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Jessica White Bio, Love Island, Age, Plastic Surgery, Job

Get to know Jessica White who is one of the contestants on season 11 of Love Island. The new season premiered in early June 2024. Learn more about her in this article below.

Here we will also discuss her age, plastic surgery, job, and more.

Jessica White On Love Island

It has been verified that Jessica White is one of the new stars of season 11 of Love Island. Since all of her friends are in committed relationships, Jess claims she wanted to participate in the show to avoid falling behind.

“All my friends are in relationships, settled down with babies and I’m going to end up that aunt that rocks up at family parties and they say ‘she’s still not met someone, she’s still going to Ibiza having a midlife crisis,” Jessica shared. “I just want to meet somebody and to be able to do all of that stuff too.”

Before making her appearance on the show, Jess continued to explain why she believes she is single.

“I think I’m single because I don’t underestimate the fact that I’m hard work. I know what I want and I’m not easily pleased. When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men – men don’t always want that.”

Jessica added, “I think that can sometimes put people off me because I am quite loud and you can hear me before you see me. Some men love that though.”

She’s made clear what she expects from any prospective romantic interest she may encounter on the show. About her future partner, she added, “I would say nice teeth, I love a set of white Turkey teeth but a good set of Turkey teeth. I would say personality traits, you have to be family orientated.”

Jessica wished her partner to be family oriented. “”I’m so close to my mum and I’d like my future partner to be really close with their family too. You have to be tall, you can’t be shorter than me, I can’t be having to question whether I can wear heels around you and what height of heels I can wear.”

Love Island’s upcoming season will premiere on June 3, 2024, at 9:30 p.m. For series 11, Jess will be among the first Islanders inside the mansion. Ten other singletons will join her in the hopes that it will be a summer to remember. They will be joined over the coming weeks by a number of other bombshells, which is guaranteed to create drama and tension.

Jessica White Age

At the time of filming the show, Jessica White was 25 years of age. She was born in 1999.

Who Are Jessica White Parents?

The only family member Jessica White is connected with on her social is Sue White. Based on their pictures, Sue is likely Jessica’s mother but she has yet to confirm it. Furthermore, Sue appears to be the only assumed parent we currently know of.

On her social, Jessica hasn’t shared any details about her family members that included her parents and siblings.

Jessica White Plastic Surgery

It is not confirmed whether Jessica White went through any plastic surgery procedures. It is because of her dramatic physical transformation that she has achieved. Stockport resident Jess was photographed both “before” and “after” the first half of her rigorous regimen. In two ‘before’ photos, the attractive brunette could be seen panting heavily in the gym while wearing tight turquoise leggings and a black crop top.

Later, to showcase her makeover, Jess took a selfie in a tiny bikini with a zebra print.


Another followers chimed in, “Can’t tell you how proud I am of this girl!”

“A few months in Jess was getting irritated that she didn’t get those QUICK results that fad diets often sell you, ” another follower added.

Jessica White Job

Jessica White manages retail establishments at Marks & Spencer. She reportedly left her previous employers “furious” because she turned down a significant job raise to pursue her romantic interests in the villa.

This was prior to her sudden departure a few weeks ago to participate in the popular ITV2 dating program. The Sun is aware of Jess left her bosses with a bad taste in their mouths when she confirmed she would be searching for love under the Majorcan sun, without explaining to them why she had quit at the time.

The news is believed to have been especially hurtful because her employers “jumped through hoops” weeks prior to advance her to the position of store manager, which is the highest forward-facing position in the organization. Hard-working Jess would have become among the youngest store managers in the entire UK as a result.

Many of her coworkers have steadfastly supported her, but many who had battled to elevate her to the top have expressed their “dismay” at her choice.

A source close to Jess told The Sun: “The news that Jess walked out on her huge promotion after a few weeks has really not gone down well with senior management. She had been an exemplary worker and they had championed her and pushed for her to receive this new promotion. One described it like a ‘kick in the teeth’ after all the hard work they had put in.”

“M&S had high hopes for Jess and even though she is only 25 – there were clear visions that she could go very far within the business.”

Jess has previously worked at many Greater Manchester stores, including Prestwich, Stockport, and Manchester City Center. It was assumed that she started her training for the top job in a store in Handforth, Cheshire.

Jessica White Height

Jessica White’s height measures above 5 feet 3 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Jessica White On Instagram?

Yes, on Instagram (@jessamywhite) Jessica White has 5199 followers.

  • When Is Jessica White Birthday?

On 4 May, Jessica White celebrates her birthday.

  • Where Is Jessica White From?

Jessica White hailed from Stockport, England.

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