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Hannah Conda Bio, Age, Real Name, Partner, Drag Race

Meet Hannah Conda. star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season 2. She is one of the 10 contestants competing to win the competition. In this article, you’ll learn about her age, real name, partner, and her drag race journey.

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Hannah Conda On Drag Race Down Under Season 2

Hannah Conda came out at the age of 17. Her mother knew that she was gay so she came out as gay to her family. At the age of 18, she went to the court hotel. There, she saw “wild beasts” who were drag queens, it was her first introduction to the drag world. Her first thought upon seeing them was “Wow! they are scary, I wanna be one of those”.

Her friend Ruby who just started doing drag offered to help her with the makeup. It was going to be a one-night thing. Her first spot was Wear My Kiss by Sugababes (remix). It has been twelve years and she is still shining in the drag world.

In February 2020, while interviewing with AlrightHey, Hannah learned about Drag Race Down Under. In midst of the interview, Hannah started singing “RuPaul Cast Me On Your Show, If You Don’t I’ll Explode”. She didn’t appear in the first season, but in season 2, the queen is here.

After the song, Hannah shared that she wanted to audition to be on the show as it has always been her goal. She added, “I would love to do it… on my home soil, with my Australian sisters because I think we’d make a great TV”.

For Hannah Conda, drag is magical, escapism, therapy, and a creative outlet. It’s about diversifying and playing in different fields and continuing to learn and grow. She specializes in wig styling, makeup, creating looks, and solo spot numbers.

Did You Know — Hannah applied for RuPaul Drag Race USA by submitting her video. She was rejected at the time because she was Australian.

Hannah Conda Age

As of July 2022, Hannah Conda is 30 years old.

What Is Hannah Conda Real Name?

The real name or boy name of Hannah Conda is Chris Collins.

Hannah Conda Partner

While in Perth, Hannah Conda had a boyfriend. But, to move to Sydney, she ended things with him.

As of May 2021, Hannah was dating her boyfriend Jack Lewis. They appeared together for the last time in May 2021. She captioned the post, “The love I have for this gentle human is beyond anything. Always ready to have a gay old time and the judgment is minimal for my crazy ways. Thank you for being a shining light in my world”.

Hannah also tried to apply for the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK version with the help of Jack (as he is British) so that she could capitalize on that.

On Jack’s birthday in July 2022, she wished, “Today is my beautiful birthday!!!! Each and every day with you brings me so much joy. Thank you for being my sidekick, glamorous costar in life, co-parenting to Maple, and a 10/10 husband (ring TBC). I love you with all my heart Jack-a-roo. Happy birthday”.

Hannah and Jack can be spotted together as early as March of 2017. However, her current relationship status is unclear.

Hannah Conda Job

In Sydney, Hannah Conda was running an entertainment venue called The Court Hotel where she started. She was putting and producing shows at the venue. She also had a day job at the Sunglass Hut.

Hannah always had plans to move and didn’t know where but when she started coming to Sydney she realized it was the place she wanted to be.

So, Hannah started working and saving money. She planned the move 6 or 7 months before she actually did it. So, when it was time to do it. she swapped her day job. Although drag was her part-time job she earned a full-time income from it,  and her job at Sunglass Hut became her side job.

Four months after moving to Sydney, Hannah quit her day job and she is thankful for it. She didn’t care because she was calling in sick to do her drag.

Hannah has also been doing story time in costume for kids at childcare centers and libraries for about five years. She says that she was one of the first drag queens to bring the phenomenon to Sydney. She loves working with children because “they take you for face value”.

Speaking with Sydney Morning Herald, Hannah added, “You learn that behaviors adults have are learned; like intolerance and homophobia and transphobia and bigotry. Kids take you at face value and are kind and loving”.

The drag queen also tried to establish a world record for the largest drag queen story-time at Mardi Gras in 2020.

Coming to who inspires her, Hannah shared that it was her parents who are hardworking people. She also learned authenticity and honesty from her parents. She lives by the motto that her father instilled in her, “Prior Preparation Prevents Pis*-Poor Performance”. In terms of drag, she is inspired by anyone’s courage to get up and do it.

Hannah was also critical of a bill introduced to Federal Parliament last week by One Nation senator Pauline Hanson that sought to prohibit “indoctrination of children” in schools. Among other things, the bill seeks to ban “controversial sexual programs that teach gender fluidity”.

Hannah said Senator Hanson’s views are out of touch with the world. She added, “Gender fluidity has been around for probably hundreds of years, it’s just now as a human race we’re starting to be OK with that and talk about it”.

Is Hannah Conda On Instagram?

Hannah Conda is on Instagram (@hannahcondaofficial). She has deleted her Facebook (@HannahCondaHC) and Twitter (@hannahconda1307). She also has a YouTube channel.

Hannah Conda Height

Hannah Conda’s height measures under 5 feet 7 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Hannah Conda From?

Originally Hannah Conda was born in Queensland. But, she grew up in Perth. She has been living in Sydney since 2015.

  • Did Hannah Conda Appear On Keeping Up With Kardashian?

Yes, she did appear on Keeping Up Kardashian. It was when Khloe Kardashian came to Sydney, that Hannah Conda called in sick to not miss the opportunity to be in The Kardashians. Khloe shot the show with Hannah and two other drag queens. She was filling in for her friend Minnie because she was in America at the time.

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