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Hannah Price Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Biological Father

The band Daughtry’s lead singer Chris Daughtry has lost her step-daughter Hannah Price to ‘homicide’ according to the reports of TMZ. She was a mother of two and her boyfriend was arrested by the police. Prayers and good thoughts are flooding into the socials of friends and families.

Learn more about her with this Hanna Price Wikipedia. Here we cover information on her boyfriend, her biological father, the cause of her death.

Meet Hannah Price, Chris Daughtry’s Late Step-Daughter

Hannah Price, better known as the stepdaughter of singer Chris Daughtry, was found dead. Her body was discovered in her Nashville home on 12 November 2021.

To confirm the death, Chris Daughtry took to his Instagram. He posted a photo of his stepdaughter and wrote a lengthy post. The singer started by sharing that he was still processing and he was devastated and heartbroken. Chris also shared that he recently lost his mother but he had the moment with her to say his goodbyes.

But, Hannah, he never got to say goodbye to her and it was a huge hit to the Daughtry family. Chris thanked all of his fans on his social media for the kind words. He ended the post with, “Hannah, I love you. I miss you. I wish I could hold you. This hurts so deeply💔💔💔.”

More about her family, Hannah Price had at least one sibling her brother Griffin. She also has a half-sister on her father’s side named Jane Barber. And two step-siblings Adalynn Rose Daughtry and Noah James Daughtry, surrogate twins of Deanna and Chris Daughtry.

Her mother Deanna also went on her Instagram and said her goodbyes to her daughter. She wrote: “My firstborn. I love you endlessly Hannah. Our family would like to thank you all for the outpouring of love as we grieve the loss of our daughter Hannah.”

Then Deanna ended the post, “We are awaiting the autopsy results to determine how Hannah sustained the injuries that caused her death. Our hearts are broken.”

Hannah’s parents had recently celebrated the 21st anniversary of their marriage.

Hannah Price Biological Father

Chris Daughtry was the step-father of Hannah. So, of course, she has a biological father and his name is Randall Scott Price. However, Randall didn’t have to carry the burden of the loss of his children because he committed suicide in March 2018 at the age of 51.

Hannah’s father Randall was born to Mike Price and Judy Price on 4 August 1966 in Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas, USA. In his career life, Hannah’s father worked most of his life as a Paramedic for Davidson County EMS before becoming a nurse. He also worked as a flight nurse in Chinle, AZ, and Roswell, NM before retiring to Nacogdoches, TX for his last years of life.

Outside of his duty, Hannah’s biological father Randall Scott Price took hobbies such as fishing, hunting, and traveling. He was passionate about donating to his church, Melrose Baptist, and to the Gideons.

Hannah Price Cause Of Death

While the cause of death of Hannah Price was ruled out as homicide. According to the reports of TMZ, detectives revealed to the Daughtry family that the cause of death was a homicide. The site report also revealed police arrested Hannah’s boyfriend Bobby Jolly.

But, authorities didn’t confirm if he was arrested for the same reason or not.

Earlier on Saturday, Deanna had revealed that the family was waiting for the autopsy results to determine how Hannah sustained the injuries that caused her death. According to New York Post, Hannah had troubled last years. It seems to have been filled with violence and tragedy.

Hannah dealt with the death of her father by suicide. Eight months later, she and her roommate were caught up in a run-in with gang members in Humboldt, Tennessee. She was shot in the face, underwent surgery, and had to be fitted with a prosthetic eye, according to her social media and news reports.

She established a GoFundMe on 16 October 2018 and showed her injured face. The fundraiser stopped at $945.

Hannah Price Boyfriend

Yes, Hannah Price had a boyfriend named Bobby Jolly. After the death of Hannah, Bobby was arrested at Fentress County Jail on Friday, the very same day Hannah’s boy was discovered. The authority didn’t reveal the reason behind their arrest or if he was a suspect or a person of interest.

Bobby Jolly, Hannah Price Boyfriend (Pic: Bobby’s IG)

The length of Hannah and Bobby’s relationship couldn’t be discovered. Nor the story behind how they met each other in the first place has been made public. However, online sources revealed Hannah was also a mother of two kids. And the question about the baby father of Hannah Price is yet to be answered.

Brad can only be discovered on Facebook and his handle is @bobby.jolly.35. But, the platform didn’t contain even a single post related to Hannah. Moreover, it hasn’t been updated since February 2020. He is also on Instagram (@bobbyjolly1) with only 5 posts and none of them had anything to do with Hannah.

Bobby Jolly in a keypad sparring with his followers (Pic: Bobby’s IG)

The Instagram post surfaced with a comment that addressed Bobby’s involvement. An Instagram user named @americangoth commented ‘ugly’ on his pic. To which Bobby replied, “F**k you, how about you hop your funky ass the f**k up off of my shit! Sorry, not sorry….”

Then another IG user @jamiepaytonaz intervened,”@bobbyjolly1 are you sorry for killing her?”

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Hannah Price Born?

Hannah Price was allegedly born in Texas, United States.

  • Did Hannah Price Have Instagram, Facebook?

Yes, Hannah Price had Instagram and might even have a Facebook but it appears both of her socials are deactivated.

  • Where Did Hannah Price Recieve Her Education?

Hannah Price attended Churchland Elementary School in Lexington, North Carolina.

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