoped to find.

In simpler words, Sabiyah has also said that she will be the “Sole Survivor” just because she has been preparing unconsciously for this show her whole life. She gushed it is her destiny to be one.

Sabiyah Broderick Job

Sabiyah Broderick has been a sergeant/aviation logistics specialist at the United States Marine Corps since 14 May 2017. As of 2023, Sabiyah also had been working as a truck driver. Not long ago, she explained to how she ended up driving trucks. She explained that she had a buddy who worked night crew with her, Corporal Wolf, and it was from him she came to know about the “troops into transportation” course. So, after he was out of the military, she found the trucking industry to be blooming and thought this would be something that she would be doing on the civilian side.

On her LinkedIn, Sabiyah also describes herself as a dedicated and experienced logistics professional with years of supply chain management.

Coming this far in life, Sabiyah has said she is most proud of her serving her country and helping her dad vacation to Africa.

Between October 2020 and May 2022, she studied Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA, Business Administration, Management and Operations at Park University. Even prior, he studied at Locust Grove High School (August 2009 – May 2013).

How Old Is Sabiyah Broderick?

Sabiyah Broderick was born in 1995. So, she reached the age of 28 in 2023.

Sabiyah Broderick Girlfriend

As of September 2023, Sabiyah Broderick continued marking her relationship status as being “in a relationship”.

Who Are Sabiyah Broderick Parents?

For Sabiyah, her parents are her greatest inspiration. Her dad, Hugh Broderick, is an immigrant from Jamaica, born into poverty. Lately, he has been teaching engineering and has three degrees. Sabiyah’s dad also attended Troy University and Columbus State University before starting his career.

About her mom Tamu Berry-Broderick, Sabiyah has said she had to raise five kids and battled isolation from her own family at times.

It appears Sabiyah’s parents are no longer together. Her mom on Facebook marked her relationship as being “separated” and her dad, on his marked being “married”.

Sabiyah’s mom, on her FB, also mentioned being an educator and Kingston College, Mercer University, and Essex Community College alumni.

Also, here are a few things that we learned about Sabiyah’s brothers.

One is Hadori Broderick, a self-proclaimed author, writer, illustrator, and combat medic specialist at the Georgia Army National Guard (since 9 January 2022). Also, he has been married to Shretha Broderick since 13 May 2017.

Other brothers are Hakeali Broderick, a Middle Georgia State University former alum, HataliPhi Broderick, a staff sergeant at U.S. Army, and Phi Nebula.

Sabiyah Broderick Height

Sabiyah Broderick stands above 5’8” in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Sabiyah Broderick From?

Sabiyah Broderick originally hails from Locust Grove, Henry County in Georgia. Locust Grove is this little town about 45 minutes down south of Atlanta. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

  • When Is Sabiyah Broderick Birthday?

Sabiyah Broderick’s birthday is on August 25th and that makes her Virgo.

  • Is Sabiyah Broderick On Instagram?

Sabiyah Broderick can be found on Instagram @_thesoularpapi with 30 posts and 3,253 followers as of September 2023. From time to time, she has been also sharing glimpses of her life on ‘Sabiyah Broderick’ Facebook.

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