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Heather Smith Outdoors Bio, Age, Measurements, Husband

Heather Smith Outdoors has returned on N*ked And Afraid: Castaways. Who is she? Does she have a husband? What are her measurements? How old is she now?

Find answers to all these questions in this article below.

Heather Smith Outdoors On N*ked And Afraid Castaways

Heather Smith Outdoors has joined the cast of Naked and Afraid: Castaways in 2023. The show premiered on 30 July 2023 on Discovery Channel.

She previously appeared on Naked and Afraid in the season 15 episode Sucker Punched in South Africa. In their struggle to survive for 21 days in Limpokwena, South Africa, the trio Dallas, Heather, and Sean faced hostile environments, wild animals, and internal strife. The survivalist is an adventurer, angler, and original show survivor. Her greatest assets come from “being a single mother,” as a mother of three kids.

Heather claimed that her sense of humor is “something she brings to the table,” citing an example in which she claimed that “I’m going down faster than Kanye West’s presidential bid.”

However, Redditors aren’t very thrilled about her, and has been hailed as “the repulsive contestant.” One wrote, “Heather seems to hold the quintessential false view of “toughness.” While Sean, with military training (AND multiple deployments), was actually tough—remaining calm, cool, and smart—focusing on the big picture items (physical and health safety—staying hydrated, rested, and dealing with the rest once that was secured). Heather meanwhile was infatuated with Dallas’ muscles and immediately inferred superiority (Dallas actually seems like a smart/cool dude) and was so freaking dismissive of Sean. Sean was a SAINT.”

Furthermore, another Redditor added, “Heather’s cruelty and smug superiority started from day one, it reeked of lots of practice. I’m sure she was a school bully 💯 and Sean didn’t deserve it. She acted like she appreciated Sean at the end but I wasn’t buying it. She wanted to save face and not look like the total asshole she was.”

Heather Smith Outdoors Age

As of Aug 2023, Heather Smith Outdoors is 46 years old. She was born in 1977.

What Are Heather Smith Outdoors Measurements?

Heather Smith has astounded fans. Her measures appear to be 38-26-37 inches.

Heather Smith Outdoors Husband

Heather Smith Outdoors was previously married to her ex-husband Lee Oughton. It is unclear how long they were married to each other. But, Heather filed for divorce/separation in 2013. She may have also filed for a temporary restraining order in September 2013.

The couple appears to share two daughters from her marriage with Lee. They are named Lillabeth Oughton and Ella Oughton. On Mother’s Day 2023, she featured both of her daughters and wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day from our family to yours. ❤️😇.”

Heather can be seen often enjoying fishing and doing other outdoor activities with her daughters.

Lee is a resident of Bacliff, Texas. He is also 46 years of age.

Furthermore, Heather also has another daughter named Natalie Smith.

Heather Smith Outdoors Net Worth

Heather Smith Outdoors has a net worth above $600 thousand. She’s one hell of an angler – saltwater and freshwater, a successful businesswoman, a skilled outdoor writer, and now a reality star.

About how she got into fishing she shared, “In 2018 my family passed away, so I moved from Houston, TX up to Sam Rayburn Lake to take over the family business. My mom wanted her ashes spread on Sam Rayburn, I didn’t know anyone here and with everyone in our family now passed on, I was in a new place with my two small children and I was alone, I missed my family, I missed my mom, I grabbed a fishing pole and went out on the lake every day to visit her. Eventually, it became more about fishing and less about visiting Mom.”

“Two-time Hall of Fame Bass Fishermen Bob Sealy was a family friend. He saw what I was doing every day and one day he told me, “Alright kiddo if you are going to do this, you are going to do this the right way.” He took me under his wing and started mentoring me. The Pro Bass Fishermen and Legends in the area all wanted to see me learn the right way and they put me thru what I call a bass fishing boot camp for months. Then I started entering tournaments., ” Heather added.

“From there networks and magazines saw what I was doing and they started contacting me. Texas Outdoor Lifestyles from NBC had me on their show, Texas Parks and Wildlife TV had me on, Florida Fishermen Magazine brought me on their staff and then the Producer from the Elite Fishing League on Discovery Channel reached out to me to come on the show as an analyst. After that, the Co-Founder of the Pursuit Channel and owner of the Hunt Channel contacted me and asked me if I wanted my own show, Heather Smith Outdoors.”

Now, she has her own Heather Smith Outdoors fishing rod line with Old 18 fishing rods and a signature clothing line with Reel Wicked Fishing Apparel.

Besides fishing, Heather loves to cook and is an avid stargazer who owns three telescopes.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Heather Smith Outdoors Birthday?

Heather Smith celebrates her birthday on 26 March.

  • Where Is Heather Smith Outdoors From?

Heather Smith hailed from Houston, Texas. She moved from Houston, Texas up to Sam Rayburn Lake to take over the family business in 2018 after her mother passed away.

  • Who Are Heather Smith Outdoors Parents?

Moreover, Heather’s mom was named Brenda Meaux-Figueroa who was 61. She passed away on 18 November 2018. Born in Georgia, she was a native of Bridge City and a former resident of Houston. She had lived in the Rayburn Community for the past 20 years. The former owner of Sun Dancer Rentals on Lake Sam Rayburn, she was the owner and operator of H&R Block in Jasper for the past 20 years. She loved the lake and enjoyed boating.

Brenda was predeceased by her husbands Teddy Meaux and Phil Figueroa.

  • Is Heather Smith Outdoors On Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter?

Yes, Heather Smith is on Instagram (@heathersmithoutdoors), and Facebook (@heathersmithoutdoors), but doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

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