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Vivek Deora Bio, Maneet Chauhan, Age, Net Worth

Everybody knows Maneet Chauhan, the celebrity chef from the show Chopped. Well, if you do not know her, she is the chef that appears on Food Network’s show Chopped. But who is Maneet’s husband-cum-business partner Vivek Deora?

Read more about Vivek Deora in this article.

Meet Vivek Deora, Maneet Chauhan’s Husband

Vivek Deora is not only Maneet’s husband of over 14 years but also her business partner. He first met Maneet when they were both studying at Manipal University (read below). They started courting but soon they were off to their different paths in life.

Vivek went to study in England, Maneet to the US to train as a chef. From England, The former went to the Netherlands to work for the Hyatt group; and then to the USA to join Lake Tahoe. He went to Singapore, Bali, Shanghai. And all this time, he had sustained his relationship with Maneet.

They were a long-distance relationship in those times when the internet was not around. Eventually, they reunited in Chicago.

And Vivek and Maneet settled down and got married. They were married on 28th May 2007. They celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary this year. They currently live in Nashville and have two kids.

If you peek into their social media, you can find the two of them enjoying their time together. They have a “20 years back” throwback photo, photos of them on vacation, photos of their kids playing, and so on.

Vivek Deora Age

Vivek Deora was reportedly born in 1976, or so says some of our sources. And provided that it is true, as of November 2021, Vivek was 45 years of age.

Vivek Deora Net Worth

Vivek Deora is reportedly a millionaire. His total net worth, as of 2021, was well over $2 million.

Vivek is a restauranteur by profession. Currently, he owns and ran four restaurants in Nashville with his wife. Chauhan Ale & Masala House is their main business. Tansuo is a chinese restaurnat. The Mockingbird is the modern diner. Then there is Chaatable, an Indian street food joint.

Their restaurant business was going quite well until the pandemic. However, during the pandemic, they had to lay off a total of 200 employees from their four restaurants. Vivek and Maneet have said that the experience of removing 200 people from their job was a very difficult thing for them.

Vivek might not be a celebrity cook and handles the business side of the restaurant business. But he was a good cook nonetheless. And apparently, he was very meticulous about cooking.

In the past, Vivek has worked in eight different countries. And has opened 23 different restaurants so far.

Vivek was also a board member at Hops Spring Beer Park in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the CEO of Morph Hospitality Group.

For his education, Vivek went to Manipal University’s hotel management school called WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration and obtained a BHM degree. Later, he graduated from Bournemouth University with an MSc degree in Hospitality Administration.

Maneet also went to the same college in Manipal University as him. However later, she went on to train at Culinary Institute of America.

Is Vivek Deora On Instagram?

Yes, Vivek is on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @deora_vivek, which has 1.9k followers. Vivek also had a Twitter account but it was suspended.

Vivek Deora Weight Loss

It seems that both Vivek Deora and his wife have had significant weight loss in recent times. Vivek’s weight loss was probably more gradual. He has reduced his weight little by little over the years. Manet’s weight loss was more inspired. And if one watches Chopped, you can witness her amazing transformation.

Vivek Deora Height

Vivek Deora is quite a tall man, especially for an Indian man. He stands at almost 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Vivek Deora Born?

Vivek was born in Jaipur, India. His wife, Maneet, on the other hand, was born and raised in Ranchi.

  • What Do We Know About Vivek Deora’s Family?

We know that the name of Vivek’s mother-in-law is Hardeep Chauhan. And his mother’s name is Shashi Deora. We do not know the name of his father but he was a respected doctor in Jaipur.

Vivek also has a brother named Abishek Deora.

Although Vivek is a son of a doctor, he did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. And when he was young, he was not very good at studies. Instead, he was a good athlete. It wasn’t until he found his calling in hotel management that he did well in his studies.

  • When Does Vivek Deora Celebrate His Birthday?

Vivek celebrates his birthday every year on the first of November Scorpio.

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