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Hayden Carter Bio, Now, Age, IG, Michelle Carter Sister

Meet Hayden Carter, sister of Michelle Carter.

Hulu has created a mini-series titled The Girl From Plainville starring Elle Fanning who would be playing Hayden’s sister in the show. The show explores the 2014 suicide of Conrad Roy III and the trial that follows his death. The show also featured Hayden Carter. Learn about her, the actress who is playing her on the show, her age, IG, and other related information.

Meet Hayden Carter, Michelle Carter Sister

Hayden Carter is the sister of Michelle Carter, the friend or “girlfriend” of Conrad Joy III who died in July 2014. They were allegedly the two children of David and Gail Carter. Her father, now 58-year-old, worked as the manager of the supplier of forklifts. Meanwhile, Gail, now 54-year-old worked as a design coordinator.

Because of the way they dressed, Conrad’s grandmother perceived Hayden’s parents as influential.

The Carters lived in a quiet neighborhood of Plainville that abuts Witch Pond. They lived in a three-bedroom on a standard-issue cul de sac.

Conrad, a native of Plainville, Massachusetts, met Hayden’s sister Michelle in Florida and they struck a friendship in 2012. Conrad was visiting his great-aunt a few doors down whereas Michelle came to visit her grandparents.

From the point of their first time meeting to the death of Conrad, they only met around 5 to 10 times.

Michelle had also mentioned Hayden in their conversation. Conrad was searching for methods to die and the odds of it. “Carbon monoxide or helium gas. I want to deprive myself of oxygen,” he said. “I WANT TO DIE.” But he was worried about leaving his family.

Michelle said that if Hayden died, she would be “extremely upset for a week or two” but would get over it.

Despite the inadequate personal meetings, Michelle and Conrad connected on Facebook or text. Michelle, broken up over the tragic death of her boyfriend, communicated with each other. Conrad shared his insecurities and vulnerabilities with her via text that was nearly 317 pages.

Based on the texts authorities were able to get their hands on, the exchanges pointed to the direction that if it wasn’t for Michelle, Conrad would’ve been alive. Michelle constantly pressured and influenced him to take his life to the point he ended up doing it.

On the last day, Conrad was alive, he told his mom that he would visit a friend and drove away in his pickup truck and it was the last time his family saw him alive. He was found dead in the parking lot of K-Mart intoxicated with Carbon monoxide that took his life.

Where Is Hayden Carter Now?

The whole Carter family is now living life away from the public attention. Since they maintain a low-key public profile, it is impossible to tell how they are leading their lives after the incident. But, the family appears to be still residing in Massachusetts.

In 2020, Hayden’s sister Michelle was released after serving 11 months in prison. She was initially served two and a half years in prison, although this was reduced to 15 months. She is still on probation as of 2022 so it is unlikely that she left the US.

Hayden Carter Age

As of 2022, Hayden Carter should be under 24 years old.

Hayden Carter Job

There is no information on Hayden Carter’s job. There are no details regarding her on the internet.

What Is Hayden Carter Marital Status?

Like her professional life, Hayden Carter’s personal life is also absolutely private. Whether she is in a relationship with someone or not is beyond research. So, whether Hayden is married or dating someone, is impossible to discover because of her low-key lifestyle.

Is Hayden Carter On IG?

No, Hayden Carter doesn’t seem to be on Instagram but her sister is. You can find her at (@michyc47). It was the same account that she had used to comment about the death of Conrad on several platforms.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Hayden Carter Live Today?

Hayden Carter could still be living in Plainville, Massachusetts.

  • Who Plays Hayden Carter In The Girl From Plainville?

The actor playing Hayden Carter is actress Callie Brook McClincy. The actress is known for her work in Outcast, The Originals, and Chicago Med among other TV shows.

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