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Heather Amin Bio, Age, Job, Net Worth, Married, RHOC

Heather Amin might not be a permanent RHOC cast, but she has a history with Tamra Judge, Jennifer Pedranti and her boyfriend Ryan Boyajian.

Get to know her better as this Heather Amin Bio proceeds.

Meet Heather Amin, Tamara Judge Friend On RHOC Real Housewives Of Orange County

Heather Amin was first introduced to The Real Housewives of Orange County as a friend of Tamra Judge. She then quickly became involved in the drama surrounding Jen Pedranti and her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian.

It seems Heather and Jen used to be friends and met through CUT Fitness. But they had a falling out which ended their friendship. So, as a good friend, Tamra takes the opportunity to reunite the ladies at Emily Simpson’s pool party, where tensions rise.

According to Tamra, Ryan Boyajian accidentally sent a suggestive photo to people he shouldn’t have, including Heather Amin, Jen, and his family. This incident became a major point of contention on the show.

Natally, Heather and Jen’s conversation at the party becomes heated. The latter said that she didn’t trust Heather’s intentions because of Heather’s former friendship with Ryan. Jenn believes that Heather may have ulterior motives and that she was dropping information to cause drama because she thought she would end up with Ryan.

At the pool party, Heather and Jenn had a private conversation to address the issues between them. Jenn felt that there was something personal between Heather and her relationship with Ryan. But Heather denied having any romantic relationship with Ryan and claimed she received an unwarranted nude photo from him accidentally.

Then, tensions escalate as Heather, Tamra, and Jenn as Heather questioned Jenn’s honesty about her relationship with Ryan — suggesting that they were not on a break when he got involved with someone else.

Overall, Tamra tries to mediate the situation, but apologies and attempts to make things better seem to be falling into a cycle of repeating conflicts.

In another storyline, the Tres Amigas, including Vicki Gunvalson, reunited for lunch and discuss their relationships with Heather. 

Heather Amin Age

Heather Amin was 46 years of age when she appeared on RHOC in 2023.

She is 9 years younger than her friend Tamara Judge.

Heather Amin Job

Heather Amin is the President of Vital Partners Consulting, LLC. There, she creates innovative brands and fosters meaningful connections among people. With her rich background in technology, entrepreneurship, and coaching, Heather brings a unique and holistic perspective to her work.

This RHOC star began her professional path as a Network Engineer, working for T-Mobile and Primeco PCS for a total of seven years. During this time, she honed her skills in managing and optimizing telecommunications networks, gaining valuable experience in the fast-paced tech industry.

Following her tenure in the telecommunications sector, Heather decided to venture into entrepreneurship and founded Vital Muse LLC, a full-service technology firm based in Orange County, California. At Vital Muse, her focus was on developing software solutions and providing consulting services for health, fitness, and education technologies. Heather’s creativity and dedication to finding practical solutions without reinventing the wheelset her company apart and garnered recognition in the technology community.

Besides this, Heather has also pivoted her career toward coaching. She became a Certified Life Coach, specializing in pro-sports life coaching and concierge athlete management services. Through her coaching expertise, she supported athletes in reaching their full potential both personally and professionally.

How Much Is Heather Amin Net Worth?

Heather Amin flaunted a net worth of above $5 million in 2023.

Reportedly, she made around $73 thousand per annum as a life coach

Is Heather Amin Married?

Sadly, Heather Amin is no longer married. She filed for divorce from her ex-husband Tareq Z Amin (born: Aug 1972) in 2019.

Tareq is a telecom executive with over 20 years of experience. He is currently the CEO of Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and also serves as the CTO of Rakuten Mobile. Previously, he held key roles at Jio, T-Force Group, Huawei, and T-Mobile.

Heather and Tareq share four kids — two sons and two daughters.

Their son, Sammy @sammyamin4 loves playing football. He was in the JSerra Catholic Football team.

Another son, Zac turned 15 ib March 11, 2018. “He’s so unique and such a kind soul! I’m really pretty darn lucky to be his mom,” Heather praised him.

Daughter Lola Bella turned 13 on May 16, 2023, and another daughter turned 12 on November 22, 2022.

Overall, Heather is incredibly proud of her kids and feels blessed to have them in her life. She admires her children’s achievements and sees them as a source of strength and love in her life. Despite the challenges of being a single mom, she finds fulfillment and purpose in her role as a mother and feels grateful for her beautiful family.

Heather Amin Height

Heather Amin stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm).

Trivia: Heather’s maiden name is “Gugluizza.”

Related FAQs

  • When Is Heather Amin Birthday?

Heather celebrates her birthday in the first week of September.

  • Where Is Heather Amin From?

Heather hails from Chicago, Illinois. But in 2023, she resided in Laguna Niguel, California.

She comes from a family of three with no siblings. Her parents are likely named Thomas L Gugluizza (born:  Jun 1950), and Mary F Gugluizza (born: Jun 1950).

  • Is Heather Amin On Instagram And Facebook?

Find her on Instagram @heatheramin and Facebook @heather.amin.

Also, here’s her TikTok @HeatherAmin.

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