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Harriet Blackmore Bio, Love Island, Age, Job, Brother

Love Island participant Harriet Blackmore has retaliated against allegations that she “defended” a football player from the Premier League after the football player was allegedly seen “attacking a group of women.” She is a new signee on the new season of Love Island featuring 11 contestants.

Learn more about Harriet Blackmore’s controversy and her reaction to it. Along with that, we’ll cover more details about her age, job, and brother in this article here.

Harriet Blackmore On Love Island

‘He’s a Premier League football player, please leave him alone,’ Harriett Blackmore was spotted telling an unidentified female in a video that surfaced that is causing a stir. A social media user claims she ‘hurled abuse at us because her brother and his mates attacked us on a night out in Brighton.’ The recent signee told MailOnline that she was only trying to “defuse” the issue, which she claims happened in her hometown “years ago.”

Harriet argued that the individuals involved were ‘antagonizing’ her brother and the mystery sportsmen, and that it wasn’t ‘fair’ that they were ‘throwing cameras in his face.’

She said: ‘The video was so many years ago if it’s the one I’m thinking of… there’s not anything to say about that story.”

“If you have seen it, you can see all I’m trying to do is defuse the situation, it was actually one of my really good friends, who is in the public eye, he’s a football player, and my brother, and these fans… people were antagonising him, we were just trying to enjoy our night and I didn’t think it was fair people were putting cameras in his face.”

She added, “I was just trying to mediate the situation and get them away from him.”

The woman, whose identity is still unknown, stated on social media, ‘You beat up my friend’ before Harriett replied, ‘He’s a Premier League football player, please leave him alone’ with the female reiterating, ‘I don’t care, he beat up my friend.’

In May 2024, Harriet was announced as one of the cast of Love Island. She has been receiving backlashes ever since. However, sources close to the contestant say she is “upset” and believes the situation has been exaggerated. She has been informed about the criticism by ITV as she withdraws ahead of the show’s premiere without access to the Internet.

They added: “Harriett can’t wait to arrive at the Love Island villa but this hiccup has affected her, it’s the last thing she wanted to happen. She stands by there’s no bigger story here and viewers will hopefully see she’s the type of person to defuse the drama rather than create it.”

Talking about her appearance on the show, Harriet said: “I am a mediator, of course I will always stick up for what’s right and I’ll always be a good friend but no, I wouldn’t be involved in drama, I would try to defuse the situation.”

Hailed herself as girl’s girl, Harriet shared that she doesn’t want to “step on their toes but at the end of the day, we are all in there for the same reason and you don’t know these people before… your ultimate goal is to find love, if you have to step on a few toes to get there, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

The Islander has also denied rumors that she is in a secret relationship, stating that she is ‘newly single’ following the end of her previous relationship, which ended four months ago. The Sun was informed by sources days before she was confirmed for the ITV2 series, Harriett had told her ex-boyfriend, “I love you,” and given him a scrapbook full of pictures from their time together.

“So, I am recently single, in the last four months. The show is always something I have been open to and considered doing so I think that door closed and this one opened and that’s why I’m here. I didn’t tell my ex because obviously we have to keep in confidential, so I don’t know what his reaction is… I imagine he will be surprised but he ended it with me so he will have to deal with anything that comes after that.”

Harriet added, “Nothing went wrong… there’s not much tea there. He went away with his friends, came back home and decided he didn’t want to be with me. He works in London and I’m in Brighton, which isn’t that far but it was kind of long distance and he was always travelling away for work and I was here, it was the wrong time I guess.”

The new season of Love Island premieres on 3 June 2024 on ITV1, ITV2, ITVX, STV and STV Player.

Harriet Blackmore Age

At the time of filming the show, Harriet Blackmore was 24 years old.

Harriet Blackmore Brother

Harriet Blackmore’s brother is named Henry Blackmore. She follows him on Instagram, and he is a defender for Peacehaven and Telecombe Football Club. He previously played for Whitehawk in October 2020 before joining Peacehaven and Telecombe Football Club.

Harriet Blackmore Job

Harriet Blackmore is a professional dancer and personal shopper. She disclosed that she was pals with a well-known YouTuber and that one of her most recent gigs was being a personal shopper for a well-known musician.

She said: “Being a bit of an IT girl in Brighton, I’ve done personal shopping for the rapper Arrdee and one of my best friends is Saffron Barker the YouTuber.”

Harriet Blackmore Height

Harriet Blackmore’s height measures under 5 feet 3 inches.

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  • Is Harriet Blackmore On Instagram?

Indeed, Harriet Blackmore is available on Instagram (@harriblackmorex) with 41.3K followers.

  • When Is Harriet Blackmore Birthday?

It is not clear when is Harriet Blackmore’s birthday.

  • Where Is Harriet Blackmore From?

Harriet Blackmore is a native of Brighton, England.

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